Diamond Harbour Parliamentary Constituency Election and Results Update

In 2009 Election Results the UPA won around 261 out of 543 seats, and in the second position was NDA with 158 seats, while 23 seats were won by Left parties.

In 2014 Election Results the BJP won 282 seats out of 543 seats. This took the NDA tally to 336 seats out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. INC could only manage to win 44 seats and stayed in the second position while AIADMK party from Tamil Nadu came third with 37 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In 2019, the BJP is set to return to power at the Centre after a sweeping win in the 2019 Lok Sabha election , armed with a bigger mandate than in the 2014 General Election. The party - led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah duo has secured 303 seats in the 17th Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, the Congress, the main Opposition party, managed to increase its vote share from 2014 only by a handful of votes, with a final tally of 52 seats. There will be no Leader of Opposition in the upcoming Lower House for a second consecutive term.

Diamond Harbour Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

Candidate Party EVM Votes Migrant Votes Postal Votes Total Votes % of Votes Status
Abhishek Banerjee All India Trinamool Congress 790725 0 402 791127 56.15 Winner
Nilanjan Roy Bharatiya Janata Party 470047 0 486 470533 33.39 1st Runner-up
Dr. Fuad Halim Communist Party Of India (Marxist) 93833 0 108 93941 6.67 2nd Runner-up
Soumya Aich Roy Indian National Congress 19819 0 9 19828 1.41 3rd Runner-up
NOTA None Of The Above 16242 0 5 16247 1.15 4th Runner-up
Subrata Bose Independent 5555 0 0 5555 0.39 5th Runner-up
Md. Goribulla Molla Bahujan Samaj Party 2907 0 4 2911 0.21 6th Runner-up
Prabir Sarkar Independent 2743 0 1 2744 0.19 7th Runner-up
Santosh Kumar Shivsena 2252 0 0 2252 0.16 8th Runner-up
Swarnalata Sarkar Bharatiya Nyay-Adhikar Raksha Party 2018 0 0 2018 0.14 9th Runner-up
Ajay Ghosh Socialist Unity Centre Of India (Communist) 1846 0 0 1846 0.13 10th Runner-up

One of the 42 parliamentary constituencies of West Bengal, Diamond Harbour represents the city of Diamond Harbour which is located in the South 24 Parganas District. The Diamond Harbour Parliamentary constituency (constituency number 21) has a total of 1,302,398 electorates out of which 609,373 are females and 693,025 are males according to Election Commission of India 2009 reports. It was formed prior to the 1951 elections and comprises of seven segments with one being reserved for the SC category. The city of Diamond Harbour lies on the banks of Hooghly River, in south Kolkata, and is a considered to be a popular tourist destination of the state. It is located at a distance of about 53 km from the city of Kolkata and is located near Bay of Bengal. It covers a total area of over 60 sq km.

The city has a total population of over 35,000 with around 10% population being under the age of six. About 51% of the population is male and the sex ratio is 960 females per 1000 males. The average literacy rate of Diamond Harbour is 72%. This city is the home to the oldest cantonment of the Indian military and Police Training academy in West Bengal. There are no major industries in the area but small industries of cargo and food processing are located here. National Highway NH-117 connects it to Howrah and Kolkata.

List of winner/current and runner up MPs Diamond Harbour Parliamentary Constituency.

The table below represents the names of all the winning and runner up MPs of Diamond Harbour parliamentary constituency of all the years from the starting until now . It also shows the number of votes secured by each MP and the name of the political party they belong to. The current sitting member of parliament of the Diamond Harbour constituency is Shri Abhishek Banerjee of AITC.

Year PC No. PC Name Category winner/current MP Gender Party Vote Runner Up MP Gender Party Vote
2014 21 Diamond Harbour GEN Abhishek Banerjee M AITC 508481 Dr. Abul Hasnat M CPM 437183
2009 21 Diamond Harbour GEN Mitra,Shri Somendra Nath M AITC 564612 Samik Lahiri M CPM 412923
2004 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Samik Lahiri M CPM 430890 Saugata Roy M AITC 277106
1999 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Samik Lahiri M CPM 402761 Sardar Amjad Ali M AITC 331598
1998 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Samik Lahiri M CPM 405048 Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar M WBTC 344092
1996 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Samik Lahiri M CPM 411844 Amjad Ali Sardar M INC 389318
1991 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Amal Dutta M CPM 338884 Maya Ghosh (W) F INC 293372
1989 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Amal Datta M CPM 374532 Maya Ghosh F INC 331487
1984 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Amal Datta M CPM 281271 Sudhendu Mundle M INC 276598
1982 Bye Pol Diamond Harbour GEN A.Datta M CPM 296980 J.Abedin M INC 180757
1980 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Jyotirmoy Basu M CPM 310406 A.K.M. Ishaque M INC(I) 164474
1977 17 Diamond Harbour GEN Jyotirmoy Basu M CPM 267890 Biren Mahanti M INC 111486
1971 16 Diamond Harbour GEN Jyotirmoy Basu M CPM 204987 Ambar Prosad Bandopadhaya M INC 131651
1967 16 Diamond Harbour GEN J. Basu M CPM 196176 S. B. Das M INC 125202
1957 24 Diamond Harbour (SC) Kansari Halder M CPI 247785 Nalini Kanta Halder M INC 236192
1957 24 Diamond Harbour (SC) Purnindu Sekhar Naskar M INC 245266 Kamal Basu M CPI 244763
1951 22 Diamond Harbour GEN Basu Kamal M CPI 120982 Prosad Mahabir M INC 98677
1951 22 Diamond Harbour GEN Naskar Purnendu Sekhar M INC 118671 Kayal Paresh Nath M BJS 94208

*PC = Parliamentary Constituency

List of Assembly Constituencies in Diamond Harbour Parliamentary Constituency

The table below shows the list of all the Assembly Constituencies that fall in Diamond Harbour parliamentary constituency.

Names of Assembly Constituencies
Diamond Harbour Falta Satgachhia
Bishnupur (SC) Maheshtala Budge Budge

Last Updated on Feb 11, 2021
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