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Polling Booth in Siliguri Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Siliguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Siliguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Netaji Nagar Community Hall860Siliguri (M Corp.)
2Tribal Hindi High School Netajinagar327Siliguri (M Corp.)
3Sri Guru Vidyamandir (H.S.)1047Siliguri (M Corp.)
7Sriguru Vidyamandir (H.S.) New Building411Siliguri (M Corp.)
11Sriguru Junior Basic School849Siliguri (M Corp.)
15Himul Cattle Feed Centre1077Siliguri (M Corp.)
17Nepali Kalyan High School901Siliguri (M Corp.)
20Mallaguri Primary School976Siliguri (M Corp.)
22Baghajatin Primary School994Siliguri (M Corp.)
26Vidyasagar Pathsala718Siliguri (M Corp.)
30Margaret Sister Nivedita English School765Siliguri (M Corp.)
33Margaret Sister Nivedita English School Annex Building1033Siliguri (M Corp.)
36Banimandir Railway High School812Siliguri (M Corp.)
37Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Primary School832Siliguri (M Corp.)
43Vivekananda No. 2 G.S.F.P. School706Siliguri (M Corp.)
45Deshbandhu Prathamik Hindi Vidyalaya787Siliguri (M Corp.)
47Bharati Hindi Vidyalaya (H.S.)776Siliguri (M Corp.)
51Kabi Sukanta High School (H.S.)676Siliguri (M Corp.)
54Vivekananda Hindi Primary School633Siliguri (M Corp.)
56Kabi Nabin Sen Vidyapith664Siliguri (M Corp.)
58Chief Conservater Of Forest Office939Siliguri (M Corp.)
59Dalbir Memorial Primary School958Siliguri (M Corp.)
60Deshbandhu High School1020Siliguri (M Corp.)
62Irrigation Bungalow (Meeting Hall)959Siliguri (M Corp.)
63Siliguri Mahananda Vidyamandir High School (H.S.)664Siliguri (M Corp.)
66Triniti Public School974Siliguri (M Corp.)
67Shiksha1022Siliguri (M Corp.)
68Bright Academy749Siliguri (M Corp.)
70Ramkrishna Saradamani Vidyapith798Siliguri (M Corp.)
72Nilnalini Vidyamandir (H.S.)645Siliguri (M Corp.)
76Krishnamaya Memorial Nepali High School711Siliguri (M Corp.)
78Kanchanjangha Stadium Eastern Part758Siliguri (M Corp.)
80Mitra Sammilani Hall999Siliguri (M Corp.)
81Nilnalini Vidyamandir Primary541Siliguri (M Corp.)
83Anil Sishu Tirtha968Siliguri (M Corp.)
85Siliguri Dr. Rajendra Prasad Girls High School889Siliguri (M Corp.)
89Samsia High Madrasa (H.S.)882Siliguri (M Corp.)
94Mahanandapara Primary School985Siliguri (M Corp.)
96Siliguri Hindi High School For Girls957Siliguri (M Corp.)
100Siliguri Hindi High School For Girls (New Building)586Siliguri (M Corp.)
102Siliguri Town Primary School764Siliguri (M Corp.)
106Hindi Balika Vidyapith956Siliguri (M Corp.)
109Dinabandhu Free Primary School755Siliguri (M Corp.)
110Govt. Saw Mill (Well Fare Centre - Auction Hall)670Siliguri (M Corp.)
114Banimandir Primary School756Siliguri (M Corp.)
118I.P.P. Health Centre1007Siliguri (M Corp.)
125Samaj Kalyan Balmiki Vidyalaya1008Siliguri (M Corp.)
127Rabindra Vidya Niketan820Siliguri (M Corp.)
129Dabgram G.S.F.P. School1098Siliguri (M Corp.)
131Siliguri Hindi High School (H.S.)1082Siliguri (M Corp.)
136Siliguri Hindi High School (H.S.)(New Building)748Siliguri (M Corp.)
138Purba Milan Pally G.S.F.P. School684Siliguri (M Corp.)
139Saugata Smriti Granthagar680Siliguri (M Corp.)
141Jyotshnamayee Girls High School (H.S.)623Siliguri (M Corp.)
145Phe Siliguri Water Supply Division632Siliguri (M Corp.)
147Arya Samiti964Siliguri (M Corp.)
150State Ware House Corporation727Siliguri (M Corp.)
154Arabinda Vidyamandir1100Siliguri (M Corp.)
157Gandhi Memorial Hindi School953Siliguri (M Corp.)
159Baghajatin Park Primary School462Siliguri (M Corp.)
161Siliguri Boys High School1072Siliguri (M Corp.)
166Siliguri Girls High School1030Siliguri (M Corp.)
169District Fishary Office810Siliguri (M Corp.)
170Siliguri Mahakuma Parishad Building954Siliguri (M Corp.)
171Kanchanjangha Stadium (North)1069Siliguri (M Corp.)
174Siliguri Vivekananda Vidyalaya897Siliguri (M Corp.)
178Vivekananda No.1 G. S. Primary School848Siliguri (M Corp.)
180Udayan Samiti Primary School997Siliguri (M Corp.)
182Rabindra Nagar Girls High School1082Siliguri (M Corp.)
186Swami Chaitananda Primary School880Siliguri (M Corp.)
187Netaji Girls High School (H.S.)527Siliguri (M Corp.)
191Siliguri Netaji High School784Siliguri (M Corp.)
193Siliguri Netaji High School (New Building)733Siliguri (M Corp.)
198Rathkhola Bapuji Vidyapith805Siliguri (M Corp.)
202Siliguri Barodakanta Vidyapith (H.S.)906Siliguri (M Corp.)
206Siliguri Baradakanta Vidyapith (H.S.)-Annex Building698Siliguri (M Corp.)
208North Bengal Institute Of Hearing Handicapped744Siliguri (M Corp.)
210Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya655Siliguri (M Corp.)
213Siliguri Mahila Mahavidyalaya Annex Building851Siliguri (M Corp.)
215No.2 Shishu Vidyalaya1056Siliguri (M Corp.)
216Siliguri Indoor Stadium750Siliguri (M Corp.)
221Tarai Tarapada Adarsha Vidyalaya957Siliguri (M Corp.)
226Shyama Prasad Primary School782Siliguri (M Corp.)
228Ramkrishna Pathshala597Siliguri (M Corp.)
231Jagadish Chandra Vidyapith (Primary)729Siliguri (M Corp.)
234Siliguri Jagadish Chandra Vidyapith (H.S.)1065Siliguri (M Corp.)

Last Updated on June 06, 2020