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Nagaland Lok Sabha General Election Results 2019 Updates

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - Party Wise Election Results

Name of State/ UTParliamentary ConstituencyCandidatePartyEVM VotesMigrant VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of VotesWinnerRunner-Up
NagalandNagalandTokheho YepthomiNationalist Democratic Progressive Party499683082750051049.73YesNo
NagalandNagalandK L ChishiIndian National Congress4819150225148416648.11NoYes
NagalandNagalandHayithung TungoeNational People'S Party142190778149971.49NoNo
NagalandNagalandDr. M M Thromwa KonyakIndependent4316030446200.46NoNo
NagalandNagalandNotaNone Of The Above200905520640.21NoNo

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 - Constituency Wise Election Results (Winner/Runner Up)

Name of State/ UTParliamentary ConstituencyWinnerPartyTotal Votes% of VotesRunner-UpPartyTotal Votes% of Votes
NagalandNagalandTokheho YepthomiNationalist Democratic Progressive Party50051049.73K L ChishiIndian National Congress48416648.11

In 2009 Election Results the UPA won around 261 out of 543 seats, and in the second position was NDA with 158 seats, while 23 seats were won by Left parties.

In 2014 Election Results the BJP won 282 seats out of 543 seats. This took the NDA tally to 336 seats out of 543 seats in the Lok Sabha. INC could only manage to win 44 seats and stayed in the second position while AIADMK party from Tamil Nadu came third with 37 seats in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections.

In 2019, the BJP is set to return to power at the Centre after a sweeping win in the 2019 Lok Sabha election , armed with a bigger mandate than in the 2014 General Election. The party - led by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah duo has secured 303 seats in the 17th Lok Sabha. Meanwhile, the Congress, the main Opposition party, managed to increase its vote share from 2014 only by a handful of votes, with a final tally of 52 seats. There will be no Leader of Opposition in the upcoming Lower House for a second consecutive term.

Quick facts for Nagaland Elections

Parliamentary Constituencies1
Assembly Constituencies 60
Ruling PartyNationalist Democratic Progressive Party
Opposition PartyNPF
Chief MinisterNeiphiu Rio
GovernorPadmanabha Acharya
Chief Electoral OfficerAbhijit Sinha
CEO AddressThe Chief Electoral Officer, D-Block, Kohima - 797001, Nagaland

Election Schedule for Nagaland Lok Sabha General Election 2019

StatePhase IPhase II Phase III Phase IV Phase V Phase VIPhase VII

List of Candidates Contesting for Nagaland Lok Sabha General Election 2019 - Click Here

Nagaland Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Nagaland. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by NPF, INC, NCP and Others.
Nagaland Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Nagaland Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Constituency Wise Results
Dimapur-I H. Tovihoto Ayemi (BJP )WinnerPukhavi Yepthomi (NPF )Runner-up
Dimapur-II Moatoshi Longkumer (NPF )WinnerSupulebten (NDPP )Runner-up
Dimapur-III Azheto Zhimomi (NPF )WinnerTokheho (NDPP )Runner-up
Ghaspani-I N. Jacob Zhimomi (BJP )WinnerZ. Kasheto Yeptho (IND )Runner-up
Ghaspani-II Zhaleo Rio (NDPP )WinnerDr. Kevingulie Khro (NPF )Runner-up
Tenning Namduadi Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )WinnerNamri Nchang (NDPP )Runner-up
Peren Taditui Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )WinnerIherie Ndang (NDPP )Runner-up
Western angami Keneizhakho Nakhro (NPF )WinnerEr.Kevisekho Kruse (NDPP )Runner-up
Kohima town Dr.Neikiesalie Nicky Kire (NDPP )WinnerDr.Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (NPF )Runner-up
Northern angami-IKhriehu Liezietsu (NPF)WinnerDr.Kekhrielhoulie Yhome (NDPP)Runner-up
Northern angami-IINeiphiu Rio (NDPP)WinnerN.A
Tseminyu R. Khing (NDPP )WinnerEr. Levi Rengma (NPP )Runner-up
Pughoboto Y. Vikheho Swu (NPF )WinnerDr. Sukhato A. Sema (BJP )Runner-up
Southern angami-I Vikho-O Yhosh (NDPP )WinnerMedokul Sophie (NPP )Runner-up
Southern angami-II Zale Neikha (NDPP )WinnerEr. Kropol Vitsu (NPF )Runner-up
Pfutsero Neiba Kronu (NDPP )WinnerThenucho (NPF )Runner-up
Chizami Kezhienyi Khalo (NPF )WinnerKevechutso Doulo (BJP )Runner-up
Chozuba Chotisuh Sazo (NPF )WinnerKudecho Khamo (NDPP )Runner-up
Phek Kuzholuzo Nienu (NPF )WinnerKupota Khesoh (NDPP )Runner-up
Meluri Yitachu (NPF )WinnerZ Nyusietho Nyuthe (NDPP )Runner-up
Tuli Amenba Yaden (NPF )WinnerL. Temjen Jamir (JD(U) )Runner-up
Arkakong Shri Imnatiba (NPP )WinnerShri Nuklutoshi (NPF )Runner-up
Impur Dr Imtiwapang Aier (NPF )WinnerT N Mannen (NDPP )Runner-up
Angetyongpang Tongpang Ozukum (IND )WinnerAlemtemshi Jamir (NDPP )Runner-up
Mongoya Ngangshi K Ao (NPF )WinnerAlemtemshi Jamir (NDPP )Runner-up
Aonglenden Imtikumzuk (NDPP )WinnerToshipokba (NPF )Runner-up
Mokokchung town Metsubo Jamir (NDPP )WinnerC. Apok Jamir (NPF )Runner-up
Koridang Imkong L Imchen (NPF )WinnerT Chalukumba Ao (NPP )Runner-up
Jangpetkong Longrineken (BJP )WinnerE.T Sunup (NPF )Runner-up
Alongtaki Temjen Imna Along (BJP )WinnerDr. Benjongliba Aier (NPF )Runner-up
Akuluto Kazheto Kinimi (BJP )WinnerK Khekaho Assumi (NPF )Runner-up
Atoizu Picto (NPF )WinnerK.L.Chishi (BJP )Runner-up
Suruhoto H Khehovi (BJP )WinnerDr. Kaito Jakhalu (NPF )Runner-up
Aghunato Pukhayi (NDPP )WinnerHukiye N Tissica (NPF)Runner-up
Zunheboto K. Tokugha Sukhalu (NDPP )WinnerHukavi Zhimomi (NPF )Runner-up
Satakha G. Kaito Aye (JD(U) )WinnerZheito Chophy (NPF )Runner-up
Tyui Yanthungo Patton (BJP )WinnerYankithung Yanthan (NPF )Runner-up
Wokha Dr. Chumben Murry (NPF )WinnerY. Mhonbemo Humtsoe (JD(U) )Runner-up
Sanis Mhathung Yanthan (NDPP )WinnerRamongo Lotha (JD(U) )Runner-up
Bhandari Mmhonlumo Kikon (BJP )WinnerAchumbemo Kikon (NPF )Runner-up
Tizit P. Paiwang Konyak (BJP )WinnerY. Wangto Konyak (IND )Runner-up
WakchingShri. Y.M.Yollow Konyak (NPF)WinnerShri. M.C.Konyak (NDPP)Runner-up
Tapi Noke (NDPP )WinnerN.Aphoa Konyak (JD(U) )Runner-up
Phomching Pohwang Konyak (NDPP )WinnerK. Konngam Konyak (NPF )Runner-up
Tehok C.L John (NPF )WinnerEr C Kawang Konyak (BJP )Runner-up
Mon townN. Thongwang Konyak (NPF)WinnerY. Mankhao Konyak (NDPP)Runner-up
Aboi Eshak Konyak (NPF )WinnerAwan Konyak (NDPP )Runner-up
Moka E. E. Pangteang (NPF )WinnerK. Kiko Konyak (NDPP )Runner-up
Tamlu B. S. Nganlang Phom (NPF )WinnerB. Phongshak Phom (NDPP )Runner-up
Longleng S Pangnyu Phom (BJP )WinnerY. B Angam Phom (NPP )Runner-up
Noksen C.M. Chang (NDPP )WinnerW.Chingmak Chang (NPF )Runner-up
Longkhim chare Muthingnyuba Sangtam (NPF )WinnerA. Imtilemba Sangtam (BJP )Runner-up
Tuensang sadar-I Toyang Chang (NPF )WinnerT.Mongko Chang (NDPP )Runner-up
Tuensang sadar-IIKejong Chang (NPF)WinnerH Zungkum Chang (NCP)Runner-up
TobuN. Bongkhao Konyak (NDPP)WinnerNaiba Konyak (NPF)Runner-up
Noklak H. Haiying (BJP )WinnerP. Longon (NPF )Runner-up
Thonoknyu L.Khumo Khiamniungan (NPP )WinnerS.Heno Khiamniungan (NPF )Runner-up
Shamator chessore Toshi Wungtung (NDPP)WinnerR. Tohanba (NPF )Runner-up
Seyochung sitimi V. Kashiho Sangtam (BJP )WinnerC Kipili Sangtam (NPF )Runner-up
Pungro kiphire T. Torechu (NPF )WinnerT.Yangseo Sangtam (JD(U) )Runner-up
Important Candidates of Nagaland
Neiphiu Rio (NDPP )Northern angami-II
W. Kholie Kapfo (INC)Dimapur-I --
Moatoshi Longkumer (NPF )Dimapur-II
Dr. S. Amos Lkr (AAP)Dimapur-II --
N. Jacob Zhimomi (BJP )Ghaspani-I
Nagavito Sumi (INC)Ghaspani-I --
Taditui Rangkau Zeliang (NPF )Peren
Iherie Ndang (NDPP )Peren
Dr.Tseilhoutuo Rhutso (NPF )Kohima town
Dr.Neikiesalie Nicky Kire (NDPP )Kohima town
Neiphiu Rio (NDPP )Northern angami-II
Er. Kropol Vitsu (NPF )Southern angami-II
Zale Neikha (NDPP )Southern angami-II
Deo Nukhu (NPP )Chizami --
Yitachu (NPF )Meluri
Z Nyusietho Nyuthe (NDPP )Meluri
K.L.Chishi (BJP )Atoizu
G. Kaito Aye (JD(U) )Satakha
Ramongo Lotha (JD(U) )Sanis
Y. Sulanthung H Lotha (IND)Sanis --
P. Paiwang Konyak (BJP )Tizit
Y. Wangto Konyak (IND )Tizit

Nagaland Assembly Election 2018

Nagaland Assembly poll took place on 27 February 2018. The results are scheduled on March 3. The turnout was recorded to be 75%. The polls were conducted for 60 seats in the House. Out of the total seats in the House, 20 are reserved for the SC candidates, while 10 are reserved for ST candidates. The rest of the 30 seats are for General candidates.

The total eligible voters in the state are reported to be 11,89,264. The total polling stations in the states were 3,214. The candidates who contested the polls were 196. Only 3 candidates have criminal cases and only 3 other candidates have serious criminal charges filed against them. Only 5% of the candidates in BJP have criminal charges filed against them, while the percentage is 3 and 2 for NDPP and NPF respectively.

The key candidates in the polls are Neiphiu Rio (NDPP), Biplap Deb (BJP), TR Zeliang (NPF), Yanthungo Patton (BJP), K L Chishi (BJP) and Kewekhape Therie (INC). On the election day, there were reports of EVM malfunctioning. There were reports of violence as well. One person was reportedly shot dead and two others were injured.

In the last Assembly polls in 2013, NPF won 38 seats, while both INC and Independent candidates managed 8 seats. One seat was won each by BJP and JD(U). NCP(Nationalist Congress Party) won 4 seats.

Elections in Nagaland

Nagaland in the north east of India became the 16th state of the Indian Union on 1 December 1963. Earlier, in 1957, this state was an autonomous district in Assam consisting of Tuensang and Naga hills division of the Assam.

In 1961, following the Naga people's demand, the Indian Government agreed to the formation of a separate state of Nagaland. Before the first election in Nagaland for its Vidhan Sabha were held, the state constituted an Interim Body of 42 members with an interim executive council headed by a Chief Executive Officer. Dr Imkongliba Ao, the founder of the Naga People's Convention became the Chairman of the Interim Body. Mr P Shilo was appointed the first Executive Councilor and after the elections to the state assembly became the first chief minister of the state. Mr S C Jamir was the first member of the Parliament from the state. He was nominated to the third Lok Sabha by the Interim Body. Mr Melhupra Vero was the first Rajya Sabha MP from the state.

Nagaland has a unicameral legislature consisting of one house i.e. the state legislative assembly called the Vidhan Sabha. The Vidhan Sabha consists of 60 directly elected members. The seat of the legislative assembly is at Kohima, the state capital.

The states are allocated seats in the Indian parliament on the basis of the population of the state. The ratio of the number of seats in the parliament and the population of the state is the same for all states in the country. As Nagaland has a low population, the entire state is represented by one member in the Lok Sabha and one in the Rajya Sabha, the two houses of the Indian Parliament. The Lok Sabha MP from Nagaland is directly elected from the Nagaland state parliamentary constituency.

Political Parties in Nagaland

National political parties in Nagaland
Indian National Congress Bharatiya Janata Party
Nationalist Congress PartyTrinamool Congress

The main regional parties in Nagaland
Naga People's Front Naga National Democratic Party

Nagaland Elections - State Legislative Assembly

The last elections for the state assembly were held on 23 February 2013.

The ruling Nagaland People's Front (NPF) won the election with a majority. It won 37 seats. BJP got 2 seats while UDP secured 1. Only 8 Independents won the seats. The polls reported a 90.19% of voter turnout. The current Chief Minister of Nagaland is TR Zeliang who took over after Neiphiu Rio's resignation on the 23 May, 2014. TR Zeliang was sworn in as the 17th chief minister of the state on 24 May 2014. There came a gap in his leadership when Shurhozelie Liezietsu held the office between 22 Feb to 19 July. After that TR Zeliang again got hold of the position.

The current speaker of the state legislative assembly is Chotisuh Sazo. The Deputy speaker of the assembly is Imtikumzuk. The Current assembly dissolved on March 13, 2018 & therefore the Nagaland Assembly election was held on Feb 27, 2018.

List of Chief Ministers of Nagaland

S. No.Chief MinisterFromToParty Name
1Neiphiu RioMarch 6, 2018Present
2TR ZeliangJuly 19, 2017March 6, 2018Nagaland People's Front
3Shurhozelie LiezietsuFeb 22, 2017July 19, 2017Nagaland People's Front
4TR ZeliangMay 24, 2014Feb 22, 2017Nagaland People's Front
5Neiphiu RioMar 12, 2008May 23, 2014Nagaland People's Front
6President's ruleJan 3, 2008Mar 12, 2008
7Neiphiu RioMar 6, 2003Jan 3, 2008Nagaland People's Front
8S.C. JamirFeb 22, 1993Mar 6, 2003Indian National Congress
9President's ruleApr 2, 1992Feb 22, 1993
10Vamuzo PhesaoJun 19, 1990Apr 2, 1992Nagaland People's Council
11K.L. ChishiMay 16, 1990Jun 19, 1990Indian National Congress
12S.C. JamirJan 25, 1989May 10, 1990Indian National Congress
13President's ruleAug 7, 1988Jan 25, 1989
14Hokishe SemaOct 29, 1986Aug 7, 1988Indian National Congress
15S.C. JamirNov 18, 1982Oct 28, 1986United Democratic Front-Progressive
16John Bosco JasokieJun 5, 1980Nov 18, 1982Naga National Democratic Party
17S.C. JamirApr 18, 1980Jun 5, 1980United Democratic Front-Progressive
18Vizol AngamiNov 25, 1977Apr 18, 1980United Democratic Front
19President's ruleMar 20, 1975Nov 25, 1977
20John Bosco JasokieMar 10, 1975Mar 20, 1975Naga National Democratic Party
21Vizol AngamiFeb 26, 1974Mar 10, 1975United Democratic Front
22Hokishe SemaFeb 22, 1969Feb 26, 1974Naga Nationalist Organisation
23T.N. AngamiAug 14, 1966Feb 22, 1969Naga Nationalist Organisation
24P. Shilu AoDec 1, 1963Aug 14, 1966Naga Nationalist Organisation

List of Governors of Nagaland

S.No.Name of GovernorFromTo
1Padmanabha Balakrishna AcharyaJul 14, 2014Present
2Ashwani KumarMar 21, 2013Jun 27, 2014
3Nikhil KumarOct 15, 2009Mar 20, 2013
4Gurbachan JagatJul 28, 2009Oct 14, 2009
5K. SankaranarayananFeb 4, 2007Jul 28, 2009
6K. WilsonFeb 3, 2007Feb 4, 2007
7Shyamal DattaJan 28, 2002Feb 2, 2007
8Om Prakash SharmaNov 12, 1996Jan 27, 2002
9O.N. ShrivastavaAug 5, 1994Nov 11, 1996
10V.K. Nayyar PVSMOct 2, 1993Aug 4, 1994
11Lok Nath MishraApr 13, 1992Oct 1, 1993
12Dr. M.M. ThomasMay 9, 1990Apr 12, 1992
13Dr. Gopal SinghJul 20, 1989May 3, 1990
14K. V. Krishna RaoJun 13, 1984Jul 19, 1989
15S. M. H. BurneyAug 10, 1981Jun 12, 1984
16L.P. SinghSep 19, 1973Aug 9, 1981
17B.K. NehruApr 17, 1968Sep 18, 1973
18Vishnu SahayDec 1, 1963Apr 16, 1968

Rajya Sabha Members from Nagaland

K.G. KenyeNagaland Peoples FrontApril 03, 2016 to April 02, 2022

Nagaland Lok Sabha Election Summary 2014

The NPF stronghold continued in the Lok seat again and the party won the sole constituency of Nagaland. Nagaland is one the smallest state of India which belong to the north eastern region. The Nagaland state only one Parliamentary seat,which is by the name of the state only. The seat is reserved for the Scheduled Tribe candidate. The Nagaland People's Front (NPP) and Indian National Congress (INC) are the major parties in the state and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is presently ruling the state. TR Zeliang is the current Chief Minister of Nagaland who took the charge of his seat in the year 2014 (24th May). The state took part in the 2014 General elections, wherein, it was predicted that NPF will win the lone parliamentary seat of the state.

Nagaland- a small state in North Eastern Indian, became the 16th state of India in Dec 1963. Before that it was an autonomous district in Assam. Nagaland has only one parliamentary constituency, having the same name as the state. The Indian National Congress (INC) and the Nagaland People's Front (NPP) are the major political parties of the state. Some other political parties that are making their presence felt include the AITC, the JD(S), and the independents. The total number of voters in Nagaland is 11,74,633, of which 5,94,572 are male and 5,80,091 are female.

During the 2009 Lok Sabha election, the Nagaland People's Front (NPF) won the only seat and secured 8,32,224 votes (vote share of 69.96%). As per Times Now C-Voter February poll, as well as the India TV Opinion Poll survey 2014, the NPF will again win in 2014. Election in Nagaland will be held on 9 April 2014. It needs special mention that voter turnout during the 2009 General Election was 90.26%.

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