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BJP CM for Delhi Elections 2020 Having No CM Face, Is It Possible for BJP to Take on Kejriwal?

The Aam Aadmi Party is outstanding amongst the other for Delhi Assembly Election 2020, for having a strong CM candidate – Arvind Kejriwal. Congress and BJP are campaigning without any Read More…

BJP - Delhi Elections 2020 BJP Announces Candidates for 57 Constituencies of Delhi

After long contemplation, Bharatiya Janata Party has declared its Delhi List of Candidates. This list contains the candidates for 57 seats of the Delhi Assembly Election 2020. There are 11 Read More…

AAP - BJP - INC - Delhi Elections 2020 Is It a Triangular Fight or Just AAP vs BJP in Delhi?

The political whirlwind of Delhi mostly revolves around only three political parties. AAP, BJP, and INC are the only candidates making headlines about Delhi’s politics. Although the Congress’s Sheila Dikshit Read More…

AAP Candidate List Delhi 2020 AAP Announces List of Candidates for Delhi Assembly Elections 2020

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), on Monday, released its list of candidates on all of 70 constituencies for the upcoming Delhi Assembly Elections 2020. The National Capital Territory of Delhi Read More…

AAP Achievements Analysis: Will Achievements of Kejriwal Government Help it to Return to Power?

Back in 2015, Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party had sent a shockwave in Indian politics by winning 67 out of 70 seats of the Delhi Assembly. The stakes were high Read More…

Silence of Kejriwal Silence of Arvind Kejriwal since past 2 years

The chief minister of our capital city, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has always been one of the bluntest and most outspoken political leaders of our country. The former bureaucrat turned politician Read More…

TIMES NOW - VMR306-132-104
ABP - ACNielsen-267-127148
India TV - CNX
Today's Chanakya340 (+/-14)291 (+/-14)70(+/-9)57(+/-9)133(+/-11)
RepublicTV - C Voter287-128-127
Republic Bharat - Jan Ki Baat305-124-113
News Nation-282-290-118-126130-138
India Today-Axis
Chintamani - 5 Dots3472858953107

State Wise Exit Poll Results - Lok Sabha Elections 2019

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Gujarat Exit Poll 2019Mizoram Exit Poll 2019West Bengal Exit Poll 2019

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Phase 2 - Opinion Poll by Chintamani Shastri

S. No.StateSeatsBJP SeatsCong SeatsOther Parties
2Bihar5  JDU 3, MGB 2
4J&K21 NC 1
5Karnataka1383JD 2
6Maharashtra1042Shiv Sena 3, NCP 1
7Orissa52 BJD 3
8Other NE22  
9Other UT1  NRC 1
10Tamilnadu3933DMK 20, AIADMK 13
11Uttar Pradesh86 MGB 2
12West Bengal32 TMC 1
Total 963212

Chintamani5Dots Opinion Poll for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Popular psephologist and political analyzer Mr. Chintamani along with 5Dots carried out an intensive opinion poll for our portal. The poll suggests that the Bhartiya Janta Party is set to lose nothing whereas the Congress would gain marginally. In 2014, the BJP became the first party to get a clear majority on its own after a period of 30 years. The BJP got 282 seats in the previous elections. According to the survey, the BJP is set to gain 271 seats just one short of the clear majority. The NDA is expected to get 335 seats whereas UPA will not be able to cross the 100-mark again.

S. No.StateSeatsBJP SeatsBJP VSCong SeatsCong VSOthers SeatsOthers VSOther Parties
1Andhra Pradesh2506%04%2581%YSRCP 19, TDP 6
2Assam14832%121%4 AUDF 2, AGP 1, BPF 1
3Bihar 401526%213%23 JDU 13, LJP 6, RJD 4
5Goa 2246%031%0  
6Gujarat 262656%032%0  
7Haryana 10848%131%0 JJP 1
8Himachal Pradesh 4454%034%0  
9J&K 6226%122%0 NC 3
10Jharkhand 14845%231%4 AJSU 1, JMM 2, JVM 1
11Karnataka281945%731%2 JDS 1, Ind (BJP support) 1
12Kerala20122%1132%8 UDF 4, LDF 4 (CPM 4)
13Madhya Pradesh292349%639%0  
14Maharashtra482329%421%21 SS 17, NCP 4
15Orissa211341%09%8 BJD 8
16Punjab13017%1047%3 SAD 3
18Tamilnadu3937%511%31 DMK 15, AIADMK 10, PMK 3, AMMK 3
19Telangana17113%021%16 TRS 15, AIMIM 1
20Uttar Pradesh805545%111%24 SP 15, BSP 8, Apna Dal 1
22West Bengal421537%222%25 TMC 25
23Other NE115-0-6 NDA 6
25Other UT64-1-1 NRC 1
Total 54327133.5%6619.5%  Others - 206
*Margin (+/- 12) |Chintamani on Twitter|

2014 Lok Sabha Elections Prediction by Chintamani - Click Here

Tamil Nadu (TN) Election 2016 Exit Poll

Pollsters AIADMK DMK+ PWF BJP Others 95 130 5   4
CVoter 139 78 15   2
India Today-Axis 99 132 0   3
News Nation 97 116 14   7
ABP 95 132   1 6
Chanakya 90 149     4
NDTV 103 120   0 11

The Tamil Nadu Assembly elections were held in single phase on 16 May 2016. Most exit polls say that incumbent AIADMK will lose power and the DMK-Congress combine will form the next government in the state. Only C-Voter says that Jayalalitha’s AIADMK will return to power.

West Bengal (WB) Election 2016 Exit Poll

Pollsters TMC Left+ INC BJP Others 125 155 6 8
CVoter 167 120 4 3
India Today-Axis 243 44 4 3
Chanakya 210 70 14
ABP 163 126 1 4
NDTV 184 103 5 2
News Nation 153 181

The West Bengal Assembly elections were held in six phases in 294 constituencies of the state. Almost all opinion polls say that Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool Congress is coming back to power. , however, predicts that the Left Front-Congress alliance may emerge the winner and hold back Mamata.

Kerala Election 2016 Exit Poll

Pollsters UDF+ LDF+ BJP+ Others 45 90 2 3
CVoter 58 78 2 2
India Today-Axis 43 94 3 0
News Nation 70 69 1  
Chanakya 57 75 8  
NDTV 57 79 3 1

The Kerala Assembly election was held in single phase on 16 May in 140 constituencies of the state assembly. Exit polls by and large say that incumbent UDF will be thrown out of power and the LDF will form the next government. The exit poll by News Nation though gives a different story: according to it, UDF will get 70 seats, LDF 69 and BJP 1.

Assam Election 2016 Exit Poll

Pollsters BJP+ INC AIUDF+ Others 60 40 16 10
CVoter 57 41 18 10
India Today-Axis 86 28 7 0
ABP 81 33 10 2
News Nation 65 49 9 3
Chanakya 90 27 9  
NDTV 73 37 12 4

Assembly elections were conducted in the frontier state of Assam in two phases on 4 and 11 April. Assam has 126 Assembly constituencies. All exit polls say that the BJP is going to secure a major victory in this state. The Congress, which has been in power in the state for three consecutive terms, is set to face defeat. The exit polls are divided, though, on how many seats BJP will win and whether it will be able to cross the majority mark or not.

Last Updated on May 20, 2019