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Chhattisgarh Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Opinion Poll

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Chhattisgarh Opinion Poll 2019

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Chattisgarh Assembly Elections 2018 Opinion Poll: BJP to Retain Chhattisgarh

Phase 1 - Chhattisgarh Prediction/ Opinion Poll

Seat Tally - 18 Seats

  • BJP - 12; Congress - 6; BSP+ - 0

  • Vote Percentage

  • BJP - 44%; Congress - 41%; BSP+ - 8%

  • Seats in Phase 1
    No. of the Assembly ConstituencyName of the Assembly ConstituencyName of the Districts
    74Dongargarh (SC)Rajnandgaon
    78Mohla-Manpur (ST)Rajnandgaon
    79Antagarh (ST)Uttar Bastar(Kanker)
    80Bhanupratappur (ST)Uttar Bastar(Kanker)
    81Kanker (ST)Uttar Bastar(Kanker)
    82Keshkal (ST)Kondagaon
    83Kondagaon (ST)Kondagaon
    84Narayanpur (ST)Narayanpur / Bastar (Jagdalpur) / Kondagaon
    85Bastar (ST)Bastar(Jagdalpur)
    86JagdalpurBastar(Jagdalpur) / Sukuma
    87Chitrakot (ST)Bastar(Jagdalpur) / Sukuma
    88Dantewada (ST)Dakshin Bastar (Dantewada)
    89Bijapur (ST)Bijapur
    90Konta (ST)Sukuma

    Chhattisgarh Opinion poll 2018

    Chattisgarh Opinion Poll 2018 overview

    The election in Chhattisgarh will be held in 2 phases. The first phase will be held on 12 November, 2018, and the second phase election will be held on 20 November, 2018. An opinion poll 2018 at suggests that Raman Singh could be the fourth time chief minister of the state.

    Chhattisgarh has been a traditionally close race between BJP and Congress. However, the BSP-Jogi alliance is going to hurt Congress big time. According to opinion poll 2018, out of 90 seats BJP may get 55, Congress 25 and BSP-Jogi alliance may fetch 10 seats. As per BSP and JCC agreement, Mayawati's party will contest on 35 seats while JCC will try its luck on 55 seats. The main issues on which public will vote are unemployment, drainage and sanitation. Since BSP and JCC alliance have successfully worked out, the Congress is now working out a plan to woo the SC voters.

    For the first time in 15 years, the voting percentage gap between BJP-Congress is likely to increase to 5% because of the BSP-JCC alliance. It is said that Jogi-Mayawati's strategy was successful and both the parties may manage to fetch around 10 seats, which would be difficult for the BJP and the Congress. Congress Party strategists predicts that while Ajit Jogi may take his tally to 4-5 in the 14 central Chhattisgarh seats that have a good number of SC voters, it's the BJP that will suffer the real setback since it holds nine of the 10 SC seats. Congress lacks local leadership, which also makes it difficult for it to mount an effective challenge. At present Congress has 39 seats in the Chhattisgarh Assembly.

    Raman Singh who has been in power since 2003, continues to be popular, in spite of the 15-year anti-incumbency. He could be the chief minister for the fourth time. He is targeting the 29 tribal seats in the state where the BJP did not do well last time. Like Shivraj Singh Chauhan, Raman Singh is also adept at anger management. This makes it possible for him to tackle anti-incumbency.

    As per NDTV opinion poll, BJP may get 39 seats, Congress 47 and others 04 seats, while ABP news suggest that it is 40 seats for BJP and 47 seats for Congress while other may get 03 seats. News Nation opinion poll predicts 45 seats for BJP, 38 for Congress and 07 seats for others.

    Last Updated on May 20, 2019

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