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Polling Booth in Asansol Dakshin Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Asansol Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Asansol Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Barachak Free Primary School755Asansol (M Corp.)
2Rabindra Sanskriti Hall669Asansol (M Corp.)
3Fatepur Free Primary School996Asansol (M Corp.)
4Bartoriya Free Primary School985Asansol (M Corp.)
6Narasmuda Janakalyan Samiti High School850Asansol (M Corp.)
8Newtown Community Centre E. R. Club887Asansol (M Corp.)
11Chhoto Dighari Community Hall896Asansol (M Corp.)
12Santa Dangal Free Primary School999Asansol (M Corp.)
14Asansol Stadium524Asansol (M Corp.)
17Bari Vidyalaya High School787Asansol (M Corp.)
21Chhotadighari Free Primary School801Asansol (M Corp.)
25Santa High School816Asansol (M Corp.)
29Mahatma Gandhi High School1053Asansol (M Corp.)
32Sharmara Junior Basic Vidyalaya370Asansol (M Corp.)
34Purushottamapur Junior Basic Vidyalaya993Asansol (M Corp.)
35Kuilapur Free Primary School709Asansol (M Corp.)
37Dihika Free Primary School960Asansol (M Corp.)
39Rangapara F. Primary Vidyalaya693Asansol (M Corp.)
40Rangapara Aadibasi Free Primary School952Asansol (M Corp.)
41Sarifunnesa Free Primary School594Asansol (M Corp.)
43Multipurapose Hallold Security Barrack959Asansol (M Corp.)
44Quaderiya Free Primary School974Asansol (M Corp.)
46Dharampur Free Primary School794Asansol (M Corp.)
49Em.Si.Ti.Aai Far Garlas881Asansol (M Corp.)
50Hirapur Free Primary School1023Asansol (M Corp.)
55Aambagan Free Primary School938Asansol (M Corp.)
57Hirapur Dakshinapara Free Primary School785Asansol (M Corp.)
59Multipurpose Hall815Asansol (M Corp.)
60Manik Chand Thakur Institute1131Asansol (M Corp.)
63Burnpur Girls High School523Asansol (M Corp.)
64Burnpur Boys High School1059Asansol (M Corp.)
68Burnpur Boys Primary School790Asansol (M Corp.)
74Narsingh Bandh Binapani High School880Asansol (M Corp.)
75Narsing Bandh Harijan Free Primary School729Asansol (M Corp.)
78Reproductive Child Health Building Tribeni More1040Asansol (M Corp.)
81Narasingh Bandh Hindi High School1065Asansol (M Corp.)
85Mallik Para Free Primary School874Asansol (M Corp.)
86Executive Engineering R.C.F.A. Div-I (Phe)747Asansol (M Corp.)
88Tulasirani Balika Shikshasadan625Asansol (M Corp.)
90Isamail G.S. Free Primary School853Asansol (M Corp.)
91Ramakrishna Prathamik Vidyalayaisamail699Asansol (M Corp.)
93Gurunanak Mission High School726Asansol (M Corp.)
97Bengal Homeopathik College1108Asansol (M Corp.)
99Shantinagar New Hindi Free Primary School828Asansol (M Corp.)
102Bidhanpally Public Library597Asansol (M Corp.)
104Sonamati Free Primary School688Asansol (M Corp.)
106Shantinagar Community Hall581Asansol (M Corp.)
109Aahamad Nagar Free Primary School953Asansol (M Corp.)
110Shantinagar Bidyamandir829Asansol (M Corp.)
113Subhash Palli Bidyaniketan High School1014Asansol (M Corp.)
117Allahmia Iqbal Academy930Asansol (M Corp.)
119Madrasa Asrafia Rizvia804Asansol (M Corp.)
120Nayabasti Urdu Free Primary School1071Asansol (M Corp.)
124Aalamnagar Urdu School943Asansol (M Corp.)
126Rahamatnagar Urdu High School1049Asansol (M Corp.)
129Hirapur Community Hall Rambandh703Asansol (M Corp.)
131Aarabiya Isalamiya Madrasa Puranhat616Asansol (M Corp.)
133Neheru Vidyalaya Puranahat667Asansol (M Corp.)
135Puran Hat F. P School822Asansol (M Corp.)
137Rambandh G.S.Free Primary School861Asansol (M Corp.)
139Rambandh Adarsha Vidyalaya907Asansol (M Corp.)
141Shyamabandh Free Primary School1008Asansol (M Corp.)
146Netaji Nagar Free Primary School762Asansol (M Corp.)
147Nabaghanti Prathamik Vidyalaya967Asansol (M Corp.)
150Baradanga Free Primary School645Asansol (M Corp.)
151Keradihi Free Primary School450Asansol (M Corp.)
152Shyamdihi Free Primary School977Asansol (M Corp.)
153Banagram Free Primary School341Asansol (M Corp.)
154Kalazhariya Free Primary School1147Asansol (M Corp.)
156Dhenua Free Primary School759Asansol (M Corp.)
158Talkuri Free Primary School829Asansol (M Corp.)
160Barthol Free Primary School581Asansol (M Corp.)
161Bhalukjore Free Primary School790Asansol (M Corp.)
1622 No Mohishila Colony Free Primary School996Asansol (M Corp.)
165Sarakari Selai Shikshan Kendra1096Asansol (M Corp.)
167Binapani Free Primary School693Asansol (M Corp.)
170Suuryyanarayan Ray Smriti Bani Mandir Free Primary School821Asansol (M Corp.)
173Mahishila Boys High School Rum-3558Asansol (M Corp.)
175Nanigopal Ray Smriti Balika Bidyamandir1015Asansol (M Corp.)
179Bhagat Para Free Primary School652Asansol (M Corp.)
180Ushagram Boys High School991Asansol (M Corp.)
183R.C.H. Office New Ghusik952Asansol (M Corp.)
1854 No Boro Office Kalipahari1109Asansol (M Corp.)
187Kalipahari Free Primary School758Asansol (M Corp.)
191Easturn Primary School Cmghushik1018Asansol (M Corp.)
192Ghusik Colliery Fpschool1019Asansol (M Corp.)
193Shalaban Jamdoba Free Primary School670Asansol (M Corp.)
194Unit Managers Office1009Asansol (M Corp.)
195Mahishila Gram Fpschool1075Asansol (M Corp.)
197Bibekanand Prathamik Vidyalaya Danga Mohishila1023Asansol (M Corp.)
199Kotaladihi Free Primary School763Asansol (M Corp.)
200Bidhan Smriti Shiksha Niketan Damara779Asansol (M Corp.)
203Naran Dhawra Fpschool699Asansol (M Corp.)
204Damra Colliery Free Primary School500Chelad (CT)
205Chelod High School717Chelad (CT)
208Chelod Fp. School New Building972Chelad (CT)
209Nim Dhaora Aadibasi F.Pschool1049Chelad (CT)
210Tirat F.Pschool973Tirat
212Tirat Rangadanga Adivasii Free Primary School968Tirat
213Hara Bhanga F.P School603Harabhanga
215Damaliya Free Primary School750Damalia
216Murgathol Fpschool1020Murgathaul (CT)
218Purbo Nimcha Colliery Prathamik Vidyalaya800Murgathaul (CT)
219Gayanbikash Vidyalaya1037Murgathaul (CT)
220Purbo Nimcha Colliery Cantin Hall764Murgathaul (CT)
221Chalbalpur Free Primary School481Chalbalpur
224Jemeri Free Primary School1052Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
227J. K. Nagar Colleiry Free Primary School1040Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
229Bankadanga Ssk712Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
230Babulal Smriti Vidyalaya J. K. Nagar Linepar639Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
232Beliabathan Community Centre931Belebathan (CT)
233Beliabathan Free Primary School1059Belebathan (CT)
234New Chhatapathar Mazi Para Prathamik Vidyalaya858Belebathan (CT)
235Nimcha Gram F.Pschool642Nimcha
237Karnali Ssk324Nimcha
238Jk. Nagar High School777Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
239J.K. Nagar Urddu Prathamik School564Jemari (J.K. Nagar Township) (CT)
240Aamakula Colliery Sarbajanin Vidyalaya1028Amkula (CT)
241Kankar Danga Free Primary School607Amkula (CT)
242Amrit Nagar Colliery Free Primary School914Amkula (CT)
243Aamakula Aadibasi Free Primary School865Amkula (CT)
244Egara Gandhi Bidyapith782Egara (CT)
247Egara Junior High School696Egara (CT)
249Old Egara Free Primary School943Egara (CT)
250Narayankuri Free Primary School795Narankuri
252Christian Missionary School Sahebganj1114Sahebganj (CT)
255Bansra F.Pschool825Banshra (CT)
257Bansra Colleiry Hindi School761Banshra (CT)
259Jhantidanga Free Primary School429Chak Brindabanpur
260Bengal Paper Mill Primary School417Raghunathchak (CT)
261Nupur Junior Basic School335Napur
262Bengal Paper Mill Institution934Raghunathchak (CT)
264Aadarsh Hindi Vidyalaya Ballavpur544Raghunathchak (CT)
266Ballavpur Gram Primary School981Ballavpur (CT)
269Abhijan Sangha Ballavpur1064Ballavpur (CT)
270Beluniya Free Primary School503Ballavpur (CT)
274Baktar Nagar Primary School934Baktarnagar (CT)
275Baktarnagar High School731Baktarnagar (CT)

Last Updated on May 20, 2020
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