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Polling Booth in Amta Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Amta

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Amta Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Motimanii Primary School789Jhikhira
2Paik Basa Primary School1003Jhikhira
3Jhikira High School1136Jhikhira
6Ghardubra Primary School931Ghardubra
7Chingrajole Narayani Balika Prathamik Vidyalaya689Chingrajola
8Durgapur Primary Vidyalaya1052Chingrajola
10Bibekananda Primary Vidyalaya998Chingrajola
11Shibgachia Primary School772Shibgachhia
12Dakshin Shivgachi Pry. School431Shibgachhia
14Saoraberia Prathamik Vidyalaya800Saoraberia
15Ranjaybar Muzaffar Ahamed Primary School584Ranjoybar
16Kundulia Tapasil Prathamik Vidyalaya619Ranjoybar
17Ranjaybar Primary School424Ranjoybar
20Hanidhara Prathamik Vidyalaya652Hanidaha
22Binola Krishnabati Primary School609Binalakrishnabati
24Nishchintapur Primary School488Nischintapur
26Nischintapur Amtya Sen S.S.K801Nischintapur
27Boalia Board Primary School953Boalia
28Nakubar Primary School777Nakubar
29Mahakalapur M.C. High School917Nakubar
30Manuchak Oriented Primary Vidyalaya765Nakubar
31Manuchak Oriented Primary Vidyalaya (New Bldg.)798Nakubar
32Bancharam Roy Primary School960Rautara
33Rautara Prathamik Vidyalaya973Rautara
34Nutangram Prathamik Vidyalaya685Amragari
36Kankrol Premamayi Primary Vidyalaya519Kakrol
38Chakshalika Rajbanshipara Primary Vidyalaya517Kakrol
40Menoka Smriti Bidyamandir764Amragari
42Menka Smrity Vidyamandir Pry. School588Kakrol
44Ghanashyamchak Primary School852Ghanashyam Chak
45Chak Janaddan Pry. School1022Ghanashyam Chak
46Joypur Bakultala Primary School935Jaypur
48Joypur Uttar Prathamik School603Jaypur
50Joypur Surangamoyee Balika Vidyalaya1018Jaypur
52Rajbanshi Para Primary School1148Jaypur
53Dakshin Joypur Junior Besic School766Jaypur
55Bhateghari Primary School922Bhateghari
56Thalia I.C.D.S. Centre1074Thalia
57Mainan Primary School515Mainan
59Thalia Shibtala Primary School1035Thalia
60Sehagari Uttar Primary School1075Sehagari
61Ber Dhainpur Primary School1010Dhaipur
63Maina Madhyamik Siskha Kendra1137Mainan
64Sehagari Primary School437Sehagari
65Sehagari Rajbanshi Para Pry. School935Sehagari
66Dhainpur Primary Vidyalaya734Dhaipur
67Dharampota Primary School721Jhamtia
68Kamarkhola Pry. School545Jhamtia
69Kalasdihi Pry. School729Madhya Jaypur
70Teliberiya Primary Vidyalaya481Madhya Jaypur
71Sanuria Oriented Jr. High School680Saoria
73Dharapara Pry. School574Jhamtia
74Selnpara Primary School596Jhamtia
75Saunria Primary Vidyalaya853Saoria
76Satpota Pry. School552Dakshin Jaypur
77Jhamtia Primary School519Jhamtia
79Kamargoria Primary School650Kamargaria
80Khajurdah Primary Vidyalaya938Khajur Daha
82Uttar Bhatora Gayen Para Pry. School934Uttar Bhatora
83Uttar Bhatora High School793Uttar Bhatora
84Uttar Bhatora Primary School439Uttar Bhatora
86Gurudah Para Primary School721Dakshin Bhatora
87Darjipara Primary School495Uttar Bhatora
89Rajbangshi Para Pra: School1109Dakshin Bhatora
90Bhagabatitala Primary School576Dakshin Bhatora
92Bhagabatitala I.C.D.S Centre718Dakshin Bhatora
93Rupnarayan Primary School651Dakshin Bhatora
95Dakshin Bhatora Primary School1130Dakshin Bhatora
96Solebaga South Pry. School765Solbaga
97Solbaga Primary School1062Solbaga
98Ghoraberia Primary School589Ghoraberia (CT)
100Kulia Mundeshari Gauribala Primary Vidyalaya972Kulia
101Kankabati Prathamik Vidyalaya703Ghoraberia (CT)
102Bhatora Union High School632Ghoraberia (CT)
103North Ghoraberia Pry. School587Ghoraberia (CT)
104Hatgacha Primary School788Hatgachha
106Beral Prathamik Vidyalaya995Beral
107Mirgram Primary School953Mirgram
108Chitnan Bhuen Para Primary School669Chitnan
109Chitnan Ghantapara Primary School884Chitnan
110Chitnan High School936Chitnan
111Dakshin Chitnan Primary School881Chitnan
112Khoriop High School Sanglagna Primary School1166Khariop
113Khariop High School1231Khariop
114Khoriop South Pry. School707Khariop
115Khoriop Shibtala I C D S Centre(185)424Khariop
116Kalabansh Gajendra Primary School498Kalbansh
118Bar Gazipur Pry. School943Kalbansh
119Gajipur Balika Vidyalaya1095Paschim Gazipur (CT)
121Gajipur Thakomoyee Prathamik Vidyalayaa884Paschim Gazipur (CT)
122Uttar Gazipur Pry. School893Paschim Gazipur (CT)
124Kashmoli Purba Para Prathamik Vidyalaya919Kasmali
125Kashmoli High School975Kasmali
126Kashmoli Madhya Adarsha Pry. School815Kasmali
127Nignan Primary School1118Nignan
128Kharigeria Primary School712Khari Geria
130Samaspur Pry. School692Takipara
131Taki Para Primary School925Takipara
132Ajanagachi Primary Vidyalaya997Ajangachhi
134Ajahangachi Dakshin Pry. School533Ajangachhi
135Fatik Beria Primary School981Fatik Beria
136P D F Bhutnath Pry. School540Dhanyaghari
138Par Baksi Prathamik School677Dhanyaghari
139Betai P.C. Primary School973Betai
141Jagalgori Primary School454Betai
142Jayanti Prathamik Vidyalaya880Jayanti
144Chadanaopada Prathamik Vidyalayaa522Nawapara
145Pashchim Nowapara Pry. School843Nawapara
147Nowpara High School666Nawapara
148Nowapara Gazipur Pry. School517Nawapara
149Nowpara Junior Basic School642Nawapara
151Baruipara Primary School642Uttar Khalna
153Uttar Khalna Primary School564Uttar Khalna
155Yogamaya Balika Vidyalaya1076Pashchim Khalna (CT)
157Khalna Rrginstitution1051Purbba Khalan
158Purba Khalna Primary Vidyalaya870Purbba Khalan
159Kabirapur Bord Primary School666Pashchim Khalna (CT)
161Dakshin Khalna Musalmanpara Prathamik Vidyalaya988Dakshin Khalna
162Malancha Primary Vidyalaya992Purbba Khalan
163Hiop Prathamik Vidyalaya686Hio
165Dakshin Khalna Pra: School595Dakshin Khalna
167Narit Nayayratna Institution496Narit
168Narit Shishu Sikshya Kendra689Narit
169Bidyasagar Pry. School413Narit
171Norit Prathamik Vidyalaya692Sirol
172Mahishamuri Prathamik Vidyalaya743Mahishamuri
173Tajpur Purba Banshbagan Primary School547Tajpur
174Sirol Prathamik Vidyalaya832Sirol
175Mahishamuri High School665Mahishamuri
176Tajpur Purba Prathamik Vidyalaya940Tajpur
177Tajapur M.N.Roy Institution(Natun Griha)696Tajpur
178Tajpur M N Roy Atach Pry. School881Tajpur
180Tajpur Mirapara Prathamik Vidyalaya984Tajpur
181Tegachhiya Primary School820Kusberia
182K.K.C.T. Primary School649Kusberia
183Sarada Ajahar Ali Primary School807Sarda
185Sarada Dolui Mallik Para Pry. School656Sarda
187Kachhida Prathamik Vidyalaya925Kusberia
188Kushabediya Mauja Baneswar Shikshalay756Kusberia
189Sarada Tajpur High Madrasa705Sarda
191Panshila Shitalachak Prathamik Vidyalaya894Sital Chak
192Sital Chak Pry. School450Sital Chak
193Bankura Primary School804Bankura
195Bakasi Primary School418Baksi
196Bakshi Sasthitala I C D S Centre790Baksi
197Kansrakotai Free Primary School849Kasrakatai
198Mankur Kaziberia Pry. School552Mankur
199Bholasar Primary School964Bholsar
200H M B K High School812Malia
201Maliya Primary School822Malia
203Khanda Primary School808Deulgram (CT)
204Chiampur Pry. School907Deulgram (CT)
205Manakur Uttar Primary School (Rajabangshi Pada)1004Mankur
207Diembi High School576Deulgram (CT)
209Deulagram Primary School625Deulgram (CT)
211Manakur Dharmatala Primary School1098Mankur
213Degram Primary School661Degram
214Dey Gram I.C.D.S Centre526Degram
216Kadiya Narth Prathamik Vidyalaya618Karia (CT)
218Sastia Gangamata Primary School1074Purbba Bainan
219Kadiya Bord Primary School1156Karia (CT)
221Pashchim Bainan Primary School (Dakshin Habal)781Paschim Bainan (CT)
223Pashchim Bainan Kazipara S.S.K999Paschim Bainan (CT)
225Bainan Bamanadas High School704Paschim Bainan (CT)
226Bainan Sashibhusan Pry. School486Paschim Bainan (CT)
228Aanandamayi Primary School902Paschim Bainan (CT)
230Mirapada Primary School652Paschim Bainan (CT)
231Bainan Girls High School694Purbba Bainan
232Purba Bainan Pra: School672Purbba Bainan
234Khajurtti Pashchim Primary School884Khajutti (CT)
236Khajurtti Primary School737Khajutti (CT)
238Khajutti Surendranath Primary School708Khajutti (CT)
239Khajutti Majherchara I.C.D.S Centre879Khajutti (CT)
240Dwipamalita I.C.D.S Centre(Kamarpara)717Dwipamalita
241Dwipamalita Primary School635Dwipamalita
243Amrajol Primary School765Amrajol
244Raksita Pry. School396Amrajol
245Kalyanapur Amulyadhan Primary School561Kalyanpur (CT)
247Kalyanpur Boys Primary School1042Kalyanpur (CT)
249Bankim Pathagar1004Kalyanpur (CT)
250Kalyanapur Garlas Primary School957Kalyanpur (CT)
252Biramapur Primary School (Kalitala)693Birampur
253Birampur Rajbanshipara Pry. School670Birampur
254Biramapur Aaisidiessentar Panchananatala1003Birampur
255Nasibpur Pry. School569Dwipamalita
256Biramapur Essiprimary School (Shibatala)573Dwipamalita
258Dakabediya Primary School565Panitras
259Panitrash Free Pry. School731Panitras
261Gobind Pur Primary School544Panitras
263Badabad Primary School926Birampur
264Chakur Bord Primary School (Uh Chakur)784Chakur
265Chakur Harish Seminari High School681Chakur
266Chakur Kshudiram Panja Primary School (Dakshin Chakur)802Chakur
267Mukundadighi Primary School681Bagur
268Kismat Brahman Gram Pry. School881Brahmangram
269Brahman Gram Primary School631Brahmangram
270Pashchim Bainan Hafijulla Pry. School604Brahmangram
271Gadi Bagur Primary School717Bagur
273Gadi Primary School1101Sabsit
274Pallishri Primary School931Bagur
275Sabsit Progati Pathagar751Sabsit
276Masiyara Primary School602Masiara
278Gulamutha Primary Vidyalaya1101Sabsit
279Kankatiya Primary Vidyalaya906Sabsit
281Patinan Primary School746Patinan

Last Updated on May 20, 2020