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Polling Booth in English Bazar Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in English Bazar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the English Bazar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Lalapur Junior Basic School462Lalapur
2Bara Baramapur I.C.D.S Centar905Barampur
3Gonsaipur Myanejad Primary School944Gonsaipur
4Mobarakapur Myanejad Primary School1179Mobarakpur
5Binodapur Junior Basic School410Binodpur
6Basudevpur Primary School1106Basudebpur
7Niyamatapur C.S. Primary School732Niamatpur
8Satatari Sarbajanin Primary School1038Sattari
10Satatari Haiskul909Sattari
12Satatari Junior Basic School901Sattari
15Gauripur Primary School775Niamatpur
17Amriti Gram Panchayet Afis787Niamatpur
19Amriti Primary School982Sonatala (CT)
21Baniyagram Primary School1076Sonatala (CT)
23Baniagram M.S.K.695Sonatala (CT)
25Rayagram Haiskul1036Niamatpur
26Chhoto Mohanapada Primary School552Sonatala (CT)
28Gokulanagar Kamat Primary School829Niamatpur
30Harishapur Es.Si.Primary School990Harishpur
31Mahajamapur Primary School640Mahajamapur
32Manikapur Primary School596Madapur
33Sadanandapur Pry. School598Madapur
34Shriramapur Primary School682Madapur
35Kazigram Pry. Vidyalaya644Madapur
37Kajigram Haiskul942Madapur
39Jotaprithbi Si.Es. Primary School551Jot Prithwi
40Karmanigram Primary School580Karmmanigram
41Rameshbarapur Prathamik Vidyalaya855Karmmanigram
42Sagaradighi S.C. Primary School863Sadullapur
43Chandipur Bi.Aar.Es. Haiskul1041Naoda Bazar
44Chandipur Jr. Basic School642Chandipur
46Nityanandapur Prathamik Vidyalaya988Dilalpur
47Uttar Ramachandrapur Primary School642Uttar Ramchandrapur (P)
48Rajanagar Primary School796Bagbari (CT)
50Bahann Bigha Primary School873Bagbari (CT)
52Damodarapur Santa Debya Haiskul1134Bagbari (CT)
53Lakshipur Speshyal Kyadar Primary School1019Lakshmipur
54Amriti Kaloni Primary School1140Lakshmipur
55Kotwali Jr. Basic School948Sahazalalpur
57Kotwali Jr. Basic School Room No-1897Jot Narasinha
58Dabakipur Primary School506Khorda Jalalpur
59Polytechnic College753Nazirpur
60Kalyanapur Myanejad Primary School987Khalimpur
61Maliha Pry. School834Uttar Nazirpur
62Jot-Aadapur Pi.En.Haiskul825Shyampur
64Milik Aadapur Primary School575Arapur
66Kotuyali Gram Panchayet Afis774Arapur
67Ganipur Pry.School969Nazirpur
68Nimai Sarai Prathamik Vidyalaya1014Nima Sarai
70Jotanimai Sarai Primary School873Jot
72Babalabona Primary School1145English Bazar (M)
74Gayeshpur Converted Jr. Basic School1005English Bazar (M)
76Gayeshpur Shanti Comitiee Sampriti Community Hall (Room No-2)1058English Bazar (M)
78Relaoye Shishuniketan Prathamik Vidyalaya957English Bazar (M)
80Relaoye Hai School Ghar-11118English Bazar (M)
81Railway Garls High School942English Bazar (M)
84Zalazaliya Hindi Primary School713English Bazar (M)
86Railway High School1039English Bazar (M)
87Subhashapalli Primary School1112English Bazar (M)
89Narasing Kuppa Prathamik Vidyalaya1107English Bazar (M)
91Bibhuti Bhushan Haiskul904English Bazar (M)
95Inadasatiyal Tening Inastitiut1134English Bazar (M)
98Gobarddhan Primary School1079English Bazar (M)
100Thakur Anukulachandr Garlas Haiskul935English Bazar (M)
104Krishnapalli Primary School571English Bazar (M)
106Kalyan Sanggh Sadharan Gramin Granthagar1035English Bazar (M)
108Malada Eyakademi897English Bazar (M)
111Hausing Eshtet Primary School825English Bazar (M)
112Yugolamohini Primary School682English Bazar (M)
114Sarbbamangalapalli Primary School1079English Bazar (M)
116Prantapalli Primary School1026English Bazar (M)
117Bibhuti Bhushan Primary School1094English Bazar (M)
118Nibedita Garlas Haiskul917English Bazar (M)
120Ramakrishn Bidyabhaban761English Bazar (M)
123Dhirendranath Saha Bidyabhaban953English Bazar (M)
128Jalalia Girls High School661English Bazar (M)
130Peddie Silk Reeling Institute704English Bazar (M)
132Bipin Behari Das Smriti Pry. School949English Bazar (M)
133Indubala Prathamik Vidyalaya1069English Bazar (M)
134Agrani Club986English Bazar (M)
135Dah Em.Es.Hajari Primary Vidyalaya933English Bazar (M)
136Malda Zilla School994English Bazar (M)
138Inglish Bajar Miunisipyal PrathamikaVidyalaya1055English Bazar (M)
139Bibekanand Prathamik Vidyalaya1013English Bazar (M)
142Umesh Chandra Bastuhara Uccha Vidyalaya1093English Bazar (M)
145Krishnamohan Balika Vidyalaya1028English Bazar (M)
147Shibani Academy972English Bazar (M)
148R.N. Dutta Pry. School876English Bazar (M)
150Kutubapur Miunisipyal Primary School638English Bazar (M)
151Chintamani Chamatakar Garlas Haiskul843English Bazar (M)
156Akruramani Karoneshanas Institute1064English Bazar (M)
158Lalitamohan Shyamamohini Haiskul1050English Bazar (M)
161Dakhin Baluchar Prathamik Vidyalaya (Room No-1)823English Bazar (M)
164Uttar Baluchar Harijan Balika Vidyalaya1092English Bazar (M)
165Bhuban Mohini Madan Mohan Prathamik Vidyalaya837English Bazar (M)
167Haribhushan Dash Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya510English Bazar (M)
169Bibekanand Haiskul1134English Bazar (M)
173Barlo Garlas Haiskul995English Bazar (M)
174Malada Kanya Shikshalay1098English Bazar (M)
175Malada Madel Madrasa663English Bazar (M)
177Makadamapur Durgadeul Bidyapith1128English Bazar (M)
179Maladah Garlas Haiskul892English Bazar (M)
1801 No Gabhah Kaloni Prathamik Vidyalaya1111English Bazar (M)
183Binapani Prathamik Vidyalaya782English Bazar (M)
184Maladah Taun Haiskul689English Bazar (M)
186Maladah Uimens Kalej528English Bazar (M)
189Ramakinkar Balika Vidyalaya910English Bazar (M)
192Malanchapalli Minuza High School823English Bazar (M)
196Thakur Anukulachandr Prathamik Vidyalaya1017English Bazar (M)
198Bi.Ti.Kalej Hoshtel839English Bazar (M)
200Krishnakalitala Prathamik Vidyalaya817English Bazar (M)
202Pulish Lain Prathamik Vidyalaya1012English Bazar (M)
204Narendr Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya1040English Bazar (M)
205Mokdumpur Girls High School1095English Bazar (M)
206Maheshpur Pry.School979English Bazar (M)
208Madhabanagar Badalamuni High School1021English Bazar (M)
212Sonatala Primary School973Uttar Jadupur
214Yadupur Anchal Haiskul1021Dakshin Jadupur
216Rpabbata Prathamik Vidyalaya816Dakshin Jadupur
217Yadupur-1 Gram Panchayet Afis487Dakshin Jadupur
219Gabagachhi Primary School1124Gabgachhi
220Jadupur Mgd. Pry. School904Uttar Jadupur
221Byasapur Primary School1001Gopinathpur
222Maharajapur Kanchanatar Junior Basic School854Tiakati
223Narendrapur Primary School648Purana Guamalati
224Gopalapur Primary School732Gopalpur
225Jaharatala High School981Gopalpur
226Yadupur 2No Gram Panchayet Afis1030Maheshpur (P)
227Rayapur Si.Es.Primary School892Raypur
228Krishnapur Managed Primary School519Nrisimhapur
229Aamajamatala Primary School789Nrisimhapur
230Gobindapur Primary School973Gobindapur
231Mosalemapur Primary School824Moslempur
232Kumarapur Primary School948Kumarpur
234Kamalabadi Primary School923Bara Phulbari
236Kanchantar Maharajpur High School751Bara Phulbari
237Harekrishn Konar Kaloni Primary School516Bara Phulbari
238Khasimari Prathamik Vidyalaya565Phulbari
239E.Ke.Gopalan Kaloni Prathamik Vidyalaya1127Tantipara
240Piyasabadi Jela Parishad Dakabanglo801Gani Bahadurkhan
241Piyasabadi Myanejad Primary School801Bholanathpur
242Ramakeli Rup Sanatan Prathamik Vidyalaya1063Ramkeli
243Kanakpur Pry. School791Badulyabari
244Sagardighi S. C. Primary School1038Nazirkhani Arazi
245Khiraki C.S. Primary School927Khirki
246Mahadipur Haiskul1062Mahadipur
247Mahadipur Gram Panchayet Afis1033Mahadipur
248Videopara S.S.K.934Mahadipur
249Mahadipur Garlas High School1049Mahadipur
250Mahadipur Es.Si. Prathamik Vidyalaya567Mahadipur
251Umarapur Aar. Em. Ji. Junior Basic School766Uttar Umarpur

Last Updated on May 27, 2020
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