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Rajya Sabha - The Upper House of the Parliament

Rajya Sabha - Council of States

TypeUpper House of the Parliament of India
ChairmanM. Venkaiah Naidu
Deputy ChairmanProf. P.J. Kurien
Leader of the HouseShri Arun Jaitley
Leader of the OppositionShri Ghulam Nabi Azad
Seats in Rajya Sabha245 Total (233 Elected; 12 Nominated)

About Rajya Sabha

Rajya Sabha or the Council of States is the upper house of the parliament. It consists of 250 members Out of these 238 members represent the states, while the other 12 are nominated by the President of India from amongst persons with special knowledge or practical experience in the field of Literature, Science, Art and Social Sciences. The representatives of the states are elected by elected members of the State Legislative Assemblies.

In the Union Territories, which do not possess Legislative Assemblies, these members are elected by electoral college specially constituted for the purpose. The election of the members of Rajya Sabha is held in accordance with the principle of proportional representation by means of single transferable vote.

History of Rajya Sabha

The Council of States or the Second Chamber of the Indian Parliament was constituted in the year 1952. It has been so framed as to give the Upper House a character distinct from that of the Legislative Assembly. The main reason for the creation of a legislative structure was to give a democratic forum for people's representatives and to restore the political and social unity of our country. The first Vice-President of India and the first Chairman of the Rajya Sabha was Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. He defined in broad terms the function of the House and stated : There is a general impression that this House cannot make or unmake governments and, therefore, it is a superfluous body. But there are functions, which a revising Chamber can fulfil fruitfully.

Qualification for Rajya Sabha Member

A person seeking membership of Rajya Sabha must possess the following qualifications:
1. He must be a citizen of India.
2. He must not be less than 30 years of age.
3. He must be Parliamentary elector in the state from which he is seeking election.
4. He must make and subscribe before some person authorized in that behalf by the Election Commission an oath or affirmation asserting his allegiance to the constitution of India
5. he must possess such other qualifications as may be prescribed by the Parliament for that purpose from time to time.

Term of Rajya Sabha Member

The Rajya Sabha is a permanent house and is not subject to dissolution. But as nearly as possible, one-third of the members of Rajya Sabha retire after every two years in accordance with the provisions made by the Parliament by law. Thus, the members of the Rajya Sabha are elected for a term of six years. This arrangement ensures continuity as well as representation of the changing public opinion.

Presiding Officers - Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

The Vice-President of India is the ex-officio Chairman of the Rajya Sabha. In addition, the house also elects a Deputy Chairman from amongst its members. The Deputy Chairman presides over when the Vice-President is absent. The Chairman does not enjoy the right to vote except in case of a tie. As presiding officer, the Chairman of the Rajya Sabha is responsible for maintaining order and decorum in the house and conducts the proceedings in accordance with the rules. The Secretary-General is appointed by the Chairman and holds rank equivalent to the highest civil servant of the Union. The Secretary-General is also the administrative head of the Rajya Sabha Secretariat and the custodian of the records of the House. He works under the direction and control of the Chairman.

Other Members of Rajya Sabha

Other members of the Rajya Sabha include the :
  • Leader of the House who is a cabinet minister or Prime Minister if he is a member of the House, or another nominated minister.
  • Leader of the Opposition who leads the minority parties and is commonly the leader of the largest minority party.


One-tenth of the total membership of the Rajya Sabha constitute the Quorum for holding the meeting of the House.

Legislative Powers of Rajya Sabha

In the legislative sphere, both the Houses of the Parliament have been placed on equal footing by the Constitution. An ordinary bill can originate in any House but must be approved by both the Houses before it can reach the statute book.

Constituent Powers of Rajya Sabha

In the matter of the amendment of the Constitution the two Houses have been placed on an equal footing. A proposal for amendment can originate in either of the two Houses but must be approved by both the Houses of the Parliament.

Exclusive Powers of Rajya Sabha

Though in the legislative and financial spheres Rajya Sabha enjoys either inferior or co-equal position with the Lok Sabha, in certain other spheres it has been given exclusive powers which are not available to the Lok Sabha. For example, under Article 249 of the Constitution the Rajya Sabha can authorise the Parliament to make a law on the subject enumerated in the State List by passing a resolution by two-thirds majority that it is necessary or expedient to do so in national interest. After passage of such a resolution by the Rajya Sabha the Parliament can lawfully legislate on any subject in the State List. Such a resolution is, initially valid for a period of one year but can be further extended for a year at a time.

Under Article 312, the Rajya Sabha is authorised to recommend the creation of a new All India Service catering to the needs of the Union as well as the States.

Any (non-financial) bill has to be approved by Rajya Sabha even if it is approved by Lok Sabha.

List of Rajya Sabha Members

S. No.NameStatePartyDate of NotificationDate of Retirement
1Chowdary, Shri Y. S.Andhra PradeshBJP22/06/201621/06/2022
2Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar, ShriAndhra PradeshTDP04-03-201804-02-2024
3Khan, Shri Mohd. AliAndhra PradeshINC04-10-201404-09-2020
4Prabhu, Shri SureshAndhra PradeshBJP22/06/201621/06/2022
5Ramesh, Shri C.M.Andhra PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
6Reddy, Dr. T. SubbaramiAndhra PradeshINC04-10-201404-09-2020
7Reddy, Shri V. VijayasaiAndhra PradeshYSRCP22/06/201621/06/2022
8Seetharama Lakshmi, Smt. ThotaAndhra PradeshTDP04-10-201404-09-2020
9Vemireddy, Shri Prabhakar ReddyAndhra PradeshYSRCP04-03-201804-02-2024
10Venkatesh, Shri T.G.Andhra PradeshBJP22/06/201621/06/2022
11Mukut Mithi, ShriArunachal PradeshINC24/06/201423/06/2020
12Baishya, Shri Birendra PrasadAssamAGP15/06/201914/06/2025
13Bora, Shri RipunAssamINC04-03-201604-02-2022
14Daimary, Shri BiswajitAssamBPF04-10-201404-09-2020
15Narah, Smt. RaneeAssamINC04-03-201604-02-2022
16Tasa, Shri Kamakhya PrasadAssamBJP15/06/201914/06/2025
17Bharti, Smt. MishaBiharRJD07-08-201607-07-2022
18Dubey, Shri Satish ChandraBiharBJP10-09-201907-07-2022
19Harivansh, ShriBiharJD(U)04-10-201404-09-2020
20Jha, Prof. Manoj KumarBiharRJD04-03-201804-02-2024
21Karim, Shri Ahmad AshfaqueBiharRJD04-03-201804-02-2024
22Mahendra Prasad, Dr.BiharJD(U)04-03-201804-02-2024
23Paswan, Shri Ram VilasBiharLJP29/06/201904-02-2024
24Perween, Smt. KahkashanBiharJD(U)04-10-201404-09-2020
25Singh, Shri Akhilesh PrasadBiharINC04-03-201804-02-2024
26Singh, Shri Bashistha NarainBiharJD(U)04-03-201804-02-2024
27Singh, Shri Gopal NarayanBiharBJP07-08-201607-07-2022
28Singh, Shri Ram Chandra PrasadBiharJD(U)07-08-201607-07-2022
29Sinha, Shri R. K.BiharBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
30Thakur, Dr. C.P.BiharBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
31Thakur, Shri Ram NathBiharJD(U)04-10-201404-09-2020
32Judev, Shri Ranvijay SinghChhattisgarhBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
33Netam, Shri Ram VicharChhattisgarhBJP30/06/201629/06/2022
34Pandey, Ms. SarojChhattisgarhBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
35Verma, Smt. ChhayaChhattisgarhINC30/06/201629/06/2022
36Vora, Shri MotilalChhattisgarhINC04-10-201404-09-2020
37Tendulkar, Shri Vinay DinuGoaBJP29/07/201728/07/2023
38Gohel, Shri Chunibhai KanjibhaiGujaratBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
39Jaishankar, Shri S.GujaratBJP07-06-201918/08/2023
40Lokhandwala, Shri Jugalsinh MathurjiGujaratBJP07-06-201918/08/2023
41Mandaviya, Shri MansukhGujaratBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
42Mistry, Shri MadhusudanGujaratINC04-10-201404-09-2020
43Patel, Shri AhmedGujaratINC19/08/201718/08/2023
44Rathwa, Shri Naranbhai J.GujaratINC04-03-201804-02-2024
45Rupala, Shri ParshottamGujaratBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
46Tundiya, Mahant ShambhuprasadjiGujaratBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
47Vadodia, Shri Lal SinhGujaratBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
48Yajnik, Dr. AmeeGujaratINC04-03-201804-02-2024
49Gautam, Shri DushyantHaryanaBJP19/03/202008-01-2022
50Selja, KumariHaryanaINC04-10-201404-09-2020
51Subhash Chandra, Dr.HaryanaIND.08-02-201608-01-2022
52Vats (Retd.), Lt.Gen. (Dr.) D. P.HaryanaBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
53Anand Sharma, ShriHimachal PradeshINC04-03-201604-02-2022
54Nadda, Shri Jagat PrakashHimachal PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
55Thakur, Smt. ViploveHimachal PradeshINC04-10-201404-09-2020
56Fayaz Ahmad MirJammu and KashmirINC11-02-201510-02-2021
57Ghulam Nabi AzadJammu and KashmirJ&K PDP16-02-201515-02-2021
58Nazir Ahmad LawayJammu and KashmirJ&K PDP16-02-201515-02-2021
59Shamsheer Singh ManhasJammu and KashmirBJP11-02-201510-02-2021
60Naqvi, Shri Mukhtar AbbasJharkhandBJP07-08-201607-07-2022
61Nathwani, Shri ParimalJharkhandIND.04-10-201404-09-2020
62Oraon, Shri SamirJharkhandBJP05-04-201805-03-2024
63Poddar, Shri MaheshJharkhandBJP07-08-201607-07-2022
64Sahu, Shri Dhiraj PrasadJharkhandINC05-04-201805-03-2024
65Chandrasekhar, Shri RajeevKarnatakaBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
66Chandrashekhar, Shri G.C.KarnatakaINC04-03-201804-02-2024
67Fernandes, Shri OscarKarnatakaINC07-01-201630/06/2022
68Gowda, Prof. M.V. RajeevKarnatakaINC26/06/201425/06/2020
69Hanumanthaiah, Dr. L.KarnatakaINC04-03-201804-02-2024
70Hariprasad, Shri B.K.KarnatakaINC26/06/201425/06/2020
71Hussain, Shri Syed NasirKarnatakaINC04-03-201804-02-2024
72Kore, Dr. PrabhakarKarnatakaBJP26/06/201425/06/2020
73Nirmala Sitharaman, Smt.KarnatakaBJP07-01-201630/06/2022
74Ramamurthy, Shri K.C.KarnatakaBJP07-01-201630/06/2022
75Ramesh, Shri JairamKarnatakaINC07-01-201630/06/2022
76Reddy, Shri D. KupendraKarnatakaJD(S)26/06/201425/06/2020
77Abdul Wahab, ShriKeralaIUML22/04/201521/04/2021
78Antony, Shri A.K.KeralaINC04-03-201604-02-2022
79Kareem, Shri ElamaramKeralaCPI(M)07-02-201807-01-2024
80Mani, Shri Jose K.KeralaKC(M)07-02-201807-01-2024
81Ragesh, Shri K.K.KeralaCPI(M)22/04/201521/04/2021
82Ravi, Shri VayalarKeralaINC22/04/201521/04/2021
83Somaprasad, Shri K.KeralaCPI(M)04-03-201604-02-2022
84Veerendra Kumar, Shri M.P.KeralaIND.04-03-201604-02-2022
85Viswam, Shri BinoyKeralaCPI07-02-201807-01-2024
86Akbar, Shri M. J.Madhya PradeshBJP30/06/201629/06/2022
87Gehlot, Shri ThaawarchandMadhya PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
88Jatiya, Dr. SatyanarayanMadhya PradeshBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
89Jha, Shri PrabhatMadhya PradeshBJP04-10-201404-09-2020
90Patel, Shri RajmaniMadhya PradeshINC04-03-201804-02-2024
91Pradhan, Shri DharmendraMadhya PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
92Singh, Shri Ajay PratapMadhya PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
93Singh, Shri DigvijayaMadhya PradeshINC04-10-201404-09-2020
94Soni, Shri KailashMadhya PradeshBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
95Tankha, Shri Vivek K.Madhya PradeshINC30/06/201629/06/2022
96Uikey, Smt. SampatiyaMadhya PradeshBJP08-01-201729/06/2022
97Athawale, Shri RamdasMaharashtraRPI (ATWL)04-03-201404-02-2020
98Chavan, Smt. VandanaMaharashtraNCP04-03-201804-02-2024
99Chidambaram, Shri P.MaharashtraINC07-05-201607-04-2022
100Dalwai, Shri HusainMaharashtraINC04-03-201404-02-2020
101Desai, Shri AnilMaharashtraSS04-03-201804-02-2024
102Dhoot, Shri RajkumarMaharashtraSS04-03-201404-02-2020
103Goyal, Shri PiyushMaharashtraBJP07-05-201607-04-2022
104Javadekar, Shri PrakashMaharashtraBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
105Kakade, Shri Sanjay DattatrayaMaharashtraIND.04-03-201404-02-2020
106Ketkar, Shri KumarMaharashtraINC04-03-201804-02-2024
107Mahatme, Dr. VikasMaharashtraBJP07-05-201607-04-2022
108Memon, Shri MajeedMaharashtraNCP04-03-201404-02-2020
109Muraleedharan, Shri V.MaharashtraBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
110Patel, Shri PrafulMaharashtraNCP07-05-201607-04-2022
111Pawar, Shri SharadMaharashtraNCP04-03-201404-02-2020
112Rane, Shri NarayanMaharashtraBJP04-03-201804-02-2024
113Raut, Shri SanjayMaharashtraSS07-05-201607-04-2022
114Sable, Shri Amar ShankarMaharashtraBJP14/03/201504-02-2020
115Sahasrabuddhe, Dr. Vinay P.MaharashtraBJP07-05-201607-04-2022
116Singh, Shri K. BhabanandaManipurBJP29/05/201704-09-2020
117Syiem, Smt. WansukMeghalayaINC13-04-201412-04-2020
118Tlau, Shri Ronald SapaMizoramINC19-07-201418-07-2020
119Kenye, Shri K.G.NagalandNPF03-04-201602-04-2022
120Gupta, Shri Narain DassNational Capital Territory of DelhiAAP28-01-201827-01-2024
121Gupta, Shri Sushil KumarNational Capital Territory of DelhiAAP28-01-201827-01-2024
122Singh, Shri SanjayNational Capital Territory of DelhiAAP28-01-201827-01-2024
123Chhatrapati, Shri SambhajiNominatedBJP13-06-201603-05-2022
124Dasgupta, Shri SwapanNominatedNOM.25-04-201624-04-2022
125Ganguly, Smt. RoopaNominatedBJP04-10-201624-04-2022
126Gogoi, Shri RanjanNominatedNOM.17-03-202016-03-2026
127Jadhav, Dr. NarendraNominatedNOM.25-04-201624-04-2022
128Kom, Smt. M.C. MaryNominatedNOM.25-04-201624-04-2022
129Mansingh, Dr. SonalNominatedBJP14-07-201813-07-2024
130Mohapatra, Dr. RaghunathNominatedBJP14-07-201813-07-2024
131Ram Shakal, ShriNominatedBJP14-07-201813-07-2024
132Sinha, Shri RakeshNominatedBJP14-07-201813-07-2024
133Suresh Gopi, ShriNominatedBJP25-04-201624-04-2022
134Swamy, Dr. SubramanianNominatedBJP25-04-201624-04-2022
135Acharya, Shri PrasannaOdishaBJD02-07-201601-07-2022
136Biswal, Shri RanjibOdishaINC03-04-201402-04-2020
137Hembram, Smt. SarojiniOdishaBJD03-04-201402-04-2020
138Nanda, Shri PrashantaOdishaBJD04-04-201803-04-2024
139Nekkanti, Shri Bhaskar RaoOdishaBJD02-07-201601-07-2022
140Patnaik, Dr. AmarOdishaBJD29-06-201903-04-2024
141Patra, Dr. SasmitOdishaBJD29-06-201901-07-2022
142Swain, Shri Narendra KumarOdishaBJD07-12-201502-04-2020
143Vaishnaw, Shri AshwiniOdishaBJP29-06-201903-04-2024
144Gokulakrishnan, Shri N.PuducherryAIADMK07-10-201506-10-2021
145Bajwa, Shri Partap SinghPunjabINC10-04-201609-04-2022
146Bhunder, Sardar Balwinder SinghPunjabSAD05-07-201604-07-2022
147Dhindsa, Sardar Sukhdev SinghPunjabSAD10-04-201609-04-2022
148Dullo, Shri Shamsher SinghPunjabINC10-04-201609-04-2022
149Gujral, Shri NareshPunjabSAD10-04-201609-04-2022
150Malik, Shri ShwaitPunjabBJP10-04-201609-04-2022
151Soni, Smt. AmbikaPunjabINC05-07-201604-07-2022
152Alphons, Shri K.J.RajasthanBJP10-11-201704-07-2022
153Dudi, Shri Ram NarainRajasthanBJP10-04-201409-04-2020
154Dungarpur, Shri Harshvardhan SinghRajasthanBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
155Goel, Shri VijayRajasthanBJP10-04-201409-04-2020
156Mathur, Shri Om PrakashRajasthanBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
157Meena, Dr. Kirodi LalRajasthanBJP04-04-201803-04-2024
158Panchariya, Shri Narayan LalRajasthanBJP10-04-201409-04-2020
159Singh, Dr. ManmohanRajasthanINC20-08-201903-04-2024
160Verma, Shri RamkumarRajasthanBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
161Yadav, Shri BhupenderRajasthanBJP04-04-201803-04-2024
162Lachungpa, Shri HisheySikkimSDF24-02-201823-02-2024
163Balasubramoniyan, Shri S.R.Tamil NaduAIADMK30-06-201629-06-2022
164Bharathi, Shri R.S.Tamil NaduDMK30-06-201629-06-2022
165Chandrasegharan, Shri N.Tamil NaduAIADMK25-07-201924-07-2025
166Elangovan, Shri T.K.S.Tamil NaduDMK30-06-201629-06-2022
167Mohammedjan, Shri A.Tamil NaduAIADMK25-07-201924-07-2025
168Muthukaruppan, Shri S.Tamil NaduAIADMK03-04-201402-04-2020
169Navaneethakrishnan, Shri A.Tamil NaduAIADMK30-06-201629-06-2022
170Ramadoss, Dr. AnbumaniTamil NaduPMK25-07-201924-07-2025
171Ramaswamy, Dr. Sasikala PushpaTamil NaduAIADMK03-04-201402-04-2020
172Rangarajan, Shri T.K.Tamil NaduCPI(M)03-04-201402-04-2020
173Selvaraj, Shri A. K.Tamil NaduAIADMK03-04-201402-04-2020
174Shanmugam, Shri M.Tamil NaduDMK25-07-201924-07-2025
175Siva, Shri TiruchiTamil NaduDMK03-04-201402-04-2020
176Vaiko, ShriTamil NaduMDMK25-07-201924-07-2025
177Vaithilingam, Shri R.Tamil NaduAIADMK30-06-201629-06-2022
178Vijayakumar, Shri A.Tamil NaduAIADMK30-06-201629-06-2022
179Vijila Sathyananth, Smt.Tamil NaduAIADMK03-04-201402-04-2020
180Wilson, Shri P.Tamil NaduDMK25-07-201924-07-2025
181Banda Prakash, Dr.TelanganaTRS03-04-201802-04-2024
182Joginipally Santosh Kumar, ShriTelanganaTRS03-04-201802-04-2024
183Rao, Shri Garikapati MohanTelanganaBJP02-06-201409-04-2020
184Rao, Dr. K.V.P. RamachandraTelanganaINC02-06-201409-04-2020
185Rao, Shri V. LakshmikanthaTelanganaTRS22-06-201621-06-2022
186Srinivas, Shri DharmapuriTelanganaTRS22-06-201621-06-2022
187Yadav, Shri B. LingaiahTelanganaTRS03-04-201802-04-2024
188Baidya, Smt. Jharna DasTripuraCPI(M)03-04-201602-04-2022
189Agrawal, Dr. AnilUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
190Ashok Siddharth, ShriUttar PradeshBSP05-07-201604-07-2022
191Bachchan, Smt. JayaUttar PradeshSP03-04-201802-04-2024
192Bajpai, Dr. AshokUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
193Jain, Dr. AnilUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
194Kardam, Smt. KantaUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
195Khan, Shri Javed AliUttar PradeshSP26-11-201425-11-2020
196Misra, Shri Satish ChandraUttar PradeshBSP05-07-201604-07-2022
197Nagar, Shri Surendra SinghUttar PradeshBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
198Nagar, Shri Surendra SinghUttar PradeshBJP16-09-201904-07-2022
199Nishad, Shri Vishambhar PrasadUttar PradeshSP05-07-201604-07-2022
200Punia, Shri P.L.Uttar PradeshINC26-11-201425-11-2020
201Puri, Shri Hardeep SinghUttar PradeshBJP08-01-201825-11-2020
202Rajaram, ShriUttar PradeshBSP26-11-201425-11-2020
203Rajbhar, Shri SakaldeepUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
204Rao, Shri G.V.L. NarasimhaUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
205Seth, Shri SanjayUttar PradeshBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
206Seth, Shri SanjayUttar PradeshBJP16-09-201904-07-2022
207Shekhar, Shri NeerajUttar PradeshBJP26-11-201425-11-2020
208Shekhar, Shri NeerajUttar PradeshBJP20-08-201925-11-2020
209Shukla, Shri Shiv PratapUttar PradeshBJP05-07-201604-07-2022
210Sibal, Shri KapilUttar PradeshINC05-07-201604-07-2022
211Singh, Shri AmarUttar PradeshIND.05-07-201604-07-2022
212Singh, Shri ArunUttar PradeshBJP06-12-201925-11-2020
213Singh, Shri Rewati RamanUttar PradeshSP05-07-201604-07-2022
214Singh, Shri VeerUttar PradeshBSP26-11-201425-11-2020
215Tomar, Shri Vijay Pal SinghUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
216Trivedi, Dr. SudhanshuUttar PradeshBJP09-10-201902-04-2024
217Verma, Shri Ravi PrakashUttar PradeshSP26-11-201425-11-2020
218Yadav, Dr. Chandrapal SinghUttar PradeshSP26-11-201425-11-2020
219Yadav, Shri Harnath SinghUttar PradeshBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
220Yadav, Prof. Ram GopalUttar PradeshSP26-11-201425-11-2020
221Yadav, Ch. Sukhram SinghUttar PradeshSP05-07-201604-07-2022
222Babbar, Shri RajUttarakhandINC14-03-201525-11-2020
223Baluni, Shri AnilUttarakhandBJP03-04-201802-04-2024
224Tamta, Shri PradeepUttarakhandINC05-07-201604-07-2022
225Banerjee, Shri RitabrataWest BengalIND.03-04-201402-04-2020
226Bhattacharya, Shri P.West BengalINC19-08-201718-08-2023
227Bhunia, Shri Manas RanjanWest BengalAITC19-08-201718-08-2023
228Biswas, Shri Abir RanjanWest BengalAITC03-04-201802-04-2024
229Chakraborty, Shri SubhasishWest BengalAITC03-04-201802-04-2024
230Chhetri, Smt. ShantaWest BengalAITC19-08-201718-08-2023
231Chowdhury, Prof. JogenWest BengalAITC03-04-201402-04-2020
232Gupta, Shri ManishWest BengalAITC14-03-201702-04-2020
233Haque, Shri Md. NadimulWest BengalAITC03-04-201802-04-2024
234Hassan, Shri AhamedWest BengalAITC03-04-201402-04-2020
235O' Brien, Shri DerekWest BengalAITC19-08-201718-08-2023
236Ray, Shri Sukhendu SekharWest BengalAITC19-08-201718-08-2023
237Sen, Ms. DolaWest BengalAITC19-08-201718-08-2023
238Sen, Dr. SantanuWest BengalAITC03-04-201802-04-2024
239Singh, Dr. Kanwar DeepWest BengalAITC03-04-201402-04-2020
240Singhvi, Dr. Abhishek ManuWest BengalINC03-04-201802-04-2024

Nominated Members of Rajya Sabha

S No.NameParty
1Ms.Anu AgaNominated
2Shri Sambhajiraje ChhatrapatiNominated
3Shri Swapan DasguptaNominated
4Dr. Narendra JadhavNominated
5Smt. M.C. Mary KomNominated
6Shri K.ParasaranNominated
8Shri Suresh GopiNominated
9Dr. Subramanian SwamyBJP
10Shri Sachin Ramesh TendulkarNominated
11Shri K.T.S.TulsiNominated

Last Updated on April 30, 2020