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Polling Booth in Darjeeling Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Darjeeling

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Darjeeling Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sirikhola Primary School788Singalila Forest
2Daragaon Junior High School851Singalila Forest
3Rammam Forest Primary School327Singalila Forest
4Rajavir Primary School617Rimbick
5Rimbick Junior Basic School953Rimbick
7Girimi Primary School929Rimbick
8Rimbick Higher Secondary School589Rimbick
9Namla Primary School517Namla
10Lingsebong Primary School701Lodhama
11Bhanu Juniior High School657Lodhama
12Lodhoma Primary School873Lodhama
13Phedikhola Primary School603Hatta
14Gairi Gaon Primary School590Hatta
15Dhotray Community Hall308Hatta
16Bara Hatta Primary School684Hatta
18Kankiabong Primary School740Kankibong
19Himalayan Primary School988Kankibong
20Ganjamoti Primary School820Jhepi
21Bhanu Primary School596Jhepi
22Jhepi Primary School589Jhepi
23Upper Samsu Primary School685Lambagao
24Lamagaon Primary School718Lambagao
25M.S.K Lamagaon371Lambagao
26Lower Relling Primary School838Relling
27Relling Junior High School419Relling
29Gurung Gaon Primary School834Relling
30Nehru Primary School456Kaijalia
31Kaijalia Junior Basic School594Kaijalia
33Co-Operative Godown Sirisay587Kaijalia
34Lower Lingten Primary School564Kaijalia
35Singbongdera Primary School829Singbhumdera
37Mazuwa Primary School956Mujuya
38Langurdang Primary School781Dangia
39Dangia Primary School482Dangia
40Vidhya Sagar Primary School Unit-I739Bijanbari
41Vidhya Sagar Primary School Unit Ii463Bijanbari
42Vidhyasagar Higher Secondary School900Bijanbari
43Chainpuray Primary School729Bijanbari
44Raja Ram Mohan Roy Junior High School1025Bijanbari
45Middle Samalbong Primary School665Samalbong
46Lungchakro Primary School482Bijanbari
47Sishu Siksha Kendra Gairi Gaon689Bijanbari
48Tumbayok Primary School765Goke
49Upper Kizome Primary School841Goke
50Ananden Primary School377Goke
51Kizom Junior Basic School968Goke
52Kolbung Primary School630Kolbong
53Sishu Siksha Kendra Kohm834Kolbong
54Upper Nezi Primary School703Kolbong
55Nezi Primary School623Kolbong
56Takbia Primary School946Goke
57Goke Junior Basic School831Goke
58Sishu Siksha Kendra Kamzer505Goke
59Karmatar Primary School717Goke
60Singla Bazar Primary School839Goke
61Lower Chongtong Primary School788Chongtong Tea Garden (CT)
62Chorus Rural Library Chongtong734Chongtong Tea Garden (CT)
63Chongtong T.E Primary School1006Chongtong Tea Garden (CT)
65Chongtong 86 Division Primary School951Chongtong Tea Garden (CT)
66Chongtong High School (Sallabari)337Chongtong Tea Garden (CT)
67Lizahill T.E Primary School562Lijahil Tea Garden (CT)
68Upper Lizahill Primary School695Lijahil Tea Garden (CT)
69Rishihat Khasmahal Primary School619Rishihat Bloomfield
70Rishihat T.E High School1069Rishihat Tea Garden
72Orange Valley Primary School322Bloomfield Tea Garden
73Barbotia Junior Basic School611Bloomfield Tea Garden
74Lower Bloomfield T.E Primary School567Bloomfield Tea Garden
75Bloomfield T.E Crest House613Bloomfield Tea Garden
76Bloomfield Primary School1045Bloomfield Tea Garden
77Arya T.E Primary School988Arya Tea Garden
78Lower Rajbari Primary School359Darjiling (P)
79Bhaktay Busty Community Hall399Darjiling (P)
80Deepak Basic School995Darjiling (P)
81Steinthal T.E Primary School408Darjiling (P)
82Happy Valley Ration Godown1052Happy Valley Tea Garden
83Divya Jyoti Samaj Ghar811Soom Tea Garden
84I.C.D.S Centre Milan Busty681Soom Tea Garden
85Himali Gaon Gram Sudhar Samiti512Soom Tea Garden
86Singtom T.E Primary School672Soom Tea Garden
87Singtom High School598Soom Tea Garden
88Jagriti Samaj Mota Dhura512Soom Tea Garden
89Nawa Jyoti Club Gopal Dhura367Soom Tea Garden
90Soom T.E Primary School (Second Division)801Soom Tea Garden
91Soom T.E Primary School (First Division)691Soom Tea Garden
92Soom T.E First Division Community Hall580Soom Tea Garden
93Sahid Krishna Sharma Primary School464Soom Tea Garden
94Subash Primary School876Labn Tea Garden
95Patlaybash Community Hall378Labn Tea Garden
96Shanti Parvat Community Hall711Labn Tea Garden
97Vah-Tukver Primary School1046Bhatakbar Chiabari
98Khalingdhura Primary School574Bhatakbar Chiabari
99Tukver Primary School497Tukvar Tea Garden
100Betten High School (Tukver)696Tukvar Tea Garden
101Jyoti Primary School624Tukvar Tea Garden
102Uday Primary School Tukver478Tukvar Tea Garden
104Tukver Third Division T.E Office677Tukvar Tea Garden
105Barnesbeg T.E Primary School662Barnesbeg Tea Garden
107Chiyabari Primary School1026Singla Tea Garden
108Singla Primary School755Singla Tea Garden
110Badamtam Primary School486Badamtam Tea Garden (CT)
112Badamtam Junior High School972Badamtam Tea Garden (CT)
114Lamas Primary School (Badamtam)1004Badamtam Tea Garden (CT)
115Sahid Rajesh Club291Badamtam Tea Garden (CT)
116Phoobsering T.E Primary School519Phubsering Tea Garden
117Phoobsering Chiya Bagan Mata Deolakshi Bhawan547Phubsering Tea Garden
118Amar Ratna Bhawan (Phoobsering)872Phubsering Tea Garden
119Milan Primary School (Upper Phoobsering)412Phubsering Tea Garden
120Rangneet T.E Primary School333Rungneet Tea Garden
121Rangneet Community Hall623Rungneet Tea Garden
122Lebong Junior High School682Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
123Harsing Sewa Samiti Primary School675Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
124Radha Krishna Primary School669Ging Tea Garden (CT)
126Pragatisil Gyanoday Primary School822Ging Tea Garden (CT)
127Kafeybari Primary School848Ging Tea Garden (CT)
128Bannock Burn T.E Primary School744Banockburn Tea Garden
129Shivalaya Primary School567Banockburn Tea Garden
130Harsingh Hatta Junior High School895Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
131Achchha Rai Rashik Primary School418Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
132Naya Busty Junior High School523Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
133Dabaipani Bhotay Busty Primary School456Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
134Mineral Spring Primary School658Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
135Yankhu Sishu Siksha Kendra443Leban Mineral Sinpro Tea Garden
136Lower Aloobari Primary School423Alubari Tea Garden
138Uday Library (Pandam)683Pandam Tea Garden
140Agam Singh Giri Primary School565Pandam Tea Garden
141Sahid Pramila Sharma Smriti Community Hall488Pandam Tea Garden
142Pandam T.E Primary School646Pandam Tea Garden
144Ging Gramin Library696Darjiling (M)
145Cantonment Primary School819Darjiling (M)
147Y.M.B.A School618Darjiling (M)
149Vidhya Vikash Academy761Darjiling (M)
150St. Josephs College950Darjiling (M)
153Singamari Boys Primary School709Darjiling (M)
155Darjeeling Government College457Darjiling (M)
157St. Teresas Girls Higher Secondary School863Darjiling (M)
160Swami Vivekananda Primary School637Darjiling (M)
161Deshbandhu District Library Darjeeling532Darjiling (M)
162South Field College906Darjiling (M)
163Mahatma Gandhi High School584Darjiling (M)
164Jawahar Busty Community Hall475Darjiling (M)
167Toong Soong Primary School768Darjiling (M)
169Junior B.T. College589Darjiling (M)
171Ram Krishna Senior B.T. College765Darjiling (M)
173Nepali Girls Social Service Centre918Darjiling (M)
176Nepali Girls Higher Secondary School883Darjiling (M)
178Municipal Girls High School910Darjiling (M)
179Municipal Boys High School684Darjiling (M)
180Amdo Kidu Community Hall786Darjiling (M)
181District Information Centre586Darjiling (M)
182St. Roberts Higher Secondary School890Darjiling (M)
184A.R.C.S Office785Darjiling (M)
185Marwari Sahayak Samiti Bhawan681Darjiling (M)
187Darjeeling Hindi High School773Darjiling (M)
189Anjuman Islamia Girls Primary School570Darjiling (M)
191Chandmari Community Hall962Darjiling (M)
192Botanical Garden Office783Darjiling (M)
193Pragati Ward No.13 Primary School888Darjiling (M)
194Mangal Puri Primary School678Darjiling (M)
195Mangalpuri Community Hall776Darjiling (M)
196Food & Craft Institute Darjeeling657Darjiling (M)
197Harimohan Hall762Darjiling (M)
198Maharani Girls Higher Secondary School839Darjiling (M)
200Koseli Sangh Community Hall692Darjiling (M)
201Amar Pathsala564Darjiling (M)
203Uday Sewa Sangh Bhawan692Darjiling (M)
205Milan Sangh Primary School550Darjiling (M)
207Merry Villa Community Hall551Darjiling (M)
208Gorkha Primary School639Darjiling (M)
212Bloomfield Junior High School467Darjiling (M)
214Aloobari Primary School628Darjiling (M)
216Batasia Uday Balbadi Primary School808Darjiling (M)
217Batasia Bikash Samiti1003Darjiling (M)
218Ghoom Boys H.S School694Darjiling (M)
221Ghoom Boys Primary School445Darjiling (M)
223Jorebunglow Community Hall1054Darjiling (M)
225Ghoom Girls Higher Secondary School939Darjiling (M)
228Ghoom Bhanjyang Community Hall484Jore Bunglow
229Ghoom Bhanjyang Primary School787Jore Bunglow
230Minju Primary School912Pushimadan Tea Garden
231Pussimbing T.E Primary School939Pushimadan Tea Garden
232Kothi Dhura Primary School281Pushimadan Tea Garden
235Tumsong Busty Primary School477Tumsong Khasmahal
236Marybong T.E Primary School898Mariabongbugao
238Marybong High School557Mariabongbugao
239Salu Primary School496Mariabongbugao
240Pembong Division Primary School615Lingia
241Tumsung T.E Primary School686Tumsong
242Holy Flower Academy603Tumsong
243Mim T.E Primary School603Mim Chia Garden
244Thapadhura Primary School610Mim Chia Garden
245Permaguri Ramji Junior Basic School431Tumsong Chia Garden
246Mim Busty S.S.K Centre179Parmaguri Khasmahal (CT)
247Ranadara Primary School378Tumsong Chia Garden
248Balasun Bhanjyang Forest Village Primary School445Fubong Chia Garden
249Chettri Gaon Primary School420Fubong Chia Garden
250Pubong T.E Primary School693Fuldongdudong Chia Garden
251Plungdung Junior Basic School925Fuldongdudong Khasmahal
252Lepcha Gaon Primary School450Fuldongdudong Khasmahal
253Balasun Primary School604Fuldongdudong Khasmahal
254Navin Primary School472FuldongdudongKhasmahal
255Sukhia Pokhri Higher Secondary School650Sukhia
257Yuwak Sangh Primary School692Sukhia
258Saint Charles English School589Sukhia
259Sukhia Pokhri Girls Primary School524Sukhia
260Sukhiapokhri Boys Primary School647Sukhia
261R.C Mission Junior Basic School670Sukhia
262Ribs English School611Sukhia
263Khopidara Forest Community Hall223Sukhia
264Group Forest Community Hall128Sukhia
265Simana Junior Basic School444Simana
266Rangbhang Tarsing Dara Primary School600Radongbhang
268Dewkota Primary School457Simana
269Rangbhang Tiffin Dara Junior Basic School626Radongbhang
2705 Mile Junior High School559Radongbhang
271Seeyok T.E Primary School846Seyok Chia Garden
272Bhasmay Seeyok T.E Gorkha Primary School761Seyok Chia Garden
273Saint Dominic Savio English School783Gopal Dhara
274Gopaldhara Primary School807Gopal Dhara
275Chamung T.E Primary School384Chamu Chia Garden
277Goath Gaon Primary School887Chamu Chia Garden
278Pokhriabong Busty Primary School961Pokribong Khasmahal
279Selimbong T.E Primary School751Soolbongs Tea Garden
281Pokhriabong High School558Pokriwabn
282Pokhriabong Bazar Community Hall799Pokhriwabn
283Turzum Primary School1011Tarzun Tea Garden
285Sumripani T.E Primary School771Samrik Tea Garden (Simripani)
286Arabinda Primary School495Samrik Tea Garden (Simripani)
287Raniban Primary School Sungma745Sagmaru Tea Garden (Sungma)
289Avongrove T.E Primary School (Upper Division)1007Molatey Tea Garden (Aveneroge)
290Ratnamaya Junior Basic School749Molatey Tea Garden (Aveneroge)
291Darigaon Saligram Primary School921Mangarjung Tea Garden (Nagri) (CT)
292Indira Ojha High School698Mangarjung Tea Garden (Nagri) (CT)
293Beech Gaon S.S.K720Mangarjung Tea Garden (Nagri) (CT)
294Magarjung Bhasmay Primary School821Mangarjung Tea Garden (Nagri) (CT)
295Magarjung Sankhaman Gaon S.S.K544Mangarjung Tea Garden (Nagri) (CT)
296Dhajea T.E Raniban S.S.K1017Dhajea Khasmahal
297Nagri Farm T.E Primary School1006Nagri Firm Tea Garden
299Maney Dara Primary School749Nagri Firm Tea Garden
301Dhajea Busty M.S.K758Dhajea Khasmahal
302Dhajea T.E No.9 Primary School460Dhajea Khasmahal
303Jorebunglow Khasmahal Forest Office998Jore Bunglow
304Rangaroon T.E Primary School576Rangaroong
305Tankey Forest Busty Community Hall541Senchal Forest
306Rangbull Junior Basic School956Hill Cart Road
307Rangbull Gorkha Busty Primary School498Rangbul
308Rangbull Junior High School772Hill Cart Road
309Bangladara Community Hall838Hill Cart Road
310Saraswati Primary School763Dooteria Tea Garden
311Dhooteriah T.E Primary School968Dooteria Tea Garden
312Upper Kalejvalley Primary School883College Valley Tea Garden
313Lower Kalejvalley Primary School612College Valley Tea Garden
314Bal Bidhya Mandir Primary School485College Valley Tea Garden
315Upper Toong Soong T.E Primary School Unit - 1565Dooteria Tea Garden
316Lower Toong T.E Primary School Unit 2617Dooteria Tea Garden
317Balasun Dhooteriah Primary School798Dooteria Tea Garden

Last Updated on May 27, 2020