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Nizamabad General(Lok Sabha) Election Results 2019 Update

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One of the 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in Telangana, Nizamabad has been a Congress stronghold since its formation in 1957. The total number of electorates in the Nizamabad Lok Sabha Constituency (constituency number 4) according to Election Commission of India 2009 reports are 1,333,271 of which 620,331 are males and 712,940 are females. That said, Gaddam Ganga Reddy of the Telegu Desam Party was also elected as MP twice. It is located within the geographic boundaries of the Nizamabad. With a population of 2,552,073, as per 2011 records, this district is one of the least populated district. Also known as Induru, the district of Nizamabad is a gateway for the Godavari River to enter the state and make its lands fertile. Some of the major irrigation projects in this district are Nizam Sagar, Ali Sagar Lift Irrigation, Pocharam, and Sri Ram Sagar. However, the district of Nizamabad has been recognised as one of the economically- deprived districts, and thus receives regular funds from the central government. Seven Vidhan Sabha segments comprise this Lok Sabha constituency of Nizamabad.

Nizamabad Lok Sabha Election Results 2019

CandidatePartyEVM VotesMigrant VotesPostal VotesTotal Votes% of VotesStatus
Arvind DharmapuriBharatiya Janata Party479748083648058445.22Winner
Kalvakuntla KavithaTelangana Rashtra Samithi409481022840970938.551st Runner-up
Madhu Goud YaskhiIndian National Congress69173067692406.522nd Runner-up
Ippa LachannaIndependent60960060960.573rd Runner-up
Asli GaneshIndependent26480026480.254th Runner-up
Nomula Gopal ReddyIndependent25920025920.245th Runner-up
Nemilla Linga ReddyIndependent25630025630.246th Runner-up
Katipelly RameshIndependent25350025350.247th Runner-up
Thota SrinivasIndependent24670024670.238th Runner-up
Turpu Pedda GangaramIndependent21720021720.29th Runner-up
Kondhapuram NarsaiahIndependent20890020890.210th Runner-up
NOTANone Of The Above20290220310.1911th Runner-up
Bathnathe ShankarJanasena Party20190420230.1912th Runner-up
Bandi RavindharIndependent17010017010.1613th Runner-up
Urumalla Laxma ReddyIndependent16730016730.1614th Runner-up
Akula HanmandluIndependent16100016100.1515th Runner-up
Narsaiah AkkagariIndependent16030016030.1516th Runner-up
Katipelly KumarIndependent14390014390.1417th Runner-up
Enugu ShankerIndependent13640113650.1318th Runner-up
Nomula Mohan ReddyIndependent13640013640.1319th Runner-up
Sunkari RajkumarIndependent12570012570.1220th Runner-up
Loka SubhashIndependent12460012460.1221th Runner-up
Anjaiah KondaniPyramid Party Of India12290012290.1222th Runner-up
Aleti RajareddyIndependent11890011890.1123th Runner-up
N. Omkar ReddyIndependent11420011420.1124th Runner-up
Armoor SagarIndependent10920010920.125th Runner-up
Neeradi PraveenIndependent10570010570.126th Runner-up
Adamala Ravindhar ReddyIndependent10350010350.127th Runner-up
G. C. GangareddyIndependent936009360.0928th Runner-up
Turaga NarsareddyIndependent920009200.0929th Runner-up
Baddam Indrasena ReddyIndependent891008910.0830th Runner-up
Gadkole RameshIndependent878008780.0831th Runner-up
Pundra Srinivas ReddyIndependent863008630.0832th Runner-up
Mohd. JameelIndependent851018520.0833th Runner-up
Are SayannaIndependent851008510.0834th Runner-up
Nalimela MahenderIndependent847008470.0835th Runner-up
K. Ganga ReddyIndependent844008440.0836th Runner-up
Sunketa RaviIndependent836008360.0837th Runner-up
Bhandela Venkata RajamIndependent834008340.0838th Runner-up
Chinthalapelly MohanIndependent797007970.0739th Runner-up
PrasanthIndependent781007810.0740th Runner-up
Maggidi Katipelly RajeshIndependent778007780.0741th Runner-up
S. SagarBahujan Mukti Party754037570.0742th Runner-up
Ayileni Vikram ReddyIndependent734007340.0743th Runner-up
Mamidi Thirupathi ReddyIndependent725007250.0744th Runner-up
E. Sai ReddyIndependent720007200.0745th Runner-up
G. RameshIndependent718007180.0746th Runner-up
Tummala NaveenIndependent710007100.0747th Runner-up
Medipelly Shekar ReddyIndependent703007030.0748th Runner-up
Lingapuram BhumeshwarIndependent698006980.0749th Runner-up
Chinthalapelly Raghupathi ReddyIndependent676006760.0650th Runner-up
Nagulapally DevendarIndependent665006650.0651th Runner-up
Alluri Limba ReddyIndependent662006620.0652th Runner-up
Nalla Nadpi MuthannaIndependent652006520.0653th Runner-up
Laxman GannaIndependent627006270.0654th Runner-up
Kamareddy SantoshIndependent625006250.0655th Runner-up
Pruthviraj GadepalliIndependent616006160.0656th Runner-up
Chinnaiah MukkeraIndependent560005600.0557th Runner-up
Mekkonda RamreddyIndependent553005530.0558th Runner-up
Thorthi Ganga ReddyIndependent548005480.0559th Runner-up
Gaddam RajeshwarIndependent536005360.0560th Runner-up
J. Chinna ReddyIndependent512005120.0561th Runner-up
A. Mahipal ReddyIndependent497004970.0562th Runner-up
Rotte Chakradhar SharmaSamajwadi Forward Bloc495004950.0563th Runner-up
Kanaka PramodIndependent494004940.0564th Runner-up
Theegala Ashok ReddyIndependent489004890.0565th Runner-up
Rikkala RajareddyIndependent479004790.0566th Runner-up
Rapelly SrinivasIndependent468004680.0467th Runner-up
Bakkasetty GangadharIndependent467004670.0468th Runner-up
P. Ganga ReddyIndependent459004590.0469th Runner-up
Gangasaram Raja ReddyIndependent458004580.0470th Runner-up
Byagari ShanthaiahIndependent441004410.0471th Runner-up
Padigela PraveenIndependent438004380.0472th Runner-up
Nalla BalakishanIndependent431004310.0473th Runner-up
Pannala Narsa ReddyIndependent429004290.0474th Runner-up
Y. RajithaIndependent426004260.0475th Runner-up
A. GangadharIndependent422004220.0476th Runner-up
Nadisharam MallaiahIndependent418004180.0477th Runner-up
Alloori Anil KumarIndependent416004160.0478th Runner-up
Theegala Tirupathi ReddyIndependent399003990.0479th Runner-up
Penta NarsaiahIndependent388003880.0480th Runner-up
Santha LingareddyIndependent387003870.0481th Runner-up
Eleti Mohan ReddyIndependent366003660.0382th Runner-up
Anugu ThirumalIndependent366003660.0383th Runner-up
Sama Swami ReddyIndependent365003650.0384th Runner-up
P. LimbareddyIndependent361003610.0385th Runner-up
M. GangareddyIndependent353003530.0386th Runner-up
R. GangareddyIndependent352003520.0387th Runner-up
A. KarthikIndependent351003510.0388th Runner-up
Theetla AnilIndependent351003510.0389th Runner-up
K. DivakarIndependent338003380.0390th Runner-up
Eleti Laxma ReddyIndependent337003370.0391th Runner-up
Prathap MacharlaIndependent335003350.0392th Runner-up
Kandukala Shiva Kumar GoudIndependent329003290.0393th Runner-up
AnjaiahIndependent325003250.0394th Runner-up
G. NarsaiahIndependent325003250.0395th Runner-up
Ganga Reddy MIndependent318003180.0396th Runner-up
Somidi LimbaiahIndependent315003150.0397th Runner-up
Maggidi NarsaiahIndependent314003140.0398th Runner-up
Dabba Raja ReddyIndependent312003120.0399th Runner-up
M. PrakashIndependent312003120.03100th Runner-up
Baddam AshokIndependent296002960.03101th Runner-up
G. SujithIndependent293002930.03102th Runner-up
Puppala HanmandluIndependent291002910.03103th Runner-up
Kumbala Sanjeeva ReddyIndependent285012860.03104th Runner-up
Thirupathi Reddy PannalaIndependent282022840.03105th Runner-up
N. GangaramIndependent281002810.03106th Runner-up
Baddam SureshIndependent280002800.03107th Runner-up
G. BorrannaIndependent279002790.03108th Runner-up
Natta BhavannaIndependent266002660.03109th Runner-up
S. RajashekarIndependent265002650.02110th Runner-up
Talari SumanIndependent258002580.02111th Runner-up
Gaddam ThirupathiIndependent257002570.02112th Runner-up
Chinthalapelly Ganga ReddyIndependent255002550.02113th Runner-up
Goskula Mahesh BabuIndependent254002540.02114th Runner-up
Eleti Sanjeev ReddyIndependent250002500.02115th Runner-up
Puttinti Sai ReddyIndependent249002490.02116th Runner-up
Rayidi MaheshIndependent246002460.02117th Runner-up
Eleti Malla ReddyIndependent243002430.02118th Runner-up
Musku RajeshwarIndependent242002420.02119th Runner-up
Kunta Narayana ReddyIndependent241002410.02120th Runner-up
Enugu RajeshwerIndependent238002380.02121th Runner-up
A. PoshettyIndependent235012360.02122th Runner-up
Enugu MalleshIndependent233002330.02123th Runner-up
Pedda Gangadhar TalariIndependent228002280.02124th Runner-up
Theegala RajeshwarIndependent215002150.02125th Runner-up
Devanna PindiIndependent213002130.02126th Runner-up
M. Jeevan ReddyIndependent212002120.02127th Runner-up
Doddi Kindi LingareddyIndependent211002110.02128th Runner-up
Kola VenkateshIndependent209002090.02129th Runner-up
Soma SrinivasIndependent206002060.02130th Runner-up
G. VijayIndependent204002040.02131th Runner-up
Gajjala Sai PrasadIndependent203002030.02132th Runner-up
Maru JanardhanIndependent201002010.02133th Runner-up
Kottala MahendherIndependent199001990.02134th Runner-up
Venkat Reddy JaidiIndependent199001990.02135th Runner-up
Suman MaggidiIndependent196001960.02136th Runner-up
S. Ramesh ReddyIndependent192001920.02137th Runner-up
Baddam DevendarIndependent189001890.02138th Runner-up
Mamidi Rajashekar ReddyIndependent186001860.02139th Runner-up
Raja Venkat Reddy PashapuIndependent186001860.02140th Runner-up
Chilkuri GangannaIndependent184001840.02141th Runner-up
Kommula Buchi ReddyIndependent183001830.02142th Runner-up
Sandi Reddy Gopal ReddyIndependent183001830.02143th Runner-up
Baddam Srinivasa ReddyIndependent180001800.02144th Runner-up
SantoshIndependent176001760.02145th Runner-up
Gundeti SrinivasIndependent175001750.02146th Runner-up
Gaddam GangareddyIndependent173001730.02147th Runner-up
Tankasala VinayIndependent170001700.02148th Runner-up
Guradi SrinivasIndependent167001670.02149th Runner-up
N. MallareddyIndependent166001660.02150th Runner-up
Bai SayannaIndependent165001650.02151th Runner-up
K. Ram RajIndependent161001610.02152th Runner-up
Muthenna LakkaraIndependent159001590.01153th Runner-up
Pothuganti VenkateshIndependent156001560.01154th Runner-up
Jaidi Chinna GangaramIndependent153001530.01155th Runner-up
Baddam GangadharIndependent153001530.01156th Runner-up
Gujjula RameshIndependent150001500.01157th Runner-up
Madhu ButtiIndependent149001490.01158th Runner-up
Mamidi Chinna ReddyIndependent149001490.01159th Runner-up
M. Malla ReddyIndependent146001460.01160th Runner-up
B. SrinivasIndependent142001420.01161th Runner-up
Sama Bhasker ReddyIndependent142001420.01162th Runner-up
Sama ThirupathiIndependent140001400.01163th Runner-up
Bodugam NarendarIndependent138001380.01164th Runner-up
Barla SanthoshIndependent135001350.01165th Runner-up
Kongari SanjeevIndependent133001330.01166th Runner-up
Sanjeeva Reddy GaddamIndependent129001290.01167th Runner-up
Gaddam MohanIndependent128001280.01168th Runner-up
Mittapelli MallaiahIndependent126001260.01169th Runner-up
Suresh BasaIndependent126001260.01170th Runner-up
Gaddam PurushothamIndependent125001250.01171th Runner-up
Bejjenki Linga ReddyIndependent123001230.01172th Runner-up
Ravi Shanker KuntaIndependent123001230.01173th Runner-up
Raju SomireddyIndependent118001180.01174th Runner-up
Gaddam RajendharreddyIndependent115001150.01175th Runner-up
Balije Laxmi RajamIndependent114001140.01176th Runner-up
SumanIndependent114001140.01177th Runner-up
Velma Malla ReddyIndependent112001120.01178th Runner-up
Mahendhar MuskuIndependent110001100.01179th Runner-up
D. Mutha ReddyIndependent109001090.01180th Runner-up
P. RajendharIndependent109001090.01181th Runner-up
M. ShekarIndependent108001080.01182th Runner-up
RajannaIndependent107001070.01183th Runner-up
B. Bala RajuIndependent106001060.01184th Runner-up
Surakanta Raja ReddyIndependent8400840.01185th Runner-up

List of winner/current and runner up MPs Nizamabad Parliamentary Constituency.

The table below represents the names of all the winning and runner up MPs of Nizamabad parliamentary constituency of all the years from the starting until now . It also shows the number of votes secured by each MP and the name of the political party they belong to. The current sitting member of parliament of the Nizamabad constituency is Kalvakuntla Kavitha of TRS.

Year PC No. PC Name Category WinnerGenderPartyVoteRunner UpGenderPartyVote
20144NizamabadGENKalvakuntla KavithaFTRS439307Madhu Yaskhi GoudMINC272123
20094NizamabadGENYaskhi,Shri Madhu Goud MINC296504Bigala Ganesh GuptaMTRS236114
200434NizamabadGENMadhu Goud YaskhiMINC442142Syed Yousuf AliMTDP304271
199934NizamabadGENGanga Reddy GaddamMTDP373260S.Santosh ReddyMINC369824
199834NizamabadGENGangareddy GaddamMTDP281851Atmacharan Reddy GaddamMBJP249095
199634NizamabadGENAtmacharan ReddyMINC293244Mandawa Venkateshwara RaoMTDP249645
199134NizamabadGENGaddam Ganga ReddyMTDP257297T. Aduri Bala GoudMINC188949
198934NizamabadGENTaduri Bala GoudMINC294340P.Srinivas ReddyMTDP270241
198434NizamabadGENTadur Bala GoudMINC251172M. Narayan ReddyMTDP248725
198034NizamabadGENM. Ramgopal ReddyMINC(I)248283K. M. KhanMJNP47968
197734NizamabadGENMudaganti Ram Gopal ReddyMINC252291GangareddyMBLD92898
197134NizamabadGENRam Gopal Reddy M.MINC155323Ananth Reddy K. MTPS95586
196734NizamabadGENM.N. ReddyMIND149632H.C. HedaMINC79387
196235NizamabadGENH.C. HedaMINC106570M. Narayana ReddyMIND79550
195729NizamabadGENHarish Chandra HedaMINC110646G. Raja Ram MIND73117

*PC = Parliamentary Constituency

Facts about current sitting MP of Nizamabad Constituency

Name of MP Smt. Kavitha Kalvakuntla
Age 40
Nature of Membership Elected
Term May, 2014 to In office
Political Party Telangana Rashtra Samithi
Gender Female
Educational Qualification B.Tech.
Activities of Smt. Kavitha Kalvakuntla in 16th Lok Sabha
Debates participated 39
Private member bills passed 3
Questions asked 241
Attendance N/A

Note:Data corresponds to the period 1 June 2014 to 13 Feb 2018.

List of Assembly Constituencies in Nizamabad Parliamentary Constituency

The table below shows the list of all the Assembly Constituencies that fall in Nizamabad parliamentary constituency.

Names of Assembly Constituencies
ArmurBodhanNizamabad (Urban)
Nizamabad (Rural)BalkondaKoratla

Last Updated on July 9, 2019