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Polling Station List Nizamabad Urban Assembly Constituency 2018

List of Polling Stations in Nizamabad Urban

Mandal / Tehsil NamePS No.Polling Station Name
Nizamabad_North1S R School, R.No.1, Gangasthan
Nizamabad_North2S R School, R.No.2, Gangasthan
Nizamabad_North3Community Hall, Gangasthan
Nizamabad_North4Banjara Community Hall
Nizamabad_North5GPS, Indira Priya Dharshini Colony, R.No.1
Nizamabad_North6GPS, Indira Priya Dharshini Colony, R.No.2
Nizamabad_North7S R School, R.No.3, Gangasthan
Nizamabad_North8S R School, R.No.4, Gangasthan
Nizamabad_North9CSI Degree College, Mission Compound, R.No.1
Nizamabad_North10CSI Degree College, Mission Compound, R.No.2
Nizamabad_North11Govt. High School, Kummargally, 10th class Room
Nizamabad_North12Govt. High School, Kummargally, 9th class Room
Nizamabad_North13Govt. Primary School, Chandra Shekar Colony, R.No.
Nizamabad_North14Govt. Primary School, Chandra Shekar Colony, RNo.2
Nizamabad_North15Govt. High School, Kummargally, 8th class Room
Nizamabad_North16Govt. High School, Kummargally, 7th class Room
Nizamabad_North17Govt. High School, Kummargally, 6th class Room
Nizamabad_North18Govt. Polytechnic (Boys) LH-102 Class Room
Nizamabad_North19Govt. Upper Primary School, Pamula Basti
Nizamabad_North20CSI Degree College, Mission Compound, R.No.3
Nizamabad_North21CSI Degree College, Mission Compound, R.No.4
Nizamabad_North22GHS, Police Line 10th Class (T/M) Room, West Wing
Nizamabad_North23GPS, Police Line Room No.2, North Wing
Nizamabad_North24MPDO Office Meeting Hall Back Side, South Wing Roo
Nizamabad_North25MPDO Office Back EGS Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North26GHS, Police Line 9th Class (T/M) Room, West Wing
Nizamabad_North27GHS, Police Line 7th Class (T/M) Room, East Wing
Nizamabad_North28MPDO Office Meeting Hall
Nizamabad_North29Kakatiya High School, Room No.1, Pragathi Nagar
Nizamabad_North30S.S.R. Junior College Meeting Hall North Wing
Nizamabad_North31Joint Director Agriculture Office, A.O. Technical
Nizamabad_North32Modern Public School Room No.1, South Wing
Nizamabad_North33Bapuji Vachanalayam Paper Reading Section Room
Nizamabad_North34AMC Office, Mirchi Compound Farmers shed, EW
Nizamabad_South35G.H.S. (G) Entrance Righ Side East Wing Room
Nizamabad_South36G.H.S. (G) Entrance Left Side East Wing Room
Nizamabad_South37Govt. High School (Girls) New Building Room No.1
Nizamabad_South38Pusala Sangam (Balaji Bhavan), Jawahar Road, Pusal
Nizamabad_South39Govt. High School (Girls) New Building Room No.2
Nizamabad_South40Govt. High School (Shanker Bhavan) 10th Class (T/M
Nizamabad_South41Govt. High School (Shanker Bhavan) 8th Class (E/M)
Nizamabad_South42Govt. Primary School (Shanker Bhavan) 5th Class Rm
Nizamabad_South43Govt. Primary School (Shanker Bhavan) 4th Class
Nizamabad_South44Govt. Primary School (Shanker Bhavan) 2nd Class
Nizamabad_South45Gayathri Vidyalayam, Kotagally
Nizamabad_South46Gandla Yuvajana Sangam, Gole Hanuman, Sirnapally G
Nizamabad_South47Gangaputhra Sangam, Boyigally
Nizamabad_South48Modern Public School Room No.8, East Wing
Nizamabad_South49Asst. Engineer Office, Zone-II, MCN Corporation, N
Nizamabad_North50The Nizamabad Co-operative Central Bank, Gole Hanu
Nizamabad_North51Modern Public School Room No.6
Nizamabad_North52S.S.R. Junior College Office, Room No.2 North Wing
Nizamabad_North53Govt. UPS, Pochammagally, Phulong, East Wing
Nizamabad_North54Govt. UPS, Pochammagally, Phulong, West Wing
Nizamabad_South55VROs Office, Sirnapally Gadi
Nizamabad_South56PACS Ltd., Jandagally Office Room
Nizamabad_South57PACS Ltd., Jandagally Room No.1
Nizamabad_South58Vishwashanti Girls Jr. College, East Wing,Staff Rm
Nizamabad_South59Vishwashanti Girls Jr. College, Westt Wing, Beside
Nizamabad_South60Star World High School, Yadagiri Bagh
Nizamabad_North61Kakatiya High School, Room No.2, Pragathi nagar
Nizamabad_North62Abhyasa School, Vinayak Naga
Nizamabad_North63Narayana Jr. College
Nizamabad_North64Govt. Upper Primay School 7th Class Room
Nizamabad_North65Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Nikethan East Wing
Nizamabad_North66Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Nikethan North Wing R.1
Nizamabad_North67Govt. Upper Primay School 6th Class Room
Nizamabad_North68Vishwa Bharathi Vidya Nikethan North Wing R.2
Nizamabad_North69Vasavi High School DIGI Room.1 North Wing
Nizamabad_South70I.P.S. School, Room No.1, Vinayak Nagar
Nizamabad_South71I.P.S. School, Room No.2, Vinayak Nagar
Nizamabad_North72Vasavi High School DIGI Room.2 North Wing
Nizamabad_North73Vasavi High School II+ Room North Wing
Nizamabad_North74Govt. Upper Primay School 5th Class Room
Nizamabad_South75Patashala High School, Vinayak Nagar
Nizamabad_South76Vishwashanti High School, East Wing, Room No.3
Nizamabad_South77Vishwashanti High School, East Wing, Room No.4
Nizamabad_South78Chaithanya High School Staff Room, West Wing
Nizamabad_South79Chaithanya High School North Wing Class Room
Nizamabad_South80Vishwa Vikas High School,R.1, Gayathri Nagar
Nizamabad_South81Rotary Club, Rotary Nagar
Nizamabad_South82Govt. Primary School (Shanker Bhavan) 1st Class Ro
Nizamabad_South83Nalanda High School, R.1, Vivekananda Nagar
Nizamabad_South84Nalanda High School, R.2, Vivekananda Nagar
Nizamabad_South85Vishwa Vikas High School, R.2,Gayathri nagar
Nizamabad_South86Vishwa Vikas School, R.3,Gayathri Nagar
Nizamabad_South87Govt. Primary School (T/M), Nagaram North Wing
Nizamabad_South88Govt. Primary School (T/M), Nagaram West Wing
Nizamabad_South89Govt Upper Primary School, Nagaram
Nizamabad_South90Govt Upper Primary School (U/M), Drivers Colony
Nizamabad_South91Govt Upper Primary School (U/M), Drivers Colony
Nizamabad_South92Govt High School,Rm.9, Khaleelwadi, 300 Qrts
Nizamabad_South93Govt High School,Rm.10, Khaleelwadi, 300 Qrts
Nizamabad_South94Govt Primary School, Jandagally
Nizamabad_South95Govt. Junior College (Boys), Room No.19
Nizamabad_South96Govt Upper Primary School, Indrapur
Nizamabad_South97Govt. Junior College (Boys), Nizamabad Room No.10
Nizamabad_South98Govt. Junior College (Boys), Nizamabad Staff Room
Nizamabad_South99Govt. Junior College (Boys), Nizamabad Hall
Nizamabad_South100Govt. ITI (Boys), Shivaji Nagar Room No.1
Nizamabad_South101Govt. ITI (Boys), Shivaji Nagar Room No.3
Nizamabad_South102Govt. ITI (Girls), Shivaji Nagar Room No.14
Nizamabad_South103Govt. ITI (Girls), Shivaji Nagar Room No.20
Nizamabad_South104Govt. ITI (Girls), Shivaji Nagar Room No.24
Nizamabad_South105Sri Nuthana Vysya Patashala (Manik Bhavan) Assembl
Nizamabad_South106Sri Nuthana Vysya Patashala (Manik Bhavan) 10th Cl
Nizamabad_South107Govt. Primary School (U/M), Water Tank, Bada Bazar
Nizamabad_South108Govt. Primary School (U/M), Water Tank, Bada Bazar
Nizamabad_South109Govt. ITI (Boys), Shivaji Nagar Room No.6
Nizamabad_South110Govt. Upper Primary School, Ram Mandir North Wing
Nizamabad_South111Govt. Upper Primary School, Ram Mandir
Nizamabad_South112Golden Jubilee High School (E/M) 1st Class Room
Nizamabad_South113Golden Jubilee High School (E/M) 2nd Class Room
Nizamabad_South114Golden Jubilee High School (U/M) Room No.3
Nizamabad_South115Govt. Girls UPS (T/M) Dr. Abdul Kalam Nilayam Room
Nizamabad_South116Katipally Ravinder Reddy B.Ed College Room No.2
Nizamabad_South117Katipally Ravinder Reddy B.Ed College Room No.3
Nizamabad_South118Katipally Ravinder Reddy B.Ed College Room No.4
Nizamabad_South119National High School 8th Class Room
Nizamabad_South120National High School 10th Class Room
Nizamabad_South121National High School 9th Class Room
Nizamabad_South122National High School 7th Class Room
Nizamabad_South123Golden Jubilee High School (U/M) Room No.4
Nizamabad_South124Cresent Creative School, R.No.1, Quilla Road
Nizamabad_South125Allama Iqbal Library (Municipal Library), Quilla
Nizamabad_South126Govt. High School, Quilla, Nizamabad
Nizamabad_South127Cresent Creative School, Quilla Road Room No.2
Nizamabad_South128Cresent Creative School, R.No.3, Quilla Road
Nizamabad_South129Golden Jubilee High School (U/M) Room No.6
Nizamabad_South130Golden Jubilee High School (U/M) Room No.7
Nizamabad_South131Govt. Girls Junior College (U/M) R.No.1
Nizamabad_South132Govt. Girls Junior College (U/M) R.No.2
Nizamabad_South133Golden Jubilee Girls Junior College East Wing Room
Nizamabad_South134Govt. Girls Junior College (U/M) R.No.3
Nizamabad_South135Govt. Primary School, Peela School South Wing
Nizamabad_South136Govt. High School, Quilla, Nizamabad
Nizamabad_South137Govt. Primary School, Peela School North Wing
Nizamabad_South138Public High School, Mujahid Nagar, Malapally
Nizamabad_South139Govt. Primary School, Peela School R.No.1
Nizamabad_South140Govt. Girls Junior College (U/M) R.No.4
Nizamabad_South141Govt. Girls Junior College (U/M) R.No.5
Nizamabad_South142Martinet High School, Malapally R.No.1
Nizamabad_South143Stanrich School, Rahmathpura, Malapally North Wing
Nizamabad_South144Stanrich School, Rahmathpura, Malapally Office Roo
Nizamabad_South145Martinet High School, Malapally R.No.2
Nizamabad_South146Stanrich School, Rahmathpura, Malapally WW R.No.1
Nizamabad_South147Stanrich School, Rahmathpura, Malapally WW R.No.2
Nizamabad_South148Govt. Primary School, Peela School R.No.2
Nizamabad_South149Govt. Primary School, Peela School R.No.3
Nizamabad_South150Govt. UPS, Vengal Rao Nagar R.No.1
Nizamabad_South151Govt Primary School (T/M), Vengal Rao Nagar
Nizamabad_South152Govt. UPS, Vengal Rao Nagar R.No.2
Nizamabad_South153Govt Primary School, Dharmapuri Hills Room No.1
Nizamabad_South154Govt Primary School, Dharmapuri Hills Room No.2
Nizamabad_South155District Live Development Association, Nzb
Nizamabad_South156Knowledge Park School, R.No.1, Bodhan Rd
Nizamabad_South157Govt. Primary School (U/M), Satish Nagar Room No.2
Nizamabad_South158Knowledge Park School, R.No.2, Bodhan Rd
Nizamabad_South159Govt. Primary School (U/M), Satish Nagar Room No.4
Nizamabad_South160Govt. Primary School (U/M), Satish Nagar Room No.1
Nizamabad_South161Govt. Primary School (U/M), Autonagar Room No.7
Nizamabad_South162Govt. Primary School (U/M), Autonagar Room No.5
Nizamabad_South163Govt. Primary School (U/M), Autonagar Room No.4
Nizamabad_North164Indur ITI, Arsapally Electronic Mechanic Room
Nizamabad_North165Govt. High School, Arsapally Staff Room (T/M)
Nizamabad_North166Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.1
Nizamabad_North167Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.2
Nizamabad_North168Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.3
Nizamabad_North169Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.4
Nizamabad_North170Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.5
Nizamabad_North171Cambridge School (E/M), Habeen Nagar, R.No.6
Nizamabad_North172Govt. UPS, Mirchi Compound West Wing
Nizamabad_North173Govt. UPS, Mirchi Compound South Wing
Nizamabad_North174Govt. UPS, Mirchi Compound Old Community Hall, SW
Nizamabad_North175The Nizamabad Marchant Association, Shradhanand Gu
Nizamabad_North176Govt. High School, Arsapally 10th Class Room (T/M)
Nizamabad_North177Govt. High School, Arsapally 9 th Class Room (T/M)
Nizamabad_North178Govt. High School, Arsapally West Wing Room No.2
Nizamabad_North179Govt. High School, Arsapally Sarvashiksha Abhiyan
Nizamabad_North180Adarsh Hindi Mahavidyala, Gurbabadi Road
Nizamabad_North181Govt. High School, Dubba Office Room
Nizamabad_North182Social Welfare (College) Boys Hostel, Dubba (GG Co
Nizamabad_North183Social Welfare (College) Boys Hostel, Dubba (GG Co
Nizamabad_North184Girraj Govt. College PG Block 03-SC, ST Competativ
Nizamabad_North185Girraj Govt. College (A) Sports Store Room
Nizamabad_North186Girraj Govt. College PG Block 12-Physics Lab Class
Nizamabad_North187Girraj Govt. College PG Block 08-Dept. of Commerce
Nizamabad_North188Govt. High School, Dubba 10-B Class Room, North Wi
Nizamabad_North189Govt. High School, Dubba 10-A Class Room, North Wi
Nizamabad_North190Adarsh Hindi Mahavidyala, Degree College, Gurbabad
Nizamabad_North191Adarsh Hindi Mahavidyala, Degree College, Gurbabad
Nizamabad_North192Ravooji Sangam, Namdevwada, Nursery Class Room
Nizamabad_North193Ravooji Sangam, Namdevwada, LKG Class Room
Nizamabad_North194Ravooji Sangam, Namdevwada, 1st Class Room
Nizamabad_North195Govt. BC Boys Hostel, Namdevwada
Nizamabad_North196SC (Boys) College Hostel, Namdevwada Dining Hall
Nizamabad_North197Ravooji Sangam, Namdevwada, 3rd Class Room
Nizamabad_North198Nirmala Hrudaya (Girls) High School, Subhash Nagar
Nizamabad_North199SC (Boys) College Hostel, Namdevwada Saraswathi Ni
Nizamabad_North200Nirmala Hrudaya (Girls) High School, Subhash Nagar
Nizamabad_North201Govt. BC Boys Hostel, Dinning hall, Namdevwada
Nizamabad_North202Nehru Yuva Kendra, Nizamabad
Nizamabad_North203STEP Office, Nizamabad
Nizamabad_North204SFS E/M High School II-C Class Room, South Wing
Nizamabad_North205SFS E/M High School I-A Class Room, South Wing
Nizamabad_North206SFS E/M High School V-B Class Room, South Wing
Nizamabad_North207SFS E/M High School X-A Class Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North208SFS E/M High School X-B Class Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North209SFS E/M High School IX-A Class Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North210Community Hall Room (North Wing)
Nizamabad_North211SFS E/M High School IX-B Class Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North212Girraj Govt. College (A) Dist. Resource Centre Roo
Nizamabad_North213SFS E/M High School VIII Class Room, North Wing
Nizamabad_North214Govt. UPS, Goutham Nagar R.No.1
Nizamabad_North215Govt. UPS, Goutham Nagar R.No.2
Nizamabad_North216Community Hall Office Room (East Wing)
Nizamabad_South217Govt. UPS, Vengal Rao Nagar R.No.3
Nizamabad_South218District Live Development Association

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