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Election Commission of Chhattisgarh

About Election Commission of Delhi

India is the largest democracy of the world. The Government of India is the sole governing authority of the Union of 29 states and seven union territories, conjointly referred to as ‘The Republic of India’ which has its capital in New Delhi.The State Election Commissions were incorporated in all the states and the Union Territories, as a consequence of to the 73rd and 74th amendment to the Constitution of India. The Delhi State Election Commission has been set up under Article 243K and 243 ZA of the Constitution of India along with Sec. 7 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957.


The post of Chief Electoral Officer has been established in NCT of Delhi in consonance with the Section 13A of The Representation of the People Act-1950 with the agenda of conducting elections to the 70 Assembly Constituencies of the Delhi Legislative Assembly and the seven Lok Sabha seats. The demarcation of the wards in Delhi was done on the basis of the 1991 census. In March 1994, the State Election Commission issued orders in connection with the allocation of the seats. Since its initiation, the Election Commission of Delhi has been operative with the assistance of staff appointed from MCD and the Government of Delhi. In March 2004, 17 posts of different categories were added and two posts were created in August 2005 to strengthen the Commission. The Election Commission's role is to supervise and enhance the democratic process by ensuring that elections to the Local Bodies are held on time, and in a free and fair manner.

Under the provisions of the Constitution (Seventy-third Amendment) Act, 1992 and the Constitution (Seventy-fourth Amendment) Act, 1992, the State Election Commissions and the State Election Commissioners are entrusted with supervising the preparation of the electoral rolls for the groundwork and conduct of the elections to Panchayats and Municipalities. Lawful elections form the basic framework of a democratic entity anywhere in the world. The Chhattisgarh State Election Commission ensures this framework functions effectively in Chattisgarh.

History and formation

The Chattisgarh State Election Commission was set up after the new state was formed on 1stNovember 2000,with the mandate to conduct fair and transparent elections in the state.

The Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) of Chhattisgarh

The present Chief Electoral Officer of Chhattisgarh is a senior IAS officer, Shri Subrat Sahoo.

Appointed Officers

1. Mr. A. Champawat, Collector
2. Mr. R. Prasanna, Collector
3. Mr. C. R. Prasanna, Collector
4. Mr. S. V. Hassan, Collector
5. Mr. L. S. Kane, Collector
6. Mr. R. Kumar, Collector
7. Mr. R. P. S. Tyagi, Collector
8. Mr. T. C. Mahabar, Collector
9. Mr. M. Bansal, Collector

10. Mr. R. Kumar, Collector
11. Mr. T. Ramsingh, Collector
12. Mr. S. K. Pardesi, Collector
13. Mr. V. S. Dhubay, Collector
14. Mr. N. S. Mandavi, Collector
15. Mr. R. K. Tappa, Collector
16. Mr. H. K. Pahare, Collector
17. Ms. R. Sangeeta, Collector
18. Ms. A. Mangai, District Collector
19. Mr. K. C. Devsenapati, Collector
20. Mr. A. K. Tappa, Collector
21. Mr. B. C. Mishra, Collector
22. Mr. S. Baswabraju, Collector
23. Mr. A. K. Agarwal, Collector
24. Mr. B. Dayanand, Collector
25. Mr. Y. Kumar, Collector
26. Mr. A. K. Khalkho, Collector
27. Mr. M. K. Abdulhaq, Collector

Schedule and Budget of election

The budgetary allocations for the forthcoming state Assembly elections in the state have not been decided so far. A few constraints so far have held back the announcement of the Chhattisgarh election budget which is expected to be announced shortly. On the other hand, the Election Commission of India has declared the date of elections in the state which will be held in 2 phases, November 12 and November 20 - 2018. The political parties are geared up and are ensuring that nothing is left unturned in this election. The election commission as intneded before as announced elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Mizoram and Telagana together

Chhattisgarh State Election Commission,
Mahanadi Khand,
Mantralaya, Raipur - 492001
Ph: 0771-2236235