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Meghalaya Election Results Constituency wise

Table showing results for all the Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituencies of Meghalaya with the names of winner and runner-up candidates. Also shown along are their party names.

Constituency Wise Results
Nartiang Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP )WinnerJopthiaw Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Jowai Wailadmiki Shylla (NPP )WinnerMoonlight Pariat (UDP )Runner-up
Raliang Comingone Ymbon (NPP )WinnerLakhon Biam (BJP )Runner-up
Mowkaiaw Nujorki Sungoh (UDP )WinnerGilbert Sten (NPP )Runner-up
Sutnga Saipung Shitlang Pale (INC )WinnerHopeful Bamon (NPP )Runner-up
Khliehriat Kyrmen Shylla (UDP )WinnerJustine Dkhar (BJP )Runner-up
Amlarem Lahkmen Rymbui (UDP )WinnerStephanson Mukhim (NPP )Runner-up
Mawhati Dasakhiatbha Lamare (NPP )WinnerJulias Kitbok Dorphang (IND )Runner-up
Nongpoh Mayralborn Syiem (INC )WinnerRona Khymdeit (UDP )Runner-up
Jirang Sosthenes Sohtun (NPP )WinnerWitness Day Sancley (INC )Runner-up
Umsning Jason Sawkmie Mawlong (PDF )WinnerCelestine Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Umroi George Bankyntiewlang Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNgaitlang Dhar (NPP )Runner-up
Mawryngkneng David A Nongrum (INC )WinnerHighlander Kharmalki (PDF )Runner-up
Pynthorumkhrah Alexander Laloo Hek (BJP )WinnerJames Ban Basaiawmoit (PDF )Runner-up
Mawlai Process T. Sawkmie (INC )WinnerTeiborlang Pathaw (IND )Runner-up
East Shillong Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNeil Antonio War (BJP )Runner-up
North Shillong Adelbert Nongrum (KHNAM )WinnerJ. Antonius Lyngdoh (BJP )Runner-up
West Shillong Mohendro Rapsang (INC )WinnerPaul Lyngdoh (UDP )Runner-up
South Shillong Sanbor Shullai (BJP )WinnerManas Chaudhuri (INC )Runner-up
Mylliem Hamletson Dohling (PDF )WinnerRonnie V Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Nongthymmai Charles Pyngrope (INC )WinnerDr. Jemino Mawthoh (UDP )Runner-up
Nongkrem Lambor Malngiang (IND )WinnerArdent Miller Basaiawmoit (HSPDP )Runner-up
Sohiong Samlin Malngiang (HSPDP )WinnerH. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Mawphlang Syntar Klas Sunn (IND )WinnerKennedy Cornelius Khyriem (INC )Runner-up
Mawsynram Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang (INC )WinnerPynshngainlang Syiem (PDF )Runner-up
Shella Donkupar Roy (UDP )WinnerLeston Wanswett (PDF )Runner-up
Pynursla Prestone Tynsong (NPP )WinnerNehru Suting (UDP )Runner-up
Sohra Gavin Miguel Mylliem (PDF )WinnerTitosstar Well Chyne (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkynrew Banteidor Lyngdoh (PDF )WinnerMartle N Mukhim (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mairang Metbah Lyngdoh (UDP )WinnerCouncellor Singh Wahlang (PDF )Runner-up
Mawthadraishan Brolding Nongsiej (UDP )WinnerBiolinda L.Nonglait (HSPDP )Runner-up
Nongstoin Macmillan Byrsat (NPP )WinnerGabriel Wahlang (INC )Runner-up
Rambrai Jyrngam Kimfa Sidney Marbaniang (INC )WinnerK Phlastingwell Pangniang (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mawshynrut Gigur Myrthong (NPP )WinnerWitting Mawsor (HSPDP )Runner-up
Ranikor Martin M. Danggo (INC )WinnerPius Marwein (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkyrwat Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar (HSPDP )WinnerCarnes Sohshang (INC )Runner-up
Kharkutta Rupert Momin (NPP )WinnerCherak Watre Momin (INC )Runner-up
Mendipathar Marthon Sangma (INC )WinnerFrankenstein W. Momin (NPP )Runner-up
Resubelpara Timothy Shira (NPP )WinnerSalseng C Marak (INC )Runner-up
Bajengdoba Pongseng Marak (NPP )WinnerBrigady Napak Marak (INC )Runner-up
Songsak Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerNihim D Shira (NPP )Runner-up
Rongjeng Jim M Sangma (NPP )WinnerWalseng M. Sangma (IND )Runner-up
Raksamgre Benedic R. Marak (NPP )WinnerLimison D. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Tikrikilla Jimmy D. Sangma (INC )WinnerRahinath Barchung (IND )Runner-up
Phulbari S. G. Esmatur Mominin (NPP )WinnerAbu Taher Mondal (INC )Runner-up
Rajabala Dr. Azad Zaman (INC )WinnerAshahel D. Shira (IND )Runner-up
Selsella Clement Marak (INC )WinnerFerlin C. A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Dadenggre James Pangsang Kongkal Sangma (NPP )WinnerRupa M. Marak (IND )Runner-up
North Tura Thomas A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerNoverfield R. Marak (INC )Runner-up
South Tura Agatha K. Sangma (NPP )WinnerBillykid A. Sangma (BJP )Runner-up
Rangsakona Zenith M. Sangma (INC )WinnerSubir M. Marak (NPP )Runner-up
Ampati Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerBakul Ch. Hajong (BJP )Runner-up
Mahendraganj Dikkanchi D. Shira (INC )WinnerPremananda Koch (BJP )Runner-up
Salmanpara Winnerson D. Sangma (INC )WinnerIan Botham K. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Gambegre Saleng A. Sangma (NCP )WinnerSadhiarani M. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Dalu Brening A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerDorendro M. Sangma (NCP )Runner-up
Rongara Siju Rakkam A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerRophul S. Marak (IND )Runner-up
Chokpot Lazarus Sangma (INC )WinnerSecondson A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Baghmara Samuel M. Sangma (IND )WinnerSengnal N. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up

Meghalaya Assembly Election Results:
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Meghalaya News And Updates

June 01, 2018 07:19 AM
Congress has bagged the Meghalaya's Amapati seat. Miani D Shira, the former Chief Minister Mukul Sangma's daughter, has won the seat which w..... Read More
March 09, 2018 10:53 AM
According to the UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the SP and BSP have joined hands in the upcoming bypolls of Lok Sabha prompted by the impressive..... Read More
March 09, 2018 10:12 AM
After the new government formation in Meghalaya, the nomination papers form various candidates have started pouring in for the position of the Assem..... Read More
March 08, 2018 05:57 AM
The newly-elected Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Conrad K Sangma, has stated that his cabinet ministers would soon be allotted their respective portfo..... Read More
March 06, 2018 06:28 AM
Conrad Sangma, the National People's Party (NPP) President, would be declared Meghalaya's new Chief Minister today. He also addressed the me..... Read More

Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Constituencies

Meghalaya has 60 State assembly constituencies out of which 55 are reserved for the scheduled tribes. The Jaintia and Khasi hill division has 36 constituencies and the Garo hill division has 24 constituencies. Each division has one parliamentary constituency. Shillong (Jaintia and Khasi hill division) and Tura (Garo hill division) are the parliamentary constituencies.

Some of the State Assembly constituencies in the Shillong Parliamentary constituencies are Nartiang, Jowai, Raliang, Mowkaiaw, Amlare, Umroi, East Shillong, North Shillong, Mylliem, Nongkrem, Shella,Pynursla, Sohra, Ranikor, and Mawphlang.

Some of the State Assembly constituencies in the Tura Parliamentary constituency are Kharkutta, Mendipathar, Ampati, Songsak, Rongara-Siju, Dalu, Baghmara, Phulbari, Dalu, Salmanpara, Rajabala, Selsella, Rangsakona, and Chokpot.

60 Constituencies
Scheduled Caste
Scheduled Tribes
Last Updated on Jan 11, 2018