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Polling Booth in Mahoba Assembly Constituency

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Mahoba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mahoba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mahoba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Dhudaiyan1316Luhedi
2P.S. Chitaiyan765Luhedi
3P.S. Urwara672Luhedi
3P.S. Atrarmaf Room No. 1672Hiluwa
4P.S. Atrarmaf Room No. 2998Pipra Maaf
6P.S. Imiliya755Pipra Maaf
7G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 1634Kar Paharia
7G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 2634Kanchanpura
9G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 3751Nanaora
10G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 41364Sela Maaf
12G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 5415Dudhaiya
14G.I.C. Shrinagar Room No. 61152Urwara
16P.S.Bhairoganj Shrinagar921Samsera Phutera
18P.M.V. Bhairoganj Shrinagar Room No. 1758Sri Nagar kullai Pahari
19P.M.V. Bhairoganj Shrinagar Room No. 2762Sri Nagar Daudpur
20P.S. Bilkhi Room No. 1804Sri Nagar Barapura
21P.S. Bilkhi Room No. 2747Sri Nagar
21P.M.V. Pawa Room No. 1747Sri Nagar Barapura
22P.M.V. Pawa Room No. 21284Sri Nagar
22P.M.V. Pawa Room No. 31284Sri Nagar Banspahari
23P.S.Murani1233Sri Nagar
23P.S.Majhalwara1233Sri Nagar Dewbag
24U.P.S.Raipurakalan1481Sri Nagar
24P.M.V. Karhrakalan Room No. 11481Sri Nagar Manoharganj 2
24P.M.V. Karhrakalan Room No. 21481Sri Nagar Bheroganj 1
25P.M.V. Karhrakalan Room No. 3851Sri Nagar
25P.M.V. Chhikahara Room No. 1851Sri Nagar Bheroganj 2
26P.M.V. Chhikahara Room No. 2826Sri Nagar
26P.M.V. Chhikahara Room No. 3826Sri Nagar Bheroganj 3
27K.P.S. Chhikahara876Bilkhi
28P.S. Nathupura853Bilkhi
29P.S. Pachpahara1201Pawa
30P.S. Chando1026Pawa
31P.S. Chanpura508Pawa
32P.M.V. Baniatala572Pawa
32P.S. Palka572Murani
33P.S. Basaura1292Majhalwara
34P.S. Mirtala1059Raipura Kalan
35Milan Kendra Gram Panchayat Adikari Karyala Sijahari1200Karahra Kalan
36K.P.S. Sijahari888Karahra Kalan
37P.M.V. Sijahari Room No. 1982Karahra Kalan
38P.M.V. Sijahari Room No. 21068Chhikahra
39P.S. Bara633Chhikahra
40P.S. Dhikwaha920Chhikahra
41P.S. Bilrahi Room No. 1622Chhikahra
42P.S. Bilrahi Room No. 21050Nathoopura
43P.S. Kaimaha1489Pach Pahra
44P.S. Digariya696Chandao
45P.S. Khioraiya Jyoraiya588Chand Pura
46P.S. Sijariya625Bania Tala Mahanpura
47K.P.S. Sijwaha Room No. 1833Palka
48K.P.S. Sijwaha Room No. 2750Basaora
49P.S. Mawai722Mirtala
50P.S. Bhandra1148Sijahri
51K.P.M.V. Bhandra Room No. 11170Sijahri
67K.P.M.V. Bhandra Room No. 21149Bhandara
68P.M.V. Salarpur (U.P.)1441Salarpur
69P.S. Tindauli1009Tindaoli
70P.S. Mamna674Mamna
71P.S. Mudhahara470Murehra
72P.S. Raheliya465Rahelia
73P442Bamhaori Gusai
74G.P. Mahoba Room No. 11258Mahoba (NPP)
75G.P. Mahoba Room No. 21082Mahoba (NPP)
76G.P. Mahoba Room No. 31219Mahoba (NPP)
77G.P. Mahoba Room No. 41341Mahoba (NPP)
78G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 11200Mahoba (NPP)
79G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 21213Mahoba (NPP)
80G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 31234Mahoba (NPP)
81G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 41187Mahoba (NPP)
82G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 5709Mahoba (NPP)
83G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 6794Mahoba (NPP)
84G.M.L.T.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 71065Mahoba (NPP)
85U.P.S. Alampura Mahoba Room No. 1953Mahoba (NPP)
86U.P.S. Alampura Mahoba Room No. 2894Mahoba (NPP)
87G.G.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 1556Mahoba (NPP)
88G.G.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 21172Mahoba (NPP)
89G.G.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 31072Mahoba (NPP)
90G.G.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 4746Mahoba (NPP)
91P.S. Bandhanward Mahoba Room No. 1865Mahoba (NPP)
92P.S. Bandhanward Mahoba Room No. 21186Mahoba (NPP)
93K.P.S. Sarafipura Bandhanward Mahoba Room No. 11118Mahoba (NPP)
94K.P.S. Sarafipura Bandhanward Mahoba Room No. 21162Mahoba (NPP)
95D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 1878Mahoba (NPP)
96D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 2596Mahoba (NPP)
97D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 3782Mahoba (NPP)
98D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 4774Mahoba (NPP)
99D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 5947Mahoba (NPP)
100D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 6782Mahoba (NPP)
101D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 7675Mahoba (NPP)
102D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 8788Mahoba (NPP)
103D.A.V.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 9558Mahoba (NPP)
104N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 11207Mahoba (NPP)
105N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 21198Mahoba (NPP)
106N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 31021Mahoba (NPP)
107N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 4639Mahoba (NPP)
108N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 5803Mahoba (NPP)
109N.I.C. Mahoba Room No. 61126Mahoba (NPP)
110Tehsil Bhavan S.K. Mahoba1152Mahoba (NPP)
111Tehsil Bhavan R.I.K.Mahoba963Mahoba (NPP)
112Tehsil Bhavan N.K. Mahoba627Mahoba (NPP)
113Tehsil Bhavan J.K. Mahoba1022Mahoba (NPP)
114P.S.Hamirpur Chungi Mahoba1436Mahoba (NPP)
115K.Vikas Khand.K.M.H.N. Mahoba1029Mahoba (NPP)
116K.Vikas Khand.K.Old. Mahoba1039Mahoba (NPP)
117Sant Sahu P.S. Badihat Mahoba Room No. 11170Mahoba (NPP)
118Sant Sahu P.S. Badihat Mahoba Room No. 2755Mahoba (NPP)
119Town Hal N.P.P. Mahoba Room No. 1430Mahoba (NPP)
120Town Hal N.P.P. Mahoba Room No. 21018Mahoba (NPP)
121P.S.S.S. Badihat Mahoba1176Mahoba (NPP)
122N.P.P. Mahoba Room No. 11319Mahoba (NPP)
123N.P.P. Mahoba Room No. 21051Mahoba (NPP)
124N.P.P. Mahoba Room No. 3826Mahoba (NPP)
125K.P.S. Naikana Mahoba Room No. 11479Mahoba (NPP)
126K.P.S. Naikana Mahoba Room No. 2396Mahoba (NPP)
127K.P.S. Naikana Mahoba Room No. 3565Mahoba (NPP)
128K.P.S. Naikana Mahoba Room No. 4841Mahoba (NPP)
129G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 11144Mahoba (NPP)
130G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 21168Mahoba (NPP)
131G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 3503Mahoba (NPP)
132G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 41385Mahoba (NPP)
133G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 5913Mahoba (NPP)
134G.V.B.M.V. Mahoba Room No. 6961Mahoba (NPP)
135P.S. Shahpahadi Room No. 11011Shah Pahari
136P.S. Shahpahadi Room No. 2712Shah Pahari
137P.S. Kumdaura Maf1150Kumdaora Maaf
138P.S. Churbara1132Chur Bara
139P.S. Bijanagar1113Bija Nagar
140P.S. Kidari896Kidari
141P.S. Tikamau1223Tika Mau
142P.S. Dadhatmaf Room No. 11211Darhat Maaf
143P.S. Dadhatmaf Room No. 21083Darhat Maaf
144P.S. Kalipahadi1451Kali Pahari
145A.U.M.V. Bilbai Room No. 11460Barbai
146A.U.M.V. Bilbai Room No. 2953Barbai
147A.U.M.V. Bilbai Room No. 3908Bilbai
148P.S. Baratpahadi867Barat Pahari
149P.S. Raipurakhurd853Raipura Khurd
150P.M.V. Jujhar694Jujhar
151P.S. Bhatewar650Bhatewar
152P.S. Bari307Bari
153P.S. Bamhaurikaji1076Bamhaori Qazi
154B.J.H.S. Gahara Room No. 11022Gaihra
155B.J.H.S. Gahara Room No. 21191Gaihra
156P.S. Singhanpur Baghari Room No. 11330Sindhanpur Baghari
157P.S. Singhanpur Baghari Room No. 21151Sindhanpur Baghari
158P.S. Surha Room No. 11028Surha
159P.S. Surha Room No. 2812Surha
160P.M.V. Surha928Gahara
161P.S. Babedi1042Baberi
162P.M.V. Kauhari1240Kaohari
163P.K.P.V. Gyori Room No. 11416Gauodhi
164P.K.P.V. Gyori Room No. 2775Gauodhi
165P.S.Chureran Purwa Mazra Gyori760Gauodhi
166P.M.V. Gyori Room No. 1640Gauodhi
167P.M.V. Gyori Room No. 2818Gauodhi
168P.M.V. Gyori Room No. 31381Gauodhi
169P.M.V. Gyori Room No. 41159Gauodhi
170K.P.V. P.Bhavan Ke Paas Gyori1050Gauodhi
171P.S. Palwar Gyori132Gauodhi
172P.M.V. Pura910Pura
173P.S. Parsaha Room No. 1850Parsaha
174P.S. Parsaha Room No. 2770Akwai
175P.S. Pidari690Pidari
176P.S. Lilwahi910Lilwahi
177P.M.V. Chhanikalan Room No. 11337Chhani Kalan
178P.M.V. Chhanikalan Room No. 21265Chhani Kalan
179P.M.V. Mahewa1255Mahewa
180P.S. Sichaura1031Sichaora
181P.S. Utiyan Room No. 1946Utiyan
182P.S. Utiyan Room No. 2755Utiyan
183P.M.V. Dharaun Room No. 11114Dharaon
184P.M.V. Dharaun Room No. 2925Dharaon
185K.P.M.V. Kabrai Room No. 11199Kabrai (NP)
186K.P.M.V. Kabrai Room No. 21319Kabrai (NP)
187G.P.S. Kabrai Room No. 1879Kabrai (NP)
188G.P.S. Kabrai Room No. 21320Kabrai (NP)
189P.S. Gauhari Room No. 11441Kabrai (NP)
190P.S. Gauhari Room No. 2488Kabrai (NP)
191P.S. Mochipura1201Kabrai (NP)
192A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 11075Kabrai (NP)
193A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 2832Kabrai (NP)
194A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 3943Kabrai (NP)
195A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 4698Kabrai (NP)
196A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 51110Kabrai (NP)
197A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 61339Kabrai (NP)
198A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 7811Kabrai (NP)
199A.I.C. Kabrai Room No. 8683Kabrai (NP)
200P.S. Baghwa Room No. 11273Kabrai (NP)
201P.S. Baghwa Room No. 21201Kabrai (NP)
202P.S. Alipura653KABRAI DEHAT
203Shahid Balendra Singh P.M.V. Ganj Room No. 11075Ganj
204Shahid Balendra Singh P.M.V. Ganj Room No. 2667Ganj
205P.S. Jhirsaheva705Jhir Saheba
206P.S. Gugaura767Gugaura
207P.S. Daharra1223Daharra
208P.S. Makarbai Room No. 11351Makarbai
209P.S. Makarbai Room No. 2876Makarbai
210P.S. Yadav Khoda Makarbai648Makarbai
211P.S. Biladakshin1346Bila Dakshin
212P.S. Nahdauramaf503Nahdaora
213P.S. Bilauttar506Bila Uttar
214P.S. Sukaura1302Sukaora
215P.S. Raiwara1069Raiwara
216P.M.V. Kharka Room No. 1791Kharka
217P.M.V. Kharka Room No. 2780Kharka
218P.S. Pahra1405Pahra
219G.P.S. Pahra Room No. 1969Pahra
220P.M.V. Pahra Room No. 2815Pahra
221P.S. Ratauli1114Ratauli
222P.S. Naigawan697Naigawan
223P.S. Paswara Room No. 11180Paswara
224P.S. Paswara Room No. 2877Paswara
225P.S. Thana358Paswara
226P.S. Pachhara628Dhana
227P.S. Ghutwai297Ghut Bai
228P.S. Damaura864Damaora
229P.S. Khanna (M.P.)1368Khanna
230P.M.V. Khanna1268Khanna
231P.S. Khanna Nai Building983Khanna
232P.S. Baramhauli1378Barhmauli
233P.S. Banni1006Banni
234P.S. Mawaikhurd (E.P.)1237Mawai Khurd
235P.S. Mawaikhurd (W.P.)768Mawai Khurd
236K.P.S. Mawaikhurd1031Mawai Khurd
237P.M.V. Chichara (S.P.)1084Chichara
239P.S. Tamaura1253Tamaura
240P.S. Barbai Room No. 11063Barbai
241P.S. Barbai Room No. 21011Barbai
242P.S. Kulkuwan793Kulkuwan
243P.S. Bahinga1365Bahinga
244P.S. Sirsikhurd Room No. 1840Sirsi Khurd
245P.S. Sirsikhurd Room No. 2823Sirsi Khurd
246N.P.S. Khamharia1343Khamriya
247K.P.S. Kahra Room No. 1938Kahra
248K.P.S. Kahra Room No. 2826Kahra
249P.S. Kahara821Kahra
250K.P.S. Rewai Sunecha Room No. 1386Rewai Sunecha
251K.P.S. Rewai Sunecha Room No. 21202Rewai Sunecha
252P.S. Rewai Sunecha945Rewai Sunecha
253P.S. Sunecha773Rewai Sunecha
255P.S. Sirsikalan (E.P.)1158Sirsi Kalan
256P.S. Sirsikalan (S.P.)1266Sirsi Kalan
257P.M.V. Sirsikalan638Sirsi Kalan
258P.S. Khiruhi790Khamriya
259N.P.S. Atghar1131Atghar
260P.M.V. Atghar570Atghar
261P.S. Tinduhi870Tinduhi
262P.S. Akbai1426Akbai
263P.M.V. Pachpahara Room No. 1888Pach Pahra
264P.M.V. Pachpahara Room No. 2844Pach Pahra
265P.S. Ghandua654Ghanduwa
266P.S. Basauth Room No-1831Basauth
267P.S. Basauth Room No-2726Basauth
268G.P.M.V. Dhawari Room No-11065Dhawari
269G.P.M.V. Dhawari Room No-2293Dhawari
270P.S Barda680Barda
271P.M.V. Tikri874Kharela
272P.S. Parthania462Kharela
273K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-41183Kharela (NP)
274K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-5954Kharela (NP)
275K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-6792Kharela (NP)
276K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-7795Kharela (NP)
277K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-8561Kharela (NP)
278K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-91000Kharela (NP)
279K.P.I.C. Kharela Room No-3739Kharela (NP)
280P.S. B.N. Kharela1347Kharela (NP)
281G.P.M.V. Kharela Room No-1937Kharela (NP)
282G.P.M.V. Kharela Room No-2697Kharela (NP)
283G.P.S.N. Kharela Room No-11163Kharela (NP)
284G.P.S.N. Kharela Room No-2819Kharela (NP)
285P.S. Punniyan1078Punniyan
286G.P.S. Punniyan551Punniyan
287P.S. Kakun609Kakun
288P.S. Baihari919Baihari
289P.S. Sijaura396Sijaura
290P.S. Rihunia381Rahuniya
291P.M.V. Pahretha Room No-1.960Pahretha
292P.M.V. Pahretha Room No-2753Pahretha
293P.S. Pupwara670Pupwara
294N.P.S. Kuwan895Kuwan
295G.P.S. Kunwan887Kuwan
296N.P.S. Barai Room No-11058Barayan
297N.P.S. Barai Room No-2699Barayan
298P.M.V. Aaichana Room No-1.933Aichana
299P.M.V. Aaichana Room No-2730Aichana
301P.S. Padora735Padora
302G.P.V. Patha Room No-1931Patha
303G.P.V. Patha Room No-2609Patha
304P.S. Kaneri215Kaneri
305P.S. Gadhari174Gadahari
306P.M.V. Kamalkheda809Kamal Khera
307P.S. Saluwa782Saluwa

Last Updated on November 15, 2014