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Polling Booth in Barabanki Assembly Constituency

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Jyotiraditya Scindia BJP Destruction From Within: Jyotiraditya Scindia Joins BJP

A long time Congress loyalist and Rahul Gandhi’s young Congress group member, Jyotiraditya has left the party. As of 11th March, Scindia has joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence Read More…

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Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Barabanki Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Barabanki

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barabanki Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1P.S. Siswara Room No. 1994Siswara
2P.S. Dharampur Room No. 1494Dharampur
3P.S. Daudpur Room No. 11266Lalpur
4P.S. Tera Khurd Room No. 1851Terakhurd
5P.S.Mirjanagar Behtai Room No. 1436Mirjanagar Behatai
6P.S. Mohanpur Room No. 11093Mohanpur Manjhapur
7Krishak Samaj V. Udawtnagar M. Tera Kala North Part999Tera Kalan
8Krishak Samaj V. Udwatnagar Tera Kala South Part306Tera Kalan
9P.S. Kaimai Room No. 1695Kaimai
10P.S. Ukhari Room No. 11379Ukhari
11P.S. Paharpur Kutlupur Room No. 1892Paharpur Kutulupur
12P.S. Kumharpur Room No. 1552Kumhar Pur
13P.S. Piranagar Room No. 1671Peera Nagar Umarpur
14P.S. Behata Chaktairamdas Room No. 1782Behta Chack Jayramdas
15P.S. Khanwaha Room No. 1969Khanwaha
16P. S. Rasulpur Dargah Room No. 1436Rasoolpur Dargah
17P. S. Mahamudabad Room No. 11217Mahmoodabad
18P. S. Mahamudabad Room No. 2478Mahmoodabad
19P. S. Inayatpur Room No. 1348Inayatpur
20P. S. Sikandarpur Room No. 1385Sikandarpur
21P. S. Kaima Room No. 1438Kaima
22J. H. S.Dharsanda Room No. 1794Dharsanda
23P. S. Baburiha M. Harrai Room No. 11397Harrai
24P.S. Kurkhila Room No. 11096Kurkhila
25J. H. S. Peed Roo0M No. 11120Pind
26J. H. S. Peed Roo0M No. 2841Pind
27P.S. Hajikajipur Room No. 1542Kayampur
28J.H.S. Salehanagar Room No. 11118Saleh Nagar
29J.H.S. Salehnagar Room No. 21056Saleh Nagar
30P. S. Kharehata Room No. 1416Kharehta
31J. H. S. Reewa Ratanpur Room No. 1659Reevan
32J.H.S. Hirpur Room No. 1409Heerpur
33Salarpur North Part951Salarpur
34Sararpur South Part609Dhidhora
35J. H. S. Jasanwara Room N0. 1669Jashanwara
36Ram Sevk Yadav S?Marak Inter College Kasimganj930Beuchi
37P. S. Pawaiyabad Room No. 11423Pavaiabad
38P. S. Naveen Bhavan Kotwakala Room No. 1780Kotwa Kalan
39P. S. Naveen Bhavan Kotwakala Room N0. 2900Kotwa Kalan
40Girl J. H. S. Cheriya Majre Narayanbhari Room 2907Narain Bhari
41Girl J. H. S. Narayanbhari Room No. 21147Narain Bhari
42P. S. Joliya Banaraspur Room No. 11157Jolia Banaraspur
43P. S. Joliya Banaraspur Room No. 2492Jolia Banaraspur
44P. S. Devkaliya Room No. 1881Devkaliya
45P. S. Godha Room No. 11240Godha
46P. S. Devgoan Room No. 11101Devgaon
47P. S. Devgoan Room No. 21062Devgaon
48P. S. Ajgana Room No. 1701Ajgana
49P.S. Ajgana Room No. 2915Ajgana
50P.S. Maujanipur Room No. 11082Maujanipur
51P.S. Maujanipur Room No. 2345Maujanipur
52P.S. Mandaura Room No. 1768Muradpur
53P.S. Kodri Room No. 1495Kondari
54P.S. Kodri Room No. 21250Kondari
55P.S. Barwas Room No. 1717Barvas
56P.S. Bikar Extra Room674Bikar
57J. H. S. Akathiya Room No. 11001Malookpur
58P.S. Malukpur Room No. 1614Malookpur
59J. H. S. Akathiya Room No. 2658Malookpur
60P. S. Khijhirpur Inayatpur Room No. 11209Khijirpur Inayatpur
61P.S. Dewa Pratham Room No. 1885Dewa (NP)
62P.S. Dewa First Room No. 2917Dewa (NP)
63Girls J.H.S. Dewa Room No. 1857Dewa (NP)
65W.I.C. Deva Room No. 11177Dewa (NP)
66W.I.C. Dewa Room No. 2833Dewa (NP)
67W.I.C. Dewa Room No. 31378Dewa (NP)
68W.I.C. Dewa Room No. 41077Dewa (NP)
69W.I.C. Dewa Room No. 51263Dewa (NP)
70W.I.C. Dewa Room No. 6546Dewa (NP)
71P. S. Mamapur Dewa Dehat Room No. 11163Kusumma
72P. S. Kusumbha Room No. 1922Kusumma
73Kanya P. S. Dewa Room No. 11137Dewa (NP)
74P. S. Usri Majre Fatehpur Khatibahar Room No. 1558Kusumma
75P.S. Gangwara Room No. 1903Gangvara
76P.S. Bhitauli Khurd Room No. 1620Bhitauli Khurd
77P.S. Taspur Room No. 1764Taspur
78J.H.S. Tiphar Room No. 11195Teephar
79P.S. Tiphar Room No.1355Jinsikhanwar
80P.S. Umari Room No. 1567Umari
81J.H.S. Khewli Room No. 1996Kheoli
82J.H.S. Khewli Room No. 2544Meerpur
83P.S. Khewli Room No. 1722Kheoli
84P.S. Khewli Roomno. 2809Kheoli
85P.S. Khewli Extra Roomno. 2989Kheoli
86P.S. Murtazanagar Room No. 1336Murtazanagar
87P.S. Ibrahimpur Kala Room No. 11268Ibrahimpur Kala
88J.H.S. Mittai Room No. 11034Mittai
89J.H.S. Mittai Room No. 21052Mittai
90P.S. Chak Karimabad Room No. 11111Chakreemabad
91J.H.S Konagao Room No. 1780Konagaon
92P.S. Husainmau Room No. 1492Husenmau
93J.H.S. Baburigao Room No. 11376Baburi Gaon
94J.H.S. Baburigao Room No. 21069Baburi Gaon
95J.H.S. Baburigao Room No. 31242Baburi Gaon
96P.S. Taikala U.Bhag904Tai Kala
97P.S. Taikhurd Room No. 1848Tai Khurd
98J.H.S. Mahraud Room No. 11238Maharaund
99P.S. Gauriya Room No. 11044Gauriya
100P.S. Shahpur Room No. 1832Shah Pur
101P.S. Guwari Majre Shahpur Room No. 1693Shah Pur
102P.S. Guwari Majre Shahpur Room No. 2779Shah Pur
103P.S. Karauda Room Na 11179Karaunda
104P.S. Rampur Room No. 1562Rampur
105P.S. Ismailpur Room No. 1773Ismailpur
106J.H.S Karanjwara Room No. 1634Kanjwara
107P.S. Palta Room No. 1661Palta
108P.S. Gopalpur Room No. 1751Gopalpur
109P.S. Batehta Room No. 11100Bhatehta
110P.S. Sipahiya East Part1078Sipahiya
111P.S. Sipahiya West Part911Sipahiya
112P.S. Salempur Room No. 1553Salempur
113P.S. Atvatmau Room No. 1605Atvatmau
114P.S. Shekhpur Room No. 1911Shekhpur
115P.S. Rasoolpur Room No. 11439Rasoolpur Kidwai
116P.S. Kamarkha Majre Rasoolpur Kidwai Room No. 11239Rasoolpur Kidwai
117P.S. Vatiamau Majre Jiyanpur Room No. 1581Jiynpur
118P.S. Bandhauli Majre Bahadurpur North Part1096Bahadur Pur
119P.S. Bhandhauli Majre Bahadurpur South Part1434Bahadur Pur
120P.S. Bandhauli Majre Bahadurpur Middle Part1173Bahadurpur
121P.S. Dhakauli North Part1380Dhakauli (CT)
122P.S. Dhakauli South Part777Dhakauli (CT)
123P.S. Dhakauli Extra Room1025Dhakauli (CT)
124P.S. Dhaukali New Building951Dhakauli (CT)
125P.S. Mahuvamau Room No. 11111Mahuva Mau
126J.H.S. Parakhandaukli Room No. 11135Para Khandauli
127P.S. Chanduali Majre Parakhandauli R.No. 1903Para Khandauli
128P.S. Chanduali Majre Parakhandauli R.No. 2772Para Khandauli
129P.S. Chaudharipurwa Majre Tikrapatti Room No. 1934Tikra Patti
130P.S. Israhna Room No. 1741Isrehna
131P.S. Alipur Room No. 1682Alipur
132P.S. Maholiya Room No. 11211Mohaliya
133J.Hs. Gaursadikpur Room No. 11004Gaursadikpur
134P.S. Paliyamasoodpur East Part1304Masudpur
135P.S. Mohammadpur Room No. 11370Mohammadpur
136P.S. Aurangabad Room No. 1489Aurangabad
137P.S. Bichlanga Extra Room306Bichhalanga
138J.H.S. Malookpur R.No. 11171Jasmanda
139J.H.S. Malookpur R.No. 2315Malookpur
140P.S. Ganaura Room No. 11008Ganaura
141P.S. Kumhraura Room No. 1673Kumhraura
142P.S. Mustafabad Deshi Room No. 1869Mustfabad Desi
143P.S. Baraithi R.No. 1793Barethi
144P.S. Baraithi R.No. 2810Barethi
145P.S. Kaisuruwa Room No. 11143Kesaruva
146P.S. Kaithi Room No. 1594Kaithi
147P.S. Sariyan Room No. 1554Saraiya
148P.S. Khajoorgao Room No. 11316Khazoor Gaon
149P.S. Nagar Room No. 1879Nagar
150P.S. Haduari Room No. 1844Hadaura
151P.S Tindola R.No. 11288Tindola
152P.S. Tindola R.No. 21250Tindola
153P.S. Pawiayabiran Room No. 1742Pavaiya Veeran
154P.S. Dhaurmau Room No. 11366Dhaurmau
155P.S. Chacenda Room No. 1383Chachenda
156P.S. Sidwahi R.No. 11465Sidwahi
157Mini Sachivalay Chandauli Room No. 1620Chandauli
158P.S. Jabrikala Room No. 1872Jabri Kala
159P.S. Naimau Room No. 1629Nai Mau
160P.S. Padriyadeeh Room No. 11151Saihara
161P.S. Saihara Room No. 11106Saihara
162P.S. Daudhihara Room No. 1938Daudihar
163P.S. Jabri Khurd Room No. 11167Jabri Khurd
164P.S Tikariya R.No. 11219Tikariya
165P.S. Tikariya R.No. 2266Tikariya
166P.S. Achripurwa Majre Miyapur Room No. 1763Miyanpur
167P.S. Jamuwashi R.No. 1994Jamwasi
168P.S. Sarsuandi R.No. 1695Sarsaundi
169P.S. Sarsaundi R.No. 2972Sarsaundi
170P.S. Muradabad Room No. 1787Moradabad
171P.S. Nargishmau Room No. 1465Nargismau
172P.S. Mujaffarmau Room No. 1926Muzzapfarmau
173P.S. Mati R.No. 11006Mati
174P.S. Mati R.No. 21181Mati
175P.S. Renduwa Palhari R. No. 1967Rendua Palhari
176P.S. Renduwa Palhari R. No. 2808Rendua Palhari
177P.S.Chatenaghadi R. No. 11131Chhatenagari
178J.H.S. Basti North Part1260Basti
179J.H.S. Basti South Part939Basti
180P.S. Basti Room No. 1996Basti
181P.S. Daniyalpur R. No. 1736Danialpur
182P.S. Daniyalpur R. No. 2834Danialpur
183P.S. Kewadi Room No. 1950Kewari
184P.S. Rustampurwa Majre Khaspariya R. No. 1903Khasparia
185P.S. Rustampurwa Majre Khaspariya R. No. 2978Khasparia
186P.S. Sandauli Umarpur Room No. 11439Sandauli Umarpur
187P.S. Mohammadpur Chauki Room No. 11167Mohammadpur Chauki
188P.S. Safedabad Room No. 1549Safedabad
189P.S. Ahiranpurwa Majre Sarthara R. No. 1912Sarthara
190P.S. Ahiranpurwa Majre Sarthara R. No. 2625Sarthara
191P.S. Ahiranpurwa Majre Sarthara Extra Room518Sarthara
192P.S. Parethiya Room No. 1693Mohammadpur Parethia
193P.S. Bhuhera Room No. 1934Bhuhera
194P.S. Urgadiya Room No. 1656Urgadia
195P.S. Gadiya 1 Room N0 21347Gadia Anshik
196P.S. Gadiya 1 Room N0 1595Gadia
197J.H.S. Mubarakpur Room 11286Gadia
198P.S. Makhdoompur Room 1946Gadia
199P.S. Gadiya Form Room No. 1904Gadia
200Panchayat Bhawan Farestipur Gadiya Room No. 11232Gadia
201P.S. Alapur Room 1930Abdulla Pur
202P. S. Alapur Room No. 2574Barabanki
203P. S. Safipur Room No. 11399Barabanki
204P.S. Obri Room No. 1921Obaree (CT)
205P. S. Obri Room No. 2568Obaree (CT)
206P. S. Pure Moti Majre Obri Room No. 11025Obaree (CT)
207P. S. Pure Moti Majre Obri Room No. 2811Obaree (CT)
208P. S. Pure Moti Majre Obri Anganbari Room No. 11779Obaree (CT)
209P. S. Pure Moti Majre Obri Anganbari Room No. 2678Obaree (CT)
210Vikash Bhawan Cycle Stand Bhutal North Part644Obaree (CT)
211Vikash Bhawan Cycle Stand Bhutal South Part1273Obaree (CT)
212J. H.S. Khotideeh Room No. 1834Obaree (CT)
213J. H. S. Khotideeh Room No. 21067Obaree (CT)
214P. S. Bhituhra Room No. 1646Bhitura
215Town Area Office Banki East Part917Banki (NP)
216Town Eiriya Office Banki West Part1076Banki (NP)
217Samudayik Kendr Water Ki Tanki Banki Room N0 11118Banki (NP)
218Samudayik Kendr Water Ki Tanki Banki Room N0 21029Banki (NP)
219Baratghar Relwe Room N0 11565Banki (NP)
220Baratgar Railwe Room N0 21477Banki (NP)
221J.H.S. Banki Room No. 1959Banki (NP)
222J.H.S. Banki Room No. 21120Banki (NP)
224P.S. Banki Sauth Part1142Banki (NP)
225P.S. Banki Middle Part1215Banki (NP)
226P.S. Banki East Part1135Banki (NP)
227P.S. Police Line Room 1953Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
228P. S. Police Line Room No. 2882Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
229Jawahar Lal Neru D.C. Barabanki Room N0 1651Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
230Jawahar Lal Neru D.C. Barabanki Room N0 2884Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
231J.H.S. Police Line Nagar Eiriya East Part1080Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
232J.H.S. Police Line Nagar Eiriya Madhy Part1439Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
233J.H.S. Police Line Nagar Eriya Panchayat Part1108Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
234P.S. Gandhi Nagar Room 1810Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
235P.S. Gandhi Nagar Room 2847Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
236Jameerulrahman Kidvai Girls I.C. Room N0 5755Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
237Jameerulrahman Kidvai Girls I.C. Room N0 8942Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
238Jameerulrahman Kidvai Girls I.C. Room N0 7812Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
239New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-2938Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
240New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-3791Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
241New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-61159Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
242New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-251167Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
243New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-29982Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
244New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-301371Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
245New Bhawan Chau. A.A.T.C. Boys Room No-34 Kampani Bag1254Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
246Rajkeey Adharit Girls P.S. Room No. 11087Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
247Rajkeey Adharit Girls P.S. Room No. 21407Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
248P.S. Peerbatawan Room No. 1853Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
249City I.C. New Building Room N0 4 Peerbatawan1210Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
250City I.C. New Building Room N0 14 Peerbatawan889Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
251City I.C. New Building Room N0 Peerbatawan1087Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
252City I.C New Building Room N0 6 Peerbatawan1268Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
253City I.C. Old Building Room N0 7 Peerbatawan1394Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
254City I.C. Purani Building Room N0 1 Peerbatawan1165Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
255City I.C. Purani Building Room N0 2 Peerbatawan820Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
256City I.C. Purani Building Room N0 3 Peerbatawan1016Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
257City I.C. Purni Building Room 4 Peerbatawan1076Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
258Rajeshvari P.S. Room N0 1793Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
259Rajeshvari P.S. Room N0 2674Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
260Rajeshvari P.S. Room N0 3947Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
261Girls P.S. Gulriha Garda Room No. 11025Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
262Girls P.S. Gulriha Garda Room No. 21412Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
263Subhash P.S. Room No. 1972Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
264Subhash P.S. Room No. 2914Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
265P.S. Gulriha Garda Boys Room No. 1929Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
266P.S. Gulriha Garda Boys Room No. 2869Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
267P.S. Gulriha Garda Boys New Bhawan Room No. 11014Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
268P.S. Gulriha Garda Boys New Bhawan Room No. 21031Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
269P.S. Paisar Baladas Kuti Room 1760Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
270P.S. Paisar Baladas Kuti Room 2892Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
271Girls P.S. Katra Room No. 11408Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
272P.S. Kanoon Goyan New Bhawan Room No. 1918Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
273P.S. Kanoon Goyan New Bhawan Room No. 2528Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
274P.S. Mohari Ka Purwa Room 11129Paisar
275P.S. Mohari Ka Purwa Room 21086Paisar
276J.H.S. Paisar Room No. 11089Paisar
277Nagar Palika Town Hal Ka Poorvi Part Sauth Part1373Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
278Nagar Palika Town Hal Ka Sauth Part1002Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
279Nagar Palika Taaun Hall Ka Panchayat Part Ka Sauth Part1229Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
280J.H.S. Chacha Nehru Room No. 1988Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
281J.H.S.Chacha Nehru Room No. 21255Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
282G.G.I.C Room No. 12873Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
283G.I.C. South Baag Room No. 11079Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
284G.I.C Room No. 171408Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
285G.I.C Room No. 181221Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
286G.I.C Room No. 191279Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
287G.I.C Room No. 271171Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
288Eram Convent School Ramnagar Baag Room No. 11119Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
289Eram Convent School Ramnagar Baag Room No. 2640Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
290Eram Convent School Ramnagar Baag Room No. 31202Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
291Eram Convent School Ramnagar Baag Room No. 4727Nawabganj (NPP + OG)
292P.S. Manjhlepur Room No. 1806Manjhle Pur
293P.S. Faizullaganj Room No.11120Faizulla Ganj
294P.S. Banwa Room No. 11318Banwan
295P.S. North Bhag Darahra784Darhara
296P.S. South Bhag Darahra1071Darhara
297P.S. Middle Bhag Darahra1100Darhara
298P.S. Shahavpur Room No. 1680Shahab Pur
299P.S. Shahavpur Room No. 2929Shahab Pur
300J.H.S. Shahabpur Room 1538Shahab Pur
301J.H.S. Shahabpur Room 21020Shahab Pur
302J.H.S. Shahabpur Room 3485Shahab Pur
303J.H.S. Shahabpur Extra Room1034Shahab Pur
304P.S. Katra Susvai Room No 1794Shahab Pur
305New P.S. Katra Susvai880Shahab Pur
306P.S. Sultanpur Room No. 11194Sultanpur
307P.S. East Part Sursanda1420Sursanda
308P.S. West Part Sursanda1254Sursanda
309P.S.Midil Sursanda1140Sursanda
310P.S. Mubarakpur Room No. 1828Mubarak Pur
311Panchayat House Bhanauli1207Manauli
312P.S. Dulheepur Room No. 11162Dulhipur
313P.S. Palhari Room N0 1970Palhari
314P.S. Palhari Room N0 2887Palhari
315P.S. Inameepur Room No. 1575Inamipur
316P.S. Shuklai Room 1875Shuklai
317P.S. Shuklai Room 2624Shuklai
318Girls J.H.S. Badel1120Barel (CT)
319J.H.S. Badel Room 11155Barel (CT)
320J.H.S. Badel Room 2383Barel (CT)
321J.H.S. Badel Room 31208Barel (CT)
322Girls P.S Badel Room No. 11372Barel (CT)
323P.S. Jagnehta Room No. 1656Barel (CT)
324P.S. Saheriya Room No. 1581Sehariya
325P.S. Jalalpur Room N0 1960Barel (CT)
326P.S. Jalalpur Room N0 2773Barel (CT)
327P.S. Jalalpur Sauth Part1105Jalapur
328P.S. Jalalpur Extra Room1036Barel (CT)
329Ramsewak I.C. Lakhpedabag Room N0 51455Barel (CT)
330Ramsewak I.C. Lakhpedabag Room N0 61121Barel (CT)
331Ramsewak I.C. Lakhpedabag1016Barel (CT)
332Ramsewak Lakhpedabag Room N0 91441Barel (CT)
333Ramsewak Lakhpedabag Room N0 101261Barel (CT)
334Subhash Adarsh I.C.Kurauli Room No. 11212Kurauli
335P.S. Jinhauli Room No. 11371Jinholi
336J.H.S. Aseni Room No. 11003Aseni
337P.S. Dhaukalpur Room No. 1693Aseni
338P.S. Dharsaniya Room No. 1608Dharsania
339P.S. Karkha Room No. 1639Karkha
340P.S. Gokulpur Room No. 11389Gokul Pur
341P.S. Mauthri North Part1136Mauthari
342P.S. Mauthri Sauth Bhag1328Mauthari
343P.S. Darapur Room N0 11086Dara Pur
344P.S. Manera Room N0 11048Manera
345P.S. Daudpur Room N0 1831Daud Pur
346P.S. Saray Akbarabad Room N0 1628Saray Akbarabad
347P.S. Jafarpur Room N0 1999Jafar Pur
348P.S. Saray Budhedi Room N0 1379Sarai Budheri
349P.S. Lakhaicha Room N0 1913Lakhaicha
350P.S. Beejemau Room 1910Mampur Rah
351P.S. Kamarpur Room N0 1908Kamar Pur
352J.H.S. Hasemau Room N0 11058Hansemau
353P.S. Saraymihi Room N0 1940Sarai Mihi
354P.S.Narth Part Bhitauli Kala Room N0 11246Bhitauli Kalan
355P.S. D.Bhag Bhitauli Kala1418Bhitauli Kalan
356P.S. Rampur Joga Room N0 11000Rampur Joga
357P.S. Dallookhera Room N0 1744Dallookhera
358P.S. Tindhwani Room No. 11126Tinduani
359P.S. Barauli Room N0 1960Barauli
360P.S. Barauli Room N0 2645Barauli
361P.S. Barauli Estre Room1200Barauli
362P.S. Jata R.N.11305Jata

Last Updated on November 15, 2014