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Polling Booth in Agra Rural Assembly Constituency

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Agra Rural Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Agra Rural

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Agra Rural Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Charvati Inter Collage Akola R.No.-1 North Part1329Akola
2Charvati Inter Collage Akola R.No.-2 North Part1174Akola
3Charvati Inter Collage Akola R.No.-3 South Part900Akola
4Charvati Inter Collage Akola R.No.-4 South Part999Akola
5Charvati Inter Collage Akola R.No.-5 South Part1066Shankarpur
6Pra.Vid.Nagla Jayram R.No-1632Nagla Jairam
7Pra.Vid.Nagla Jayram R.No-2519Akola
9Pra.Vid.Pinani524Pinani Ramnagar
11Pra.Vid.Nagla Sawla622Mankenda
12Pur.Mad.Vid.Mankeda R.No.-11292Mankenda
13Pur.Mad.Vid.Mankeda R.No.-21093Mankenda
14Pra.Vid.Nagla Kare R.No-1878Mankenda
15Pra.Vid.Nagla Kare R.No-2767Nagla Kare Mankenda
16Pra.Vid.Lalau R.No-1841Lalau
17Pra.Vid.Lalau R.No-2695Lalau
18Pra.Vid.Jarua Katra R.No-11182Jarua Katra
19Pra.Vid.Jarua Katra R.No-2884Jarua Katra
20Pra.Vid.Jarua Katra R.No-3732Jarua Katra
21Kanya Pra.Vid.Jarua Katra753Katra
22Pur.Mad.Vid.Jarua Katra R.No-1590Jarua Katra
23Pur.Mad.Vid.Jarua Katra R.No-2966Gopalpura
25Pra.Vid.Baikhera R.No.-1489Bain Khera
26Pra.Vid.Baikhera R.No.-2598Bain Khera
27Pra.Vid.Khera Bhagor R.No.-1980Khera Bhagor
28Pra.Vid.Khera Bhagor R.No.-2782Khera Bhagor
29Pra.Vid. Gamri1125Gamari
30Pra.Vid.Khaluaa R.No.-11385Khallauwa
31Pra.Vid.Khaluaa R.No.21255Khal
32Pur.Mad.Vid.Gadsani R.No-1965Garhsani
33Pur.Mad.Vid.Gadsani R.No-2757Garhsani
35Pra.Vid.Nagla Hatti634Barara
36Pra.Vid.Nagla Bhuriya1135Nagla Bhuria
37Pur.Mad.Vid.Barara R.No-1890Barara
38Pur.Mad.Vid.Barara R.No-2431Nagla Haga
39Pur.Mad.Vid.Barara R.No-31042Barara
40Pra.Vid.Barara R.No.-1971Barara
41Pra.Vid.Barara R.No.-21095Barara
43Pra.Vid.Gadi Guljari896Guljari
44Pur.Mad.Vid.Midhakur R.No-1 East Part779Midhakur
45Pur.Mad.Vid.Midhakur R.No-2 East Part537Midhakur
46Pur.Mad.Vid.Midhakur R.No-2 Wast Part865Midhakur
47Pur.Mad.Vid.Midhakur R.No-4 Wast Part830Midhakur
48Janta Inter Collage Midhakur R.No.-1940Midhakur
49Janta Inter Collage Midhakur R.No.-2813Midhakur
50Janta Inter Collage Midhakur R.No.-3985Midhakur
51Janta Inter Collage Midhakur R.No.-41013Midhakur
53Pra.Vid.Sahara R.No.-1911Sahara
54Pra.Vid.Sahara R.No.-21299Sahara
55P.S.Sahara -21111Sahara
56Pra.Vid.Angothi R.No.-11208Anguthi
57Pra.Vid.Angothi R.No.-2995Anguthi
58Pra.Vid.Ladamada R.No.-11343Laramada
59Pra.Vid.Ladamada R.No.-2922Laramada
60Pra.Vid.Bichpuri No-2 R.No-11474Bichpuri
61Pra.Vid.Bichpuri No-2 R.No-21208Bichpuri
62Pra.Vid. Chauthana R.No.-11043Chauhatna
63Pra.Vid. Chauthana R.No.-2989Chauhatna
64Pra.Vi.Sadarvan R.No.-11281Sadarban
66Pra.Vid. Magtai R.No.-1787Manghatai
67Pra.Vid.Magtai R.No.-2792Manghatai
68Pra.Vi. Jaupura R.No.-11179Jaupura
69Pra.Vi. Jaupura R.No.-21359Jaupura
70Pra.Vid.Mohammadpur R.No.-11327Girrajpuram
71Pra.Vid.Mohammadpur R.No.-21383Mohammadpur
72Ucch. Pra.Vid.Nagla Thuiram1358Nagla Mahal
73Pra.Vid.Lakhanpur R.No.-11194Lakhanpur
74Pra.Vid.Lakhanpur R.No.-2656Lakhanpur
75Pra.Vid.Artoni R.No.-1833Artauni (CT)
76Pra.Vid.Artoni R.No.-31374Artauni (CT)
77Pra.Vid.Artoni R.No.-21067Artauni (CT)
78Pur.Mad.Vid.Artoni.R.No.-11114Artauni (CT)
79Pra.Vid. Nagla Sohanlal588Nagla Sohanlal
80Pra.Vid.Babarpur R.No.-1878Baipur Ehtmali
81Pra.Vid.Babarpur R.No.-21082Babarpur
82Pra.Vid.Swami Nagla Nathu R.No.-1551Baipur Ehtmali
83Pra.Vid.Swami Nagla Nathu R.No.-2240Nagla Chhitar Singh
84Pra.Vid Kailesh (Swami)636Swami Ehtmali
85Par.Vid.Gadi Baipur1045Garhi Baipur
86Pra.Vid.Baipur R.No.-11402Baipur Ehtmali
87Pra.Vid.Baipur R.No.-2973Baipur
88Pra.Vid.Baipur R.No.-31168Baipur
89Pra.Vid.Nagla Talfi619Khaspur Ehtmali
91Pra.Vid.Khaspur1040Khaspur Ehtmali
92Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-1 East Prat997Shivpuram
93Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-2 East Prat1237Pashchimpuri
94Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-3 Weast Prat1188Pashchimpuri
95Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-4 Weast Prat1257Pashchimpuri
96Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-6 Weast Prat1204Shastripuram B Block
97Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-5 Weast Prat682Pashchimpuri
98Sarvhikari Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtora R.No.-7 Weast Prat1990Dehtora (CT)
99Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-1 East Part239Dahtora Friendspuram
100Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-2 East Part890Dehtora (CT)
101Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-3 East Part1018Pashchimpuri
102Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-4 Wast Part1459Dehtora (CT)
103Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-5 Wast Part1476Shashtripuram A Block
104Pur.Mad.Vid.Dahtorar.No.-6 Wast Part1587Dehtora (CT)
105Pra.Vid. Nagla Albatiya R.No.-1994Awadhpuri
106Pra.Vid.Nagla Albatiya R.No-2672Nagla Aalbtiya
107Pra.Vid.Kalwari R.No.-11379Vilas Ganj
108Pra.Vid.Kalwari R.No.-2743Kalwari (CT)
109Pra.Vid.Kalwari R.No.-4889Vilasganj
110Pra.Vid.Kalwari R.No.-3865Kalwari (CT)
111Pra.Vid.Kalwari R.No.-5614Kalwari (CT)
112Pur.Mad.Vid. Kalwari R.No.-11296Kalwari (CT)
113Pur.Mad.Vid. Kalwari R.No.-31310Kalwari (CT)
114Pur.Mad.Vid. Kalwari R.No.-21002Kalwari (CT)
115Pur.Mad.Vid875Kalwari (CT)
116Pur.Vid.Devratha R.No.-1 East Part1297Kalwari (CT)
117Pra.Vid.Devratha R.No-3East Part729Murali Vihar
118Pur.Mad.Vid.Devratha 11162Kalwari (CT)
119Pur.Mad.Vid.Devratha 2329Kalwari (CT)
120Pra.Vid.Devratha R.No-3 Wast Part1420Seinik Nagar
121Pra.Vid.Devratha R.No-41409Kalwari (CT)
122Ambedkar Murti Milan Kaendra Devretha R.No-11431Deoretha No. 2
123Ambedkar Murti Milan Kaendra Devretha R.No-21009Kalwari (CT)
124Ambedkar Murti Milan Kaendra Devretha R.No-3629Kalwari (CT)
125Pra.Vid. Suchata1248Chauhatna
126Pra.Vid. Pathuoli R.No.-11145Patholi (CT)
127Pra.Vid.Pathuoli R.No.-2919Patholi (CT)
128Pur.Mad.Vid.Pathouli.R.No.-1968Patholi (CT)
129Pur.Mad.Vid.Pathouli.R.No.-2801Patholi (CT)
130Pur.Mad.Vid.Pathouli.R.No.-31429Patholi (CT)
131Pur.Mad.Vid.Pathouli.R.No.-4487Nagala Basua
134Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-2 East Prat765Dhanauli (CT)
135Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-1 East Prat1147Nagala Buddha
136Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-3 East Prat1350Dhanauli (CT)
137Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-4 East Prat737Nagala Bhagat
138Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-1 Wast Prat777Dhanauli (CT)
139Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-2 Wast Prat726Dhanauli (CT)
140Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-3 Wast Prat812Gautam Buddh Nagar
141Pra.Vid.Dhanoli R.No.-4 Wast Prat734Dhanauli (CT)
142Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-1 East Part1269Karamveer Nagar
143Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-5 East Part1510Gautam Budha Nagar
144Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-4 Wast Part811Dhanauli (CT)
146Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-2 East Part1174Dhanauli (CT)
147Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-7 East Part1083Dhanauli (CT)
148Rambabu Inter Collage Dhanoli R.No-3 East Part1188Dhanauli (CT)
149Pra.Vid.Nagla Shankarlal R.No.-1970Nagala Shankarlal
150Pra.Vid.Nagla Shankarlal R.No-2822Dhanauli (CT)
151Maharani Avantibai Ucch Mad Vid Dhanoli R.No.-1982Dhanauli (CT)
152Maharani Avantibai Ucch Mad Vid Dhanoli R.No.-21248Dhanauli (CT)
153Maharani Avantibai Ucch Mad Vid Dhanoli R.No.-3894Dhanauli (CT)
154Maharani Avantibai Ucch Mad Vid Dhanoli R.No.-5575Dhanauli (CT)
155Maharani Avantibai Ucch Mad Vid Dhanoli R.No.-41408Lakshmanpuri
156Panchyat Ghar Dhanoli R.No.-11440Kanchanpur
157Panchyat Ghar Dhanoli R.No.-21367Dhanauli (CT)
158Pra.Vid.Tapra R.No.-11437Nagala Anandi
159Pra.Vid.Tapra R.No.-21307Tapara
160Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-11003Nagala Uda
161Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-4951Azizpur (CT)
162Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-2712Nagala Uda
163Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-31323Azizpur (CT)
164Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-11024Azizpur (CT)
165Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-51117Azizpur (CT)
166Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-21291Azizpur (CT)
167Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-61070Nai Abadi Ajijpur
168Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-31411Azizpur (CT)
169Kanya Pra.Vid.Ajijpur R.No.-4755Nai Abadi Ajijpur
170Pra.Vid.Bamroli Aheir R.No-11296Bamrauli Ahir
171Pra.Vid.Bamroli Aheir R.No-2710Bamrauli Ahir
173Pra.Vid.Bamroli Aheir R.No-31006Bamrauli Ahir
174Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-1 East Part1235Malpura
175Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-2 East Part983Malpura
176Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-3 Wast Part885Malpura
177Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-7 Wast Part795Malpura
178Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-4 Wast Part837Malpura
179Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-5 North Part1327Malpura
180Tularam Inter Collage School Malpura R.No.-6 North Part596Malpura
181Pra.Vid.Abhaypura R.No.-1966Abhaypura
182Pra.Vid.Abhaypura R.No.-2601Abhaypura
183Pra.Vid.Seeroli R.No.-11471Siroli
184Pra.Vid.Seeroli R.No.-2996Siroli
185Shri Kailadevi Inter Collage Ethora R.No.-1 East Part1320Itaura
186Shri Kailadevi Inter Collage Ethora R.No.-2 East Part1348Itaura
187Shri Kailadevi Inter Collage Ethora R.No.-3 East Part706Jharpura
188Shri Kailadevi Inter Collage Ethora R.No.-4 Wast Part576Itaura
189Shri Kailadevi Inter Collage Ethora R.No.-5 Wast Part909Nagala Breital
190Pra.Vid.Bhadi R.No.-1886Bhandai
191Pra.Vid.Bhadi R.No.-2758Bhandai
192Pra.Vid.Kuthawali844Nagala Kuthawali
193Pra.Vid.Baad R.No.-1888Bad
194Pra.Vid.Baad R.No.-21184Bad
195N.P.R.C. Kakuaa R.No.-1768Kakua
196N.P.R.C. Kakuaa R.No.-2832Kakua
197Pra.Vid.Kakuaa R.No.-2953Bhogalpura
199Pra.Vid.Kabulpur R.No.-11060Kaboolpur
200Pra.Vid.Kabulpur R.No.-2810Kaboolpur
201Pra.Vid.Kabulpur R.No.-31367Kaboolpur
202Pra.Vid.Salaimabad R.No.-11126Salemabad
203Pra.Vid.Salaimabad R.No.-2462Salemabad
204Pra.Vid.Bhaee R.No.-1841Bhahai
205Pra.Vid.Bhaee R.No.-2697Bhahai
207Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-1 East Part1464Garhi Rohta
208Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-2 East Part1157Rohta (CT)
209Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-7 East Part561Rohta (CT)
210Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-3 Wast Part1324Nagala Padma
211Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-4 Wast Part774Nagala Padma
212Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-8 Wast Part841Rohta (CT)
213Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-5 North Part1068Nagala Padma
214Rohta Inter Collage Rohta R.No.-6 North Part1264Rohta (CT)
215Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-1 East Part870Nainana Jat (CT)
216Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-2 East Part730Nainana Jat (CT)
217Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-3 East Part516Nainana Jat (CT)
218Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-4 Wast Part891Nainana Jat (CT)
219Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-5 Wast Part748Nainana Jat (CT)
220Pra.Vid.Nainanajaat R.No.-6 Wast Part912Nainana Jat (CT)
221Pur.Mad.Vid.Nainana Jaat R.No.-1872Nainana Jat (CT)
222Pra.Vid.Ambedkar Nagar Nainanajaat716Nagala Vidhi Chandra
223Pur.Mad.Vid.Nainana Jaat R.No.-21467Nainana Jat (CT)
225Naya Panchyat Ghar Nainana Bharaman1227Nainana Jat (CT)
226Pra.Vid.Nainana Bharaman R.No.11152Nainana Jat (CT)
227Pra.Vid.Nainana Bharaman R.No.2975Nainana-Brahman (CT)
228Pra.Vid.Kulakha R.No.-1976Nagala Darauli
229Pra.Vid.Kulakha R.No.-2799Kaulakha (CT)
230Pra.Vid.Kulakha R.No.-3965Nagala Darauli
231Pra.Vid.Kulakha R.No.-4695Kaulakha (CT)
232Pra.Vid.Kulakha R.No.-5795Kaulakkha Na Abadi
233Pur.Mad.Vid.Kahari R.No.-11338Kahrai
234Pur.Mad.Vid.Kahari R.No.-21120Kahrai
235Pur.Mad.Vid.Kahari R.No.-31190Kahrai
236Pur.Mad.Vid.Naglakali R.No.-11178Nagla Kali
238Pa.Vid.Rajrai1419Nai Abadi Rajrai
239Pra.Vid.Naubari R.No.-1721Naubari
240Pra.Vid.Naubari R.No.-2791Naubari
241Pra.Vid.Semri R.N0-1919Saimari
242Pra.Vid.Semri R.N0-4788Saimari
243Pra.Vid.Semri R.N0-21410Saimari
244Pra.Vid.Semri R.N0-3888Saimari Na Abadi
245Pra.Vid.Semri R.N0-51222Saimari
246Pra.Vid.Pachgai Khera R.No.-11064Pachgain Khera
247Pra.Vid.Pachgai Khera R.No.-2980Pachgain Khera
248Pra.Vid.Pachgai R.No.-1808Pachgain Khera
249Pra.Vid.Pachgai R.No.-2784Pachgain Khera
250Pra.Vid.Devri R.No-1820Garhi Dewri
251Pra.Vid.Devri R.No.-3779Deori
252Pra.Vid.Devri R.No.-21452Nagala Dewri
254Pra.Vid.Nagla Kakrari1221Kakrari
255Pra.Vid.Vishera Kala833Bishara Kalan
256Pra.Vid.Gadi Raddu867Bishara Kalan
258Pra.Vid.Gangruaa R.No.-11022Gangraua
259Pra.Vid.Gangruaa R.No.-2696Gangraua
260Pra.Vid.Bheta R.No.-11035Bahenta
261Pra.Vid.Bheta R.No.-2983Bahenta
263Pra.Vid.Gutila R.No.-11029Gutla
264Pra.Vid.Gutila R.No.-21132Gutla
265Pur.Mad.Vid.Bamroli Aheir R.No.-11353Barauli Ahir
266Pur.Mad.Vid.Baroli Ahier R.No.-21452Barauli Ahir
267Pra.Vid.Barouli Aheir R.No.-11126Barauli Ahir
268Pra.Vid.Barouli Aheir R.No.-2787Barauli Ahir
269Pra.Vid.Bagda R.No.-1987Bagda
270Pra.Vid.Bagda R.No.-2949Bagda
271Pra.Vid.Chamroli R.No.-11083Chamrauli
272Pra.Vid.Chamroli R.No.-31056Chamrauli
273Pra.Vid.Chamroli R.No.-2991Chamrauli
274Pra.Vid.Chamroli R.No.-4895Chamrauli
275Pra.Vid. Karmana R.No.-1804Karmana
276Pra.Vid.Karmana R.No.-3821Karmana Ehtmali
277Pra.Vid.Karmana R.No.-2873Karmana
279Pra.Vid.Bhudana R.No-11133Budhana
280Pur.Mad Vid Bhudana R.No.-11443Budhana Ehtmali
281Pru.Mad.Vid.Bhudana R.No.-2731Budhana
282Pra.Vid.Kalal Kheriya R.No-11263Kalal Kheria
283Pra.Vid.Kalal Kheryian R.No.-2845Kalal Kheria
284Pra.Vid.Tora R.No.-1926Tora
285Pra.Vid.Tora R.No.-2812Tora
286Pra.Vid.Kuakherda R.No.-1878Kuan Khera
287Pra.Vid.Kuakherda R.No.-2423Kuan Khera
288Kanya Pur.Mad.Vid.Kuakheda R.No.1640Kuan Khera
289Pra.Vid.Gadi Nawaliya1063Kuan Khera
290Pra.Vid Mahuakhera R.No.-11062Mahua Khera
291Pra.Vid.Mahuakheda R.No.-2954Mahua Khera
292Pur.Mad.Vid.Lakawali R.No-11002Lakavali
293Pur.Mad.Vid.Lakawali R.No-2594Lakavali
294Pur.Mad.Vid.Lakawali R.No-31060Lakavali
295Pur.Mad.Vid.Lakawali R.No-4818Lakavali
296Pra.Vid.Bhudera R.No-1919Barara
297Pra.Vid.Bhudera R.No-2776Barara
298Pra.Vid.Bhuderar.No.-3869Maipura Burhera
299Pra.Vid.Akberpur R.No-11023Brahmnagar
300Pra.Vid.Akberpur R.No-2857Akbarpur
302Maharani Avantibai Inter Collage Shymo R.No.-1 East Part1006Shyamo
303Maharani Avantibai Inter Collage Shymo R.No.-2 East Part790Shyamo
304Maharani Avantibai Inter Collage Shymo R.No.-3 Wast Part1065Shyamo
305Pra.Vid.Shymo R.No.-1913Shyamo
306Pra Vid Shymo R.No.-2868Shyamo
307Pra.Vid.Shymo R.No.-3912Shyamo
308Pra.Vid.Digner R.No.-1 North Part1379Garhi Ishwari
309Pra.Vid.Digner R.No.-2 North Part732Digner
310Pra.Vid.Digner R.No.-3 South Part806Digner
312Pra.Vid.Pavawali1114Pawawali Tarkpura
313Pra.Vid.Bisari Bhan862Bishari Bhand
314Pra.Vid.Islampur1448Brihammanagar Islampur
316Pra.Vid.Gadi Verendavan478Bamrauli Katara
317Kishan Vidyapeeth High.Sec.Sch.Bamrouli Katara North Part R.No-1962Garhi Gya Prasad
318Kishan Vidyapeeth High.Sec.Sch.Bamrouli Katara North Part R.No-21336Bamrauli Katara
319Kishan Vidyapeeth High.Sec.Sch.Bamrouli Katara North Part R.No-3717Bamrauli Katara
320Kishan Vidyapeeth High.Sec.Sch.Bamrouli Katara North Part R.No-41039Bamrauli Katara
322Pua.Mid.Vid.Nagla Taal Bamrouli Katara R.No.2789Nagala Tal
323Pur.Mid.Vid.Nagla Taal Bamruali Katara R.No.-3815Nagala Tal
324Pra.Vid.Hingot Kheryia R.No.11047Hingot Kheria
325Pra.Vid.Hingot Kheryia R.No.-2712Akbarpur
326Pra.Vid.Ethmadpur R.No.-11286Etmadpur Madra
327Pra.Vid.Ethmadpur R.No.-2509Madra Atmadpur
328Pra.Vid.Kakarpur R.No.-1850Etmadpur Madra
329Pra.Vid.Kakarpur R.No.-2448Battisa
330Pra.Vid.Samogar R.No-1929Samogar Ehtmali
331Pra.Vid.Samogar R.No-2778Samogar
334Pra.Vid.Kachpura R.No-11422Kachhipura
335Pra.Vid.Kachpura R.No-2659Pokharpura Kundaul
336D.A.V.Ucch.Mad.Vid.Kundol R.No.-1 East Part980Kundol
337D.A.V.Ucch.Mad.Vid.Kundol R.No.-2 East Part1373Kundol
338D.A.V.Ucch.Mad.Vid.Kundol R.No.-3 Wast Part1113Kundol
339D.A.V.Ucch.Mad.Vid.Kundol R.No.-4 Wast Part511Kundol
340D.A.V.Ucch.Mad.Vid.Kundol R.No.-5 Wast Part1039Nagala Kans
341Pra.Vid.Dhamota R.No.-1753Dhamota
342Pra.Vid.Dhamota R.No.-2807Dhamota
343Pra.Vid.Visarna R.No.-1773Pipra
344Pra.Vid.Visarna R.No.-2762Bisarna
345Pra.Vid.Naduta R.No.-1822Nadauta
346Pra.Vid.Naduta R.No.-2754Nadauta
347Pra.Vid.Sita Ram Ki Madiya900Sitaram Ki Marhaiya
349Pra.Vid.Tanora Norpur1100Tanora Noorpur Ehtmali
350Pra.Vid.Mahera Naharganj631Mehra Naharganj
352Pra.Vid.Gadi Chandan R.No-11014Jhil Jatav
353Pra.Vid.Gadi Chandan R.No-2586Balhera
354Pra.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No-11068Barauli Gujar
355Pra.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No-2745Barauli Gujar
356Pra.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No.-31368Nagala Bagda
357Pra.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No.-4610Thar Chhamodar
358Pur.Mad.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No-11119Barauli Gujar
359Pur.Mad.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No-2959Patpra
360Pur.Mad.Vid.Baroli Gujar R.No-3538Thar Khema

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