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Polling Booth in Rajarhat Gopalpur Assembly Constituency

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Rajarhat Gopalpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Rajarhat Gopalpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rajarhat Gopalpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kaikhali F. P. School807Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
7Kaikhali Mondal Ganti F. P. School844Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
10Mondalganti Urdu Primary School684Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
13Kaikhali Haj Tower958Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
16Tegharia Shikshayatan1161Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
23Gopalpur Arjunpur 2No. Puratan Gram Panchayet Office756Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
24Jyangra Adarsha Vidyalaya748Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
25Charigram Shri Ramkrishna Asram Adarsha Balika Vidyalaya1005Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
27Charigram Shriramkrishna Ashram Adarsha Balak Vidyalaya569Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
31Eastmall Friends United Club585Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
33Arjunpur F. P. School768Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
39Pashchimpara Pally Unnayan Samiti790Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
41Arjunpur Club622Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
43Nabajagrat Sangha1061Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
44Annadasundari Balika Bidyapith617Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
48Pramila Memorial Institution632Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
53Janakalyan Samiti778Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
55Chittaranjan Colony Hindu Bidyapith564Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
62Mecanical Complex P.W.D858Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
63S-A- I Baguihati Section P.W (Roads)1021Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
68Jyangra F. P. School820Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
71Baguiati F. P. School938Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
80Shishu Kalyan Sangha958Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
81Jyangra Hatiara 1No Puratan Gram Panchayet Office650Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
8221 No. Ward Office621Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
83Bhai Bhai Sangha871Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
84Sharatsmriti F. P. School1140Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
90Ashwini Nagar J. N. Mondal Institiution953Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
92Naranarayan Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya780Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
97Jagatpur F. P. School787Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
99Calcutta Public School853Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
101Udayan Pally Club735Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
103Udayan Sangha Club1044Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
104Bagjola G. S. F. P. School784Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
106Pallishri Club903Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
109Rotary Club Dum Dum952Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
110Narayantala F. P School551Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
112Mastar Da Smriti Sangha1122Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
114Milon Sangha Club690Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
118Ashwini Nagar Deshapriya Balika Bidyamandir982Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
122Prafull Kanan Nibedita K. G. School973Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
123Prafullakanan Deshapriya Bidyamandir (Balak)937Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
128Krishnapur Majherpara F. P. School895Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
134Rabindrapally F. P. School711Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
140Chandiberia F. P. School757Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
144Chirasabuj Bidyaniketan830Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
150Krishnapur Basic Primary School1141Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
154Krishnapur Milan Samiti948Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
159Samar Smriti Kishalay Prathamik Vidyalaya603Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
165Motijheel Girls High School726South DumDum (M)
169Kishore Bharati Primary School807South DumDum (M)
172Shahid Rameshwar Bidyamandir787South DumDum (M)
175Shri Krishna Bidyalay(Uchchamadhyamik)1008South DumDum (M)
176Aryapally Primary School1011South DumDum (M)
178Dum Dum Poura School652South DumDum (M)
179Milan Sangha Club856South DumDum (M)
181Aryapally Club583South DumDum (M)
184Banimandir Prathamik Vidyalaya857South DumDum (M)
185Dum Dum Bibekananda Vidyalaya838South DumDum (M)
187Satgachi U. P School967South DumDum (M)
193Loknath Prathamik Vidyalaya472South DumDum (M)
194Netaji Sangha715South DumDum (M)
199I. P. P. Centre Hau Building657South DumDum (M)
200Bapuji Colony Adarsha Buniyadi Bidyamandir973South DumDum (M)
201Nabayuba Sammilani882South DumDum (M)
203Children ParkRabibasar Club918South DumDum (M)
208Sarboday Bidyapith807South DumDum (M)
214Dum Dum Arabinda Bidyamandir526South DumDum (M)
218Shri Bidyapati Hindi School726South DumDum (M)
219Ram Krishna Sarada Mission Bibekananda Bidyabhawan908South DumDum (M)
222Jaypur Children Park846South DumDum (M)
225Jaypur Young Association Club576South DumDum (M)
227Japur Bidyamandir721South DumDum (M)
229Jaypur Young Association ClubPuja Mondap719South DumDum (M)
231Shyamnagar High School977South DumDum (M)
237Harinarayan Prathamik Bidyalay(G. S. F.P)894South DumDum (M)
238Dakshin Para Children Park649South DumDum (M)
240Rabindranagar Samiti Comuniti Mondap(G. S. F. P)781South DumDum (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014