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Polling Booth in Kalchini Assembly Constituency

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Kalchini Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kalchini

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalchini Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Samaj Kalyan Sangha1104Jaygaon (CT)
2Adarsha English School781Jaygaon (CT)
3Jaigaon Ramkrishna Vidyalaya (Bengali Medium)1027Jaygaon (CT)
5St. Dominic School977Jaygaon (CT)
6Jaigaon S.H.M.D School818Jaygaon (CT)
7Jaogaon Jr. High School (Bengali Medium)639Jaygaon (CT)
8Jaigaon Sukanta Vidyapith1079Jaygaon (CT)
9Jaigaon Hindi Jr. High School860Jaygaon (CT)
10Jaigaon Nazrul Smriti Jr. High Madrasa933Jaygaon (CT)
11Jaigaon B.D Memorial Hall Primary School1099Jaygaon (CT)
12Ebenezer Academy482Jaygaon (CT)
13Jaigaon No.Ii G.P Office962Jaygaon (CT)
14Vedvyas Primary School546Jaygaon (CT)
15Vedvyas Jr. High School836Jaygaon (CT)
16Eden English School925Jaygaon (CT)
18Jaigaon Green View School1122Jaygaon (CT)
19Jharna Busti S.S.K Cum I.C.D.S Centre944Jaygaon (CT)
21Jaigaon Sunrise English School925Jaygaon (CT)
22Youth Sporting Club835Jaygaon (CT)
23Jaigaon 2No. State Plan Primary School914Chhota Jaygaon
25Nani Bhattacharjee Smarak Maha Vidyalaya1024Gopimohan Tea Garden
26Glory Mission English School650Gopimohan Tea Garden
27Commercial Tax Office676Gopimohan Tea Garden
28Jaigaon Development Authority Office1011Gopimohan Tea Garden
29New Era Mission School830Mechiabasti (CT)
30Toribari I.C.D.S. Centre914Gopimohan Tea Garden
31Nala Sarak S.S.K757Gopimohan Tea Garden
32Khoklabusti Saraswati Primary School1106Gopimohan Tea Garden
33Gottibari Deorali S.S.K460Gopimohan Tea Garden
34Prabhat Tara Mission Hindi Jr. High School548Mechiabasti (CT)
35Jaigaon Spl. Cadre Pry. School639Mechiabasti (CT)
36Grace Mission School886Mechiabasti (CT)
37Choto Mechiabusty I.C.D.S Centre438Mechiabasti (CT)
38Choto Mechiabusty S.S.K947Mechiabasti (CT)
39Theodore English Mission School1009Mechiabasti (CT)
40Chandrabir S.S.K495Tosra Tea Garden
41Saraswati Sishu Mandir527Tosra Tea Garden
42Prabahaman Jana Shiksha Kendra692Tosra Tea Garden
43Torsa Tg Primary School660Tosra Tea Garden
45Torsa Mazdoor Club Janasiksha Kendra903Tosra Tea Garden
46Bihibari S.S.K361Tosra Tea Garden
47Gudam Line S.S.K. (New Building)598Dalsingpara Tea Garden
49Sri Ganesh Vidyalaya715Dalsingpara Tea Garden
51Dalsingpara Saraswati Primary School (Hindi Medium)688Dalsingpara Tea Garden
54Gopal Bahadur Busti Upper Line S.S.K (New Building)827Dalsingpara Tea Garden
55Nilpara F.V.P School984Dalsingpara Tea Garden
56Dalsingpara Multipurpose S.S.K711Dalsingpara Tea Garden
58Dalsingpara Chhetri Line Nepali Adarsha Patshala739Dalsingpara Tea Garden
60Shishu Shiksha Kendra Guhelo Busti853Dalsingpara Tea Garden
61Mahua T.G. Pry. School665Dalsingpara Tea Garden
62Mechpara 2-No. Line S.S.K778Mechpara Tea Garden
64Mechpara T.G. Primary School524Mechpara Tea Garden
65Bhado Line S.S.K629Mechpara Tea Garden
66Kumar Thapa Smriti Nepali Patshala722Mechpara Tea Garden
67Mechpara Tg No. 8 Mazdoor Club577Mechpara Tea Garden
68Chuapara G. P. Office904Chuapara Tea Garden
69Chuapara Primary School (No.3 New Building)887Chuapara Tea Garden
70Chuapara T.G. Primary School866Chuapara Tea Garden
72Chuaparat.G. Jr. High School737Chuapara Tea Garden
73New Line S.S.K826Chuapara Tea Garden
74Radharani T.G. Primary School1084Radharani Tea Garden
75Centraldooars T.G. Primary School946Central Dooars Tea Garden
76Hatimara Sishu Shiksha Kendra1066Central Dooars Tea Garden
77Hatkhola I.C.D.S Centre497Central Dooars Tea Garden
78Centraldooars T.G. Pana Divn. Primary School774Central Dooars Tea Garden
79Hatkhola S.S.K366Central Dooars Tea Garden
80Centraldooars T.G. Rangamati Divn. Primary School740Central Dooars Tea Garden
81I.C.D.S Centre Rangamati Division690Central Dooars Tea Garden
82Central Dooars T.G. Basra Divn. Primary School1064Central Dooars Tea Garden
83Beech T.G. Forest Line Pry. School581Beech Tea Garden
84Beech Tg Icds Centre Gudam Line599Beech Tea Garden
85Beech Tg Primary School677Beech Tea Garden
87Beech Tg School Line I.C.D.S Centre526Beech Tea Garden
88Beech Tg Bahun Line I.C.D.S Centre655Beech Tea Garden
89Beech T.G. Multipurpose Building623Beech Tea Garden
90Beech T.G. Haldibari Out Division Primary School639Malangi Tea Garden
92Satali T.G. Weighmentshed1087Satali Tea Garden
93Malangi 8 No. Primary School510Satali Tea Garden
95Satali T.G. Shishu Shiksha Kendra1007Satali Tea Garden
96Satali T.G. Primary School742Satali Tea Garden
97Gendra Line I.C.D.S Centre652Satali Tea Garden
98Satali T.G. Staff Club786Satali Tea Garden
99Mongla Line I.C.D.S Centre583Satali Tea Garden
100Hasimara High School (Bengali Medium)1068Bharnobari Tea Garden
101Hasimara High School (Hindi Medium)823Malangi Tea Garden
102Bharnobari T.G. Primary School1102Bharnobari Tea Garden
105Bharnobari T.G. Mazdoor Club923Bharnobari Tea Garden
106Upper Line S.S.K Bharnobari T.G (New Building)596Bharnobari Tea Garden
107Dhobi Line S.S.K674Bharnobari Tea Garden
108Subhasini T.G Primary School1046Saudamini Tea Garden
109Subhasini T.G Hindi Jr. High School887Saudamini Tea Garden
110Subhasini T.G. Community Hall859Saudamini Tea Garden
111Subhasini Tg Out Divn. Pry. School416Saudamini Tea Garden
112New Hasimara Primary School (Bengali Medium)789Satali Tea Garden
113New Hasimara M.S.K756Satali Tea Garden
114New Hasimara Sishu Vidyamandir977Satali Tea Garden
115Hasimara Gandhi Hindi Primary School1025Satali Tea Garden
117Sishu Shiksha Kendra Mes Chowpathy1080Satali Tea Garden
118Satali Mandal Para Borojhar Primary School777Madhya Satali
119Aksha Baksha Pry. School482Madhya Satali
120Satali Jr. Basic School762Madhya Satali
121Sitapara S.S.K683Madhya Satali
122P.C. Mittal Memorial High School742Purba Satali
123Gudamdabri F.V. Pry. School503Purba Satali
124Mendabari Jr. Basic School665Purba Satali
125Uttar Baniapara S.S.K505Purba Satali
126Madhu T.G. Upper Line S.S.K736Madhu Tea Garden
127Madhu T.G. Jr. Basic School987Madhu Tea Garden
128Madhu T.G. High School1016Madhu Tea Garden
129Bhatpara Tg - A Spl. Cadre Pry. School835Bhatpara Tea Garden
130Bhatpara Tg - A Labour Club730Bhatpara Tea Garden
131Bhatpara T.G505Bhatpara Tea Garden
132Pana F.V.P. School797Bhatpara Tea Garden
133Bhatpara886Bhatpara Tea Garden
134Bhatpara Tg-B Spl. Cadre Pry. School641Bhatpara Tea Garden
135Bhanubhakta S.S.K631Bhatpara Tea Garden
137Lower Line I.C.D.S Centre838Bhatpara Tea Garden
138Chinchula T.G. No.3 S.S.K904Kalchini Tea Garden
139Chinchula T.G No-3 I.C.D.S Centre347Kalchini Tea Garden
140Chinchula T.G. Primary School574Kalchini Tea Garden
141Chinchula T.G Hindi Jr. High School939Kalchini Tea Garden
142Rainatang Tg Pry. School (Hindi Med.)647Kalchini Tea Garden
143Raimatang Tg I.C.D.S Centre490Kalchini Tea Garden
145Raimatang Tg Pry. School (Beng. Med.)844Kalchini Tea Garden
146Raimatang T.G. 22 Dhura S.S.K. Building801Kalchini Tea Garden
147Kalchini No.1 T.G. Primary School (Bengali Medium)789Kalchini Tea Garden
148Kalchini Mazdoor Vidyalaya791Kalchini Tea Garden
149Kalchini Hindi High School842Kalchini Tea Garden
150New Gore Line S.S.K1039Kalchini Tea Garden
152Kalchini Atheletic Club758Kalchini Tea Garden
153Kalchini No. 3 T.G. Hindi Pry. School459Kalchini Tea Garden
155Kalchini No. 2 T.G. Pry. School (Kalchini O.D)828Kalchini Tea Garden
156Trolly Line S.S.K630Kalchini Tea Garden
158Shankar Nepali High School1014Dima Tea Garden
159Dima West Line Spl. Cadre Primary School670Dima Tea Garden
160I.C.D.S Centre (Near Birsha Club)648Dima Tea Garden
161Dima T.G. Beech Line Primary School524Dima Tea Garden
162Dima T.G Jr. High School (Beech Line)827Dima Tea Garden
163Chinchula Out Divn. I.C.D.S. Centre1080Gangutia Tea Garden
164Chinchula Out Division Girja Line I.C.D.S. Centre607Gangutia Tea Garden
165Gangutia T.G. Primary School839Gangutia Tea Garden
167Rajabhat T.G. Primary School867Rajabhat Tea Garden
168Rajabhat T.G Jr. High School (Girls)626Rajabhat Tea Garden
169Rajabhat T.G. Mazdoor Club1113Rajabhat Tea Garden
170Bhatkhawa T.G. Prathamik Vidyalaya795Bhatkhawa Tea Garden
171Bhatkhawa T.G S.S.K (Nursery Line)679Bhatkhawa Tea Garden
172Bhatkhawa T.G. Mazdoor Club863Bhatkhawa Tea Garden
173Garopara Bidhan Chandra High School1053Bhatkhawa Tea Garden
174Manuel Line I.C.D.S Centre717Bhatkhawa Tea Garden
175Atiabari T.G. Anganwari Kendra (Purabline)870Atiabari Tea Garden
176Munshi Line I.C.D.S Centre824Atiabari Tea Garden
177Atiabari T.G. Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya1032Atiabari Tea Garden
17812-No. Line I.C.D.S Centre508Atiabari Tea Garden
179Block Bangabari Division Primary School951Atiabari Tea Garden
180Rava Busty I.C.D.S. Centre456Atiabari Tea Garden
181Paschim Satali I.T.D. P Primary School698Dakshin Satali
182Lichutala M.S.K Paschim Satali800Paschim Satali
183Paschim Satali Baniyapara Prathamik Vidyalaya779Paschim Satali
184Dakshin Satali Primary School834Dakshin Satali
185Dakshin Satali I.T.D.P. Primary School960Dakshin Satali
186Satali Nakadala Swarna Primary School959Satali Nakadala
187Mendabari High School898Uttar Mandabari
188Uttar Mendabari-2 Lalitpara I.C.D.S Centre849Uttar Mandabari
189Dakshin Mendabari Primary School709Dakshin Mandabari
190Dakshin Mendabari Jr. High School585Dakshin Mandabari
191Mendabari Forest Self Help Group Building869Dakshin Mandabari
192Kodal Busti F.V.P. School1017Dakshin Mandabari
193Nimti Jhora High School437Nimtijhora Tea Garden
194Nimtijhora T.G S.S.K (Old Building)920Nimtijhora Tea Garden
195Nimtijhora Jr. Basic School1040Nimtijhora Tea Garden
197Haridas Smriti Jr. Basic School672Nimti Domohani
198Gyan Bharati Vidyamandir996Nimti Domohani
199Ashalata S.S.K415Nimti Domohani
200Dakshin Latabari Prathamik Vidyalaya801Dakshin Latabari
201Dakshin Latabari Jr. High School707Dakshin Latabari
202Rabindranagar Jr. High School1067Uttar Latabari (CT)
203Uttar Latabari Hindi Pry. School782Uttar Latabari (CT)
204Hamiltonganj High School558Uttar Latabari (CT)
205Subhashpally State Plan Pry. School1070Uttar Latabari (CT)
207Netaji Primary School773Uttar Latabari (CT)
208Child Development Project Office800Uttar Latabari (CT)
209Hamiltonganj BF.P. School600Uttar Latabari (CT)
210Latabari G.P Office612Uttar Latabari (CT)
211Sarojitpalli Primary School916Uttar Latabari (CT)
212Netaji Pally S.S.K1090Uttar Latabari (CT)
213Forward Nagar Primary School1107Uttar Latabari (CT)
214Forward Nagar Nepali Spl. Cadre Primary School755Uttar Latabari (CT)
215Forwardnagar S.S.K496Uttar Latabari (CT)
216Buxaduar B.F.P. School610Buxa Hill Forest
217Chunabhati Finish Mission Primary School547Buxa Hill Forest
21828No. Buxaduar F.V.P. School608Buxa Hill Forest
219Jayanti B.F.P. School628Buxa Forest (Panbari Khanda)
220Bamni Busti B.F.P. School574Buxa Forest
221Garobusty Nepali Prathamik Vidyalaya763Buxa Forest
222Raja Bhatkhawa Jr. Basic School715Buxa Forest
224Damanpur High School895Buxa Forest
225Kalkut F.V.P. School380Buxa Forest
226Gadadhar F.V.P. School817Buxa Forest
227Panbari Forest Villagers Club282Buxa Forest
228Poro Forest Village Primary School990Buxa Forest
229Shrinathpur Tea Garden Primary School917Shrinathpur Tea Garden
230Dakshin Shibkata Primary School826Dakshin Shibkata
231Uttar Dhalkar Adibasi Pry. School838Uttar Dhalkar
232Uttarpaniyalguri Spl.Cadre Primary School1093Uttar Panialguri
233Uttar Paniyalguri Pry. School (Saltala)691Uttar Panialguri
234St. Joseph Primary School480Uttar Panialguri
235Uttar Shibkata New Primary School907Uttar Shibkata
236Shibkata B . F . P School1102Uttar Shibkata
237Putimari High School839Putimari
239Dhalkar 1No B . F . P School1073Bhasadabri
240Dharampur Prathmik Vidyalaya1020Dakshin Shibkata
241Dhalkar 2No B . F . P School1136Bhasadabri
243Purba Majherdabri Primary School1130Uttar Majherdabri
244Uttar Majherdabri B . F . P School725Dakshin Panialguri
245Madinatul Ulum Madrasha Siksha Kendra976Dakshin Panialguri
246Majherdabri High Attached Pry. School364Dakshin Panialguri
247Majher Dabri High School706Dakshin Panialguri
248Sukanta Sishu Siksha Kendra550Dakshin Panialguri
249Dakshin Majherdabri B . F . P School602Uttar Majherdabri
250Dakshin Majherdabri Sishu Siksha Kendra637Uttar Majherdabri
251Sukanta Smriti SSK631Uttar Majherdabri
252Mazeradabari Cha Bagan Special Kyadar Primary School730Purbba Majherdabri Tea Garden

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