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Polling Booth in Asansol Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Asansol Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Asansol Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Asansol Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sudi Free Primary School792Asansol (M Corp.)
2Marich Kotha Free Primary School657Asansol (M Corp.)
3Gopalpur Free Primary School635Asansol (M Corp.)
4Raghunathbati Free Primary School634Asansol (M Corp.)
6Garui Free Primary School1013Asansol (M Corp.)
7Gopalpur G.S. Free Primary School676Asansol (M Corp.)
9Sete Kanyapur Free Primary School436Asansol (M Corp.)
11Palashadiha Junior Basic School490Asansol (M Corp.)
13Boring Para Free Primary School883Asansol (M Corp.)
14Gobindapur Free Primary School1133Asansol (M Corp.)
15Kanyapur High School1110Asansol (M Corp.)
17S.P. Mukherjee Vidyalaya506Asansol (M Corp.)
19Sukanta G.S.Free Primary School922Asansol (M Corp.)
20Electric Supply Office Kalyanpur Housing821Asansol (M Corp.)
23Asansol Miunicipal Corporation Office Kalyanpur794Asansol (M Corp.)
26Kumarpur Free Primary School422Asansol (M Corp.)
30Zakir Hussain Urdu Free Primary School828Asansol (M Corp.)
31Kumarpur G.S.Free Primary School641Asansol (M Corp.)
33L.I.C. Recreation Club978Asansol (M Corp.)
35Regjonal Labour Commitioner Office769Asansol (M Corp.)
38Sadhya Debi F..P.School1080Asansol (M Corp.)
39L.I.C Canteen Building648Asansol (M Corp.)
41C.M.D.P.I.L. Club457Asansol (M Corp.)
43Shyamadebi Free Primary School667Asansol (M Corp.)
45Asansol Girls Collage632Asansol (M Corp.)
53Income Office Bilding G.T.Road968Asansol (M Corp.)
54Chief Mining Office Asansol566Asansol (M Corp.)
57Asansol Chelidanga High School499Asansol (M Corp.)
59Dhrubadanga Bidyasagar Free Primary School1008Asansol (M Corp.)
62Labour Information Office781Asansol (M Corp.)
64Rabindr Shishu Vidyalayaa796Asansol (M Corp.)
66Aadarsh Bidyapith292Asansol (M Corp.)
67Manimala Girls High School974Asansol (M Corp.)
71Karanani Municipal F. P.School431Asansol (M Corp.)
73Mutasuddi Mahalla Free Primary School407Asansol (M Corp.)
75Durga Vidyalaya773Asansol (M Corp.)
78Bal Bodhan High School1186Asansol (M Corp.)
80Balabodhan Miunicipal Free Primary School638Asansol (M Corp.)
81Ikabaliya Free Primary School572Asansol (M Corp.)
85S. P. Mukharjee F.P. Vidyalaya419Asansol (M Corp.)
87Isalamiya Municipality Free Primary School581Asansol (M Corp.)
89Rabindra Vidyalayaa Free Primary School753Asansol (M Corp.)
93Shitala Danga Junior High School809Asansol (M Corp.)
97Madrasa Rejai Quosh1117Asansol (M Corp.)
99Haji Kadamarasul Free Primary School1207Asansol (M Corp.)
101A.K.Azad Primary School806Asansol (M Corp.)
103Haji Kadam Rasul Uchch Vidyalaya634Asansol (M Corp.)
109Madrasa Diniya Islamia1071Asansol (M Corp.)
110Arya Prathamik Vidyalaya390Asansol (M Corp.)
111Rahamaniya Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalayaa806Asansol (M Corp.)
117Aadarsh Vidyalayaa926Asansol (M Corp.)
118Mining Training Intitute470Asansol (M Corp.)
121Central Railcolony Austrariti Free Primary School251Asansol (M Corp.)
122Atowa Debi Hal480Asansol (M Corp.)
124Duranr Institute829Asansol (M Corp.)
125Durand Mini Hall428Asansol (M Corp.)
126Shishukalyan Pathashala561Asansol (M Corp.)
128Estern Railway Girls High School231Asansol (M Corp.)
129Old Station High School1106Asansol (M Corp.)
130D.A.V. High School741Asansol (M Corp.)
134Dayananda Madhyamik Vidyalayaa1014Asansol (M Corp.)
137Kalipandey Fpschool861Asansol (M Corp.)
139Bengali Girls Day High School577Asansol (M Corp.)
140Saint Joseph High School1066Asansol (M Corp.)
144Saint Meri Gorreti Girls High School829Asansol (M Corp.)
146Huchuk Para Gsfp School815Asansol (M Corp.)
150Dhrubadanga Free Primary School (Hindi)585Asansol (M Corp.)
154Rahul Sankrityayan Free Primary School1022Asansol (M Corp.)
157Bidhan Chandra Collage518Asansol (M Corp.)
159Bidhna Pally Free Primary School606Asansol (M Corp.)
161Tulasirani Girls Shikshasadan960Asansol (M Corp.)
164A.R.C. S Officeasansol881Asansol (M Corp.)
167Danishagah Isalamiya School459Asansol (M Corp.)
170Aadarsh Shikshaniketan531Asansol (M Corp.)
171Tantipara G.S.F.Pschool530Asansol (M Corp.)
174Hamadard Prathamik Vidyalaya1096Asansol (M Corp.)
175Nakari Ramkrishna Roy Municipality Free Primary School659Asansol (M Corp.)
176Rabbaniya Girls High School712Asansol (M Corp.)
178Techno Commercial Institute541Asansol (M Corp.)
180Jaharamal Jalan Institute1046Asansol (M Corp.)
183Estern Railway Boys High School742Asansol (M Corp.)
186Shishubharati Girls High School906Asansol (M Corp.)
188Aadarsh Bidyamandir1050Asansol (M Corp.)
190Sauth Dhadaka Fri Primary School765Asansol (M Corp.)
191D.A.V. Public School622Asansol (M Corp.)
193N.C.Lahiri Bidyamandir943Asansol (M Corp.)
197Shitla Bauripara Free Primary School885Asansol (M Corp.)
199Sitla F.P School682Asansol (M Corp.)
201North Dhadaka Free Primary School664Asansol (M Corp.)
203Kalla Welfair Free Primary School988Asansol (M Corp.)
205Kalla Haripad Free Primary School838Asansol (M Corp.)
207Satapukuriya Free Primary School994Asansol (M Corp.)
208Rekit Colman Fpschool556Asansol (M Corp.)
209Garparira Ruidaspara Free Primary School522Asansol (M Corp.)
211Banabishnupur Free Primary School810Asansol (M Corp.)
212Bakabandi Free Primary School636Asansol (M Corp.)
213Nimadana Chhutardana Aadibasi Free Primary School847Asansol (M Corp.)
214Asansol Palytechnic Free Primary School737Asansol (M Corp.)
216Asansol Palytechnic1093Asansol (M Corp.)
220Aagabeg Miunicipal High School846Asansol (M Corp.)
223Railper Girls Free Primary School1122Asansol (M Corp.)
224Umarani Garai Mahila Kalyan Girls High School695Asansol (M Corp.)
230Fatik Chandra Ray Memorial Free Primary School718Asansol (M Corp.)
233Vidyasagar Free Primary School761Asansol (M Corp.)
237Gujarati Prathamik Vidyalaya489Asansol (M Corp.)
241Gupta Kalej Af Tekah Sainases973Asansol (M Corp.)
243Arunadoy Free Primary School980Asansol (M Corp.)
244Arunoday High School904Asansol (M Corp.)
248Sentral School Aasanasol917Asansol (M Corp.)
250Kankhaya Fpschool852Asansol (M Corp.)
252Kankhya High School892Asansol (M Corp.)
254Nabinashishu Pathashala(Lamp Cabin)460Asansol (M Corp.)
255Nabinashishu Pathashala471Asansol (M Corp.)
256Nishchinta F.Pschool842Asansol (M Corp.)
259Aaryyakanya Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya997Asansol (M Corp.)
261B. B. College652Asansol (M Corp.)
265Idaga High School804Asansol (M Corp.)
267Borough Office- Amc785Asansol (M Corp.)
271Mahishila Colony Boys High School498Asansol (M Corp.)
275Gurunanak Mishan Girls High School426Asansol (M Corp.)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014