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List of Polling Stations in Lamlai Assembly Constituency

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station Address
1Sawombung8/1 - Sawombung Primary School
2Sawombung Kabui8/2 - Sawombung Kabui Lower Primary School
3Itam Nungoi8/3 - Itam Nungoi Lower Primary School
4Sekta (A)8/4 - Sekta Lower Primary School
5Sekta (A-1)8/5 - Nungoi Huidrom Lower Primary School
6Sekta (B)8/6 - Shyama Upper Junior Basic School(N/W)
7Sekta (C)8/7 - Shyama Upper Junior Basic School(S/W)
8Pungdongbam (A)8/8 - Pungdongbam Lower Primary School (E/W)
9Pungdongbam (B)8/9 - Pungdongbam Lower Primary School (W/W)
10Pungdongbam (C)8/10 - Lamlai High School
11Iyanpal Yourbung(A)8/11 - Yourbung Primary School
12Nungoi8/12 - Nungoi Lower Primary School
13Yourbung (B)8/13 - Yourbung Primary School
14Yourbung (C)8/14 - Yourbung High School
15Chalou8/15 - Chalou Central High School
16Napet8/16 - Napet Lower Primary School
17Lamlai (A)8/17 - Lamlai Small Town Committee Comunity Hall
18Lamlai (B) North8/18 - Lamlai Chalou Primary School(N/W)
19Lamlai (B) South8/19 - Lamlai Chalou Primary School(S/W)
20Leimakhong8/20 - Leimakhong Mapal Primary School
21Tellou8/21 - Tellou Primary School
22Chana8/22 - Chana Primary School
23Seijang (A)8/23 - Seijang Primary School(S/W)
24Seijang (B)8/24 - Seijang Primary School(N/W)
25Sabungkhok8/25 - Sabungkhok Primary School
26Yaingangpokpi (A)8/26 - Yaingangpokpi Chingtam Junior High School (E/W)
27Yaingangpokpi (B)8/27 - Yaingangpokpi Chingtam Junior High School (W/W)
28Nongada8/28 - Kameng Primary School(N/W)
29Kameng8/29 - Kameng Primary School(S/W)
30Nongren (A)8/30 - Nongren Lower Primary School (N/W)
31Nongren (B)8/31 - Nongren Lower Primary School (E/W)
32Nongdam8/32 - Nongdam Primary School
33Okshu8/33 - Okshu Ningthemchakhul Primary School
34Takhel (A)8/34 - Takhel Lower Primary School(W/W)
35Takhel (A-1)8/35 - Takhel Lower Primary School(E/W)
36Takhel (B)8/36 - Dasumati Junior High School
37Sanjenbam(A)8/37 - Takhel Sanjenbam Primary School(E/W)
38Sanjenbam(B)8/38 - Takhel Sanjenbam Primary School(W/W)
39Heirok8/39 - Thayang Community Hall
40Terakhong8/40 - Terakhong Lower Primary School

Last Updated on June 13, 2016

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