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Manipur Candidates List 2017 for Assembly Polls

Congress Candidates list for Manipur Assembly Election 2017

AC No.
AC NameName of CandidatesPhase
1Khundrakpam (GEN)Thokchom Lokeshwar SinghFirst
2Heingang (GEN)Naoroibam Ratan Meetei (Kappu)First
3Khurai (GEN)Dr. Ngairarigbam Bijoy SinghFirst
4KshetrigaoMd. Amin ShahFirst
5ThongjuThokchorn Ajit SinghFirst
6KeiraoKaram Thamarjit SinghFirst
7AndroThounaojam ShyamkumarFirst
8LamlaiKshetrimayum Biren SinghFirst
9ThangmeibandKhumukcham Joykisan SinghFirst
10UripokLaishram Nandakumar SinghFirst
11SagolbandRajkumar Imo SinghFirst
12KeishamthongLaisom lbomcha SinghFirst
13SingjameiEIrengbam Hemochandra SinghFirst
14YaiskulElangbam Chand SinghFirst
15WangkheiOkram HenryFirst
16SekmaiKhwairakparn Devendro SinghFirst
17LamsangWangkheimayum Brajabidhu SinghFirst
18KonthoujamKonthoujam Bharat SinghFirst
19PatsoiKm. Akoijam lvlirabai DeviFirst
20LangthabalLoitongbam Tilotama DeviFirst
21Naoriya pakhanglakpaR.K. AnandFirst
22WangoiOinarn Lukhoi SinghFirst
23Mayang imphalDr. Khumujam Ratankumar SinghFirst
24NambolNameirakpam Laken SinghFirst
25OinamIrengbam lbohalbi SinghFirst
26BishnupurKonthouiam GovindasFirst
27MoirangM. Prithviraj SinghFirst
28ThangaTongbram Mangibabu SinghFirst
29KumbiSanasam Bira SinghFirst
30LilongMd. Abdul NasirSecond
31ThoubalOkram lbobi SinghSecond
32WangkhemK. Meghachandra SinghSecond
33HeirokIvloirangthem OkendroSecond
34Wangjing tenthaPaonam Brojen SinghSecond
35KhangabokSurjakurnar OkramSecond
36WabgaiMd. Fajur RahimSecond
37KakchingYengkhorn Surchandra SinghSecond
38HiyanglamElangbam Dwijamani SinghSecond
39SugnuKangujam Ranjit SinghSecond
40JiribamThoudarn Debendra SinghSecond
41Chandel (st)Chungjalen HaokipSecond
42Tengnoupal (st)D. KorungthangSecond
43Phungyar (st)Victor KeishingSecond
44Ukhrul (st)Alfred Kanrigam ArthurSecond
45Chingai (st)Preshow MK ShimraySecond
46Saikul (st)Yanithong HaokipFirst
47Karong (st)D.D. ThaisilSecond
48Mao (st)P.T. ArhaiSecond
49Tadubi (st)R. S. Henry HiilliSecond
50Kangpokpi (Gen)Khadga TarnangFirst
51Saitu (ST)Ngamthang HaokipFirst
52Tamei (ST)G.N, Kumuiteung (Dr. Aku)Second
53Tamenglong (ST)Jangamiung PanmeiSecond
54Nungba (ST)GaikhangamSecond
55Tipaimukh (st)Chalon Lien AmoFirst
56Thanlon (ST)Chinkholal ThangsingFirst
57Henglep (ST)T. Mangan VaipheiFirst
58Churachandpur (ST)Phungzathang TensingFirst
59Saikot (ST)T N HaokipFirst
60Singhat (ST)GinsuanhauFirst

BJP Candidate List for Manipur Assembly Election 2017

The BJP has released its list of 60 candidates for Manipur where elections would be held in two phases from March 4. In the list 31 names figure of which 20 tickets have been given for the election to be held on March 4 while the rest 11 would fight the election on March 8. The BJP is in the straight fight with the congress in the state which has 60-member house. According to the sources, BJP will not announce its chief ministerial candidate.
AC No.
AC NamePhaseName of Candidates
1KhundrakpamPhase-1Mr. Th. Mohindro Singh
2HeingangPhase-1Shri N. Biren Singh
3KhuraiPhase-1Shri L. Susindro Meitei
4KhetrigaoPhase-1Mr. Indra Jeet Singh
5ThongjuPhase-1Th. Biswajit Singh
6KeiraoPhase-1Shri L. Rameshwor Meetei
7AndroPhase-1Dr. Nimaichand Luwang
8LamlaiPhase-1Kh. Ibomcha Singh
9ThangmeibandPhase-1Mr. W. Jyotin Singh
10UripokPhase-1Dr. Dwijamani Singh
11SagolbandPhase-1Dr. Kh. Loken Singh
12KeisamthongPhase-1Shri R.K. Shivachandra Singh
13SingjameiPhase-1Mr. Y. Khemchand Singh
14YaiskulPhase-1Shri Th. Satyabrata Singh
15WangkheiPhase-1Yumkham Erabot Singh
16Sekmai (SC)Phase-1Mr. Kh.Dingko Singh
17LamsangPhase-1Shri Rajen Singh
18KonthoujamPhase-1Dr. S. Ranjan Singh
19PatsoiPhase-1Shri S. Premananda Sharma
20LangthabalPhase-1Shri O. Joy Singh
21Naoriya PakhanglakpaPhase-1Mr. Shubhchandra Singh
22WangoiPhase-1Shri S. Joy Singh
23Mayang ImphalPhase-1Shri K. Robindro Singh
24NambolPhase-1Shri Th. Chaoba Singh
25OinamPhase-1L. Radhakishor Singh
26BishenpurPhase-1Shri K. Krishna Kumar Singh
27MoirangPhase-1Shri P. Sharatchandra Singh
28ThangaPhase-1Shri M. Asnikumar Singh
29KumbiPhase-1Shri N. Mangi Singh
30LilongPhase-2Md. Anwar Hussain
31ThoubalPhase-2L. Bashanta Singh (Bhim)
32WangkhemPhase-2Shri O. Haridas Singh
33HeirokPhase-2Shri Th. Radheshyam Singh
34Wanging TenthaPhase-2Shri M. Hemanta Singh
35KhangabokPhase-2Shri Th. Jadumani Singh
36WabgaiPhase-2Dr. U. Deben Singh
37KakchingPhase-2Mr. M. Rameshwar Singh
38HiyanglamPhase-2Dr. Y Radheshyam Singh
39SugnooPhase-2Shri Y. Jiban Singh
40JiribamPhase-2Mr. Th. Ranbir Singh
41Chandel (ST)Phase-2Mrs. S.S. Olis
42Tengnoupal (ST)Phase-2Mr. Yanglet Haokip
43Phungyar (ST)Phase-2Mr. Somi Awungshi
44Ukhrul (ST)Phase-2Mr. Somatai Shaiza
45Chingai (ST)Phase-2Mr. Sword Vashum
46Saikul (ST)Phase-1Mr. Paojalet Touthang
47Karong (ST)Phase-2Mr. R.Yuh Jonathan Tao
48Mao (ST)Phase-2Mr. Woba Joram
49Tadubi (ST)Phase-2Francis Ngajokpa
50KangpokpiPhase-1Mrs. Nemcha Kipgen
51Saitu (ST)Phase-1Mr. Haokholet Kipgen
52Tamei (ST)Phase-2Z Kikhonbou Newmai
53Tamenglong (ST)Phase-2Mr. Samuel Jendai
54Nungba (ST)Phase-2Mr. Adim Pamei
55Tipaimukh (ST)Phase-1Dr. L. Fimate
56Thanlon (ST)Phase-1Mr. Vungzagin Valte
57Henglep (ST)Phase-1Mr. T.T.Haokip
58Churachandpur (ST)Phase-1Mr. V. Hangkhanlian
59Saikot (ST)Phase-1Mr. Paokholal Haokip
60Singhat (ST)Phase-1Mr. Chinlungthang Zou

Manipur National Democratic Front (MNDF) Candidate List for Manipur Assembly Election 2017

AC No.
AC NameName of Candidates
4Kshetrigao Th Nandakishor
6KeiraoN Itomba Meitei
7Andro K Ningthemjao
12Keishamthong Y Romola Devi
20LangthabalM Dinesh
22WangoiS Achouba
25Oinam L Thoiba
29Kumbi W Bobbyjems
30Lilong M A Zabar
34Wangjing TenthaS Achoubi
36WabgaiMd Abdul Samad
42TengnoupalLien Gangte
46SaikulLetjam Singson
49Tadubi Hingba Thomas
57HenglepMangcha Gangte

Last Updated on Aug 22, 2020
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