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M.L. Khattar to be next Haryana chief minister | BJP defers government formation in Maharashtra | Election results shocker for Congress, likely to impact its revival.

Elections in India

Assembly Election Results

The results of the October 15 Assembly polls in Maharashtra and Haryana have made the Lotus bloom in the states that have been Congress bastions for long. Clearly, the Modi factor is intact in India politics long after the 2014 General Elections. In Maharashtra, the BJP has come a long way from becoming Shiv Sena’s junior partner to a Big Brother to all other parties after winning 123 out of 288 Assembly seats, while in Haryana, it has secured the mandate to form the government with 47 of 90 Assembly seats.

The BJP’s spectacular performance in both the states has proved that its strategy to go solo was highly effective. It is the first time in almost 25 years that any one party has won more than 100 seats, while the Shiv Sena could bag just 63 seats in Maharashtra. In Haryana’s caste-ridden political landscape, the BJP has won a clear majority while other hitherto strong political forces had to bite the dust. The results dashed the hopes of Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) to encash the sympathy factor surrounding the 10-year jail sentence handed to former chief minister Om Pralash Chautala in a teacher’s recruitment scandal. The party managed to win only 20 seats in its stronghold of Haryana.
  • PartyWonLeadingTrailing
  • BJP12200
  • NCP4100
  • INC4200
  • SHS6300
  • OTHERS2000
  • Total288
  • PartyWonLeadingTrailing
  • BJP4700
  • INC1500
  • HJCBL200
  • INLD1900
  • OTHERS700
  • Total90
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BJP defers government formation in Maharashtra

The Bharatiya Janata Party appears in no hurry to form the next government in Maharashtra and the process may be initiated only early next week after the Diwali festival is over, party sources said here Tuesday. Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who as and party observer was expected to arrive in Mumbai along with senior colleague J.P. Nadda to crown the next Maharashtra chief minister, postponed his visit on Tuesday for the second time in a row and will now come down next week. The state BJP - already assured of unconditional external support from the Nationalist Congress Party - has decided to continue its independent efforts to cobble up at least a minority government. It has contacted over a dozen of the 18 Independents or newly-elected legislators from small and regional parties who have got single-digit representation in the new house. Senior party leaders are claiming that with the support of these Independents and smaller or regional parties, the BJP could stake claim to form a minority government. BJP sources also say that later, with the support of the NCP and the Bahujan Vikas Aghadi's three legislators, it would easily sail through the vote-of-confidence in the legislature. (IANS)  

Khattar stakes claim for first BJP government in Haryana

 The BJP Tuesday staked its claim to form the next government in Haryana. A letter from the party was submitted to Haryana Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki by BJP leader Manohar Lal Khattar who was Tuesday unanimously elected as leader of the BJP legislative group at a meeting here. He will be the next chief minister of the state. Khattar was accompanied to the Haryana Raj Bhawan by Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu, BJP national vice president Dinesh Sharma, state BJP president Ram Bilas Sharma, Union Minister Krishan Pal Gurjar and other BJP leaders. The BJP is going to form its first government in the state since Haryana's creation Nov 1, 1966. Khattar, a former Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) 'Pracharak', contested and won his first election from the Karnal assembly seat in the Haryana assembly results declared on Sunday. The swearing-in of the new chief minister and his cabinet is likely to take place Oct 26. (IANS)

BJP's first CM in Haryana M.L. Khattar - a no-nonsense man

 In Haryana's political arena, the name of BJP's Manohar Lal Khattar, who is Haryana's chief minister designate, does not ring a bell with many. The low-profile, 'behind-the-scenes' organisational man of the RSS and BJP is considered to be a no-nonsense man and a tough task master. Khattar, 60,  belongs to the Punjabi community in the Jat dominated politics of Haryana. Though not by design or intention, Khattar has some things which are similar to those in Prime Minister Narendra Modi's life. While Modi renounced family life to dedicate himself to the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS), Khattar chose to be a bachelor and do the same. Impressed by the RSS, he got associated with it in 1977. He 1980, he joined the RSS full-time as 'Pracharak'. Like Modi, who was not even a legislator when he was made the Gujarat chief minister in 2001, Khattar contested and won his first election to become legislator only this week. Khattar worked with Modi when the latter was in-charge of the BJP's affairs in Haryana in the late 1990s.  In recent years, Khattar, who was shifted from the RSS to the BJP fold in 1994, has held important organisational positions and remained the party's strategist and planner. He was made chairman of the state election campaign committee in Haryana after the BJP's triumph in the Lok Sabha polls where the party returned with seven seats May this year. Coming from a humble family background - his father and grand-father took up odd jobs and even worked as labourers after migrating from West Punjab (now in Pakistan) in 1947 - Khattar was born in 1954 in Nindana village in Rohtak district of Haryana. His family first opened a shop in the village and later bought agricultural land and took to farming. A keen student and debater, Khattar, the eldest son in the family, decided to get into business and opened a small shop in Delhi's high-volume trading market Sadar Bazar, after borrowing money from his family. While managing his new business venture, Khattar completed his graduation from Delhi University and helped establish his siblings.IANS)  

M.L. Khattar to be next Haryana chief minister

 Manohar Lal Khattar will be the next chief minister of Haryana, the BJP announced on Tuesday. The former Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) 'Pracharak' was chosen by the newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party legislators as their leader at a meeting here. "I have been chosen by the party legislators and the BJP leadership for this responsibility. I can assure you that we will work for the welfare of the people of Haryana," Khattar said after being elected the leader of the BJP legislative group. "My government will be transparent and there will be no discrimination with any area," Khattar, sporting a light blue jacket, told media persons. Khattar, 60, will be the first BJP chief minister of the state, which was formed Nov 1, 1966. Despite being a first-time legislator with no administrative experience, the BJP chose Khattar, who belongs to the Punjabi community, in the Jat-dominated politics of Haryana. The swearing-in of the new chief minister and other ministers is likely to take place Oct 26. (IANS)  

Election results shocker for Congress, likely to impact its revival

 The results of the Haryana and Maharashtra assembly polls came as a shocker for the Congress and made its revival even more difficult as the party has been defeated in the states that had been its traditional strongholds. The Congress finished third in both the states. The results once again raised questions on Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi's leadership with no clarity yet about the party's roadmap for restructuring. They also revived demands for giving a more active role to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, highlighting the party's dependence on the Nehru-Gandhi family. The defeat came at the hands of Modi and BJP president Amit Shah, who have been talking about "Congress-free" India. A worrying factor for the Congress is the party's inability to gain ground in the states where it has lost election to the BJP. The Congress has lost successive polls to BJP in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Gujarat. The results Sunday also resulted in Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) - a key ally of the Congress in the UPA government - virtually joining hands with the BJP. The NCP has offered outside support to the BJP and ended scope of an early realignment with the Congress. The NCP had parted ways with the Congress days before the Lok Sabha polls. (IANS)  

Should Shiv Sena resort
Should Shiv Sena resort to hard bargaining with BJP for ministry formation in Maharashtra?
Big WinnersBig Losers
Bhupinder Singh Hooda

Won ByN.AGarhi Sampla-Kiloi

Kiran Chaudhary

Won ByN.ATosham

Renuka Bishnoi

Won ByN.AHansi

Captain Abhimanyu

Won ByN.ANarnaund

Abhay Singh Chautala

Won ByN.AEllenabad

Naina Singh Chautala

Won ByN.ADabwali

Mahender Partap Singh

Lost ByN.ABadkhal

Ajay Singh

Lost ByN.ARewari

Chander Mohan

Lost ByN.ANalwa

Savitri Jindal

Lost ByN.AHisar

Dushyant Chautala

Lost ByN.AUchana Kalan

Big WinnersBig Losers
Naik Vaibhav Vijay

Won ByN.AKudal

Nitesh Narayan Rane

Won ByN.AKankavli

Chavan Prithviraj Dajisaheb

Won ByN.AKarad South

Shinde Praniti Sushilkumar

Won ByN.ASolapur City Central

Amit Vilasrao Deshmukh

Won ByN.ALatur City

Munde Pankaja Gopinnathrao

Won ByN.AParli

Ajit Anantrao Pawar

Won ByN.ABaramati

Devendra Gangadhar Fadnavis

Won ByN.ANagpur South West

Narayan Tatu Rane

Lost ByN.AKudal

Chaturvedi Satish

Lost ByN.ANagpur South

Baba Ziauddin Siddique

Lost ByN.AVandre West

Moghe Shivajirao Shivramji

Lost ByN.AArni

Prof.Vasant Chindhuji Purake

Lost ByN.ARalegaon

Dr. Nitin Raut

Lost ByN.ANagpur North

Anees Ahmed

Lost ByN.ANagpur Central

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Election System in India

Types of Elections in India

Following are the major types of elections in the country:
  1. Elections to Lok Sabha
  2. Elections to Rajya Sabha
  3. Elections to State Assemblies
  4. Elections to Legislative Council
  5. Elections to the posts of President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Chief Minister
  6. Elections to Local Bodies

Right to Vote
The Constituent Assembly adopted the principle of universal adult franchise as the main method of democratic representation in the Lok Sabha and in the State Legislative Assemblies. The original Article 325, providing for adult suffrage fixed the age of eligibility to vote for elections to the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabhas, at 21 years, but by the 62nd Amendment to this clause passed in 1989, it has been reduced to 18 years.

Election Process in India
In an election, various candidates of different parties contest against each other, out of which the people elect their representative. The stages of the election process of India include delimitation of constituencies wherein the entire area (the whole country in the case of Lok Sabha elections and that particular state in the case of Legislative Assembly elections) is divided into constituencies. After the demarcation of constituency, the voters' list of each constituency is prepared and published and nomination papers are filed by the candidates. Thereafter, nomination papers are scrutinised. The next stage is the campaign by all the candidates and the parties. The election campaign ends 48 hours before the polling. The last step is the counting of votes and declaration of result.

Political Parties in India
A political party is a group of people who want to achieve common goals by contesting elections and exercising political power upon winning. India has a multi-party system. Some of the major political parties in India are: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Indian National Congress, Bahujan Samaj party (BSP), Samajwadi Party, Communist Party of India (CPI), Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), National Congress Party (NCP), Janata Dal United (JDU) and Shiv Sena. There are also various regional parties in India.

Election Results History

Having commenced in the year 1951, elections in India are held after every five years. The PM is elected by the LS members after each election. More...

Assembly Election Results

Held every five years, MLAs are chosen by the people in Assembly Elections in different states. The Chief Minister is selected by the MLAs thereupon.More...

Lok Sabha Election Results

The 16th Lok Sabha elections will take place in 543 constituencies in April-May. Major political parties like INC, BJP, and AAP will contest the elections. More...
  • NDAWon
  • BJP282
  • TDP16
  • SHS18
  • SAD4
  • PMK1
  • Others18
  • Total336
  • UPAWon
  • INC44
  • RJD4
  • NCP6
  • RLD0
  • JMM2
  • Others3
  • Total59
  • Third FrontWon
  • CPM9
  • CPI1
  • RSP(A)0
  • AIFB0
  • SP5
  • Others72
  • Total87
  • All OthersWon
  • AIADMK37
  • AITC34
  • TRS11
  • YSRCP9
  • AAP4
  • Others3
  • Total98
  • Odisha
  • PartyWon
  • BJP10
  • BJD116
  • INC15
  • Others4
  • Sikkim
  • PartyWon
  • BJP0
  • SDF22
  • INC0
  • Others10
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