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Lok Sabha Elections in India

Lok Sabha elections are a major democratic process in India, a defining event where Indians above the age of 18, cast their votes. It's an event where people exercise their franchise rights. Lok Sabha elections in India, are one of a kind, where a huge population takes part in this process, in a country of more than 1 billion people. The Lok Sabha elections are conducted by the Election Commission of India, spanning across all states and union territories of India, i.e. reaching to the last man.

The Lok Sabha elections are a massive democratic festival where political parties across all spectrums and candidates without any political backing, also can fight in the elections, fairly. Lok Sabha elections are held every five years and this gives an equal chance to every political party to present something new or justify their previous actions and steps taken. Lok Sabha elections ensure that every voice is heard and equally represented. The upcoming Lok Sabha elections shall be held in 2024

YearElectionTotal seatsPartySeats % VotesPartySeats % VotesPartySeats % Votes
201917th Lok Sabha545BJP30337.76INC5219.698AITC224.11
201416th Lok Sabha545BJP28231.34%INC4419.52%AIADMK373.31%
200915th Lok Sabha545INC20628.55%BJP11618.80%SP233.23%
200414th Lok Sabha543INC14526.53%BJP13822.16%CPM435.66%
199913th Lok Sabha545BJP18223.75%INC11428.30%CPM335.40%
199812th Lok Sabha545BJP18225.59%INC14125.82%CPM325.16%
199611th Lok Sabha543BJP16120.29%INC14028.80%JD4623.45%
199110th Lok Sabha521INC23236.26%BJP12020.11%JD5911.84%
19899th Lok Sabha529INC19739.53%JD14317.79%BJP8511.36%
19848th Lok Sabha514INC40449.01%TDP304.31%CPM225.87%
19807th Lok Sabha529 ( 542* )INC(I)35142.69%JNP(S)419.39%CPM376.24%
19776th Lok Sabha542JP33041.32%INC15434.52%CPM224.29%
19715th Lok Sabha518INC35243.68%CPM255.12%CPI234.73%
19674th Lok Sabha520INC28340.78%SWA448.67%BJS359.31%
19623rd Lok Sabha494INC36144.72%CPI299.94%SWA187.89%
19572nd Lok Sabha494INC37147.78%CPI278.92%PSP1910.41%
1951-521st Lok Sabha489INC36444.99%CPI163.29%SOC1210.59%

Last Updated on: August 08, 2021