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Polling Booth in Siroda Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Siroda

Siroda Constituency & Candidate List

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Siroda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Siroda Assembly Constituency falls under the Siroda Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Government Primary School ,Old Building Padal BetodaBetoda ,Padul : Kazarwada, Betora, Bondbag, Betora, Dattagad, Betora
2 Government Primary School, New Building Padal BetodaBetoda, Padul : Kassarwada, Betoda
3 Government High School, BetodaBetoda, Padul : Dhumemol, Bethoda, Talewada, Bethoda, Barzanmol, Bethoda, Kitulewada, Bethoda, Madhalawada, Bethoda, Vantimol, Bethoda, Dodgire, Bethoda, Paikwada, Bethoda, Bhindem, Bethoda, Panaspani, Bethoda, 1Amurgal, Bethoda, 1 Podlem, Bethoda, 1 Devafathor, Bethoda
4 Government Primary School, Padal BetoraBetoda, Padul : Padal, Bethora, Taigine, Bethoda
5 Government Primary School, Tallem BetodaBetoda,Tallem : Talyewada, Bethoda, Ashewada, Bethoda, Badalai, Bethoda, Mesthawada, Bethoda, Shafalwada, Bethoda, Deulwada, Bethoda, Sidewada, Bethoda, Kalshetwada, Bethoda, Varchagothawada, Bethoda, Paltadigothawada, Bethora, 1Khalchagothawada, Bethora
6 Government Primary School, Codar GaonkarwadaGaonkarwada : Gaonkarwada, Codar, Housesite, Codar, Deulwada, Codar, Malwada, Codar, Gudamol & Pitabhat, Codar, Govt. Farm, Codar, Zamtale, Codar, Kassamshel, Codar, Kamral, Codar, Kumyed, Codar, 1Shriantal, Codar
7 Government Primary School, Galwada, NirankalNirankal(Galwada) : Khurwal, Nirankal, Kelbi Thane, Nirankal, Chafegal, Nirankal, Shelwada, Nirankal, Galwada, Nirankal, Borkarwada, Borkarwada, Gavalwada, Nirankal, Housesite Wada, Nirankal, Gavaliwada, Nirankal
8 Government Primary School, Galwada, NirankalNirankal(Galwada) : Bandh(Mol), Nirankal, Mainewada (Mol), Nirankal, Mainewada, Nirankal, Mankatemol, Nirankal, Somnath Temple, Conxem, Gaonkarwada Conxem, Conxem, Madhalawada Conxem, Conxem, Samantwada Conxem, Conxem
9 Government Primary School, Paz, ShirodaNirankal : Bibalwada, Nirankal
10 Government Primary School, Kumbharwada NirankalNirankal : Saterimol, Nirankal, Taribhat, Nirankal, Penemol, Nirankal, Mattidhad, Nirankal, Shingnemol, Nirankal, Shignewal, Nirankal, Arvha (Signe), Nirankal, Nr. Gananath Temple, Nirankal, Varchakumbharwada, Nirankal, Kumbharwada, Nirankal, 1Dadlekhate, Nirankal
11 Government Primary School, Talsai BorimBorim, Talsai : Kudyal, Borim, Kalamamol, Borim, Talsai, Borim
12 Government Primary School, Talsai BorimBorim, Talsai : Sourbhat, Borim, Dubhashinagar, Borim, Dab, Borim, Sharshirem, Borim, Afframeth, Borim
13 Government Primary School, Deulwada BorimBorim, Deulwada : Parpatiwada, Borim, Coplem, Borim, Deulwada, Borim
14 Government Primary School, Paniwada BorimBorim, Paniwada : Top-Cola, Borim, Paniwada, Borim, Rumane, Borim
15 Government Primary School, Tamshirem BorimBorim, Tamshirem : Adulshe, Borim, Gadder, Gadder
16 Government Primary School, Tamshirem BorimBorim, Tamshirem : Motiya Wada, Borim, Borim, Tamshire, Tamshire
17 Government Primary School, Tishem BorimBorim, Tishem : Azordem, Borim, Ximer, Borim, Batolem, Borim, Patto, Borim, Paipal, Borim, Sukane, Borim
18 Government Primary School, Tishem BorimBorim, Tishem : Nameshwada,Shiroda, Borim, Thembhiwada, Borim, Tishemwada, Borim, Betkimwada, Borim
19 Government Primary School, Khazordem BorimBorim, Khazordem : Taribhat, Borim, Khajorda, Borim
20 Government Primary School, Khazordem BorimBorim, Khazordem : Tolapwada, Borim, Ghodgowada, Borim, Balebhat, Borim, Avedem, Borim, Taliwada, Borim, Sonarbhat, Borim, Mangirwada, Borim
21 Government Primary School, Tarvalem ShirodaShiroda, Tarvalem : Near M.P.L. Tarvale, Borim, Near Bus Stop, Tarvale, Borim, Near Asha Printing Press, Tarvale, Borim, Near G.P.S., Tarvale, Borim, Near Bhumipurush Temple, Near Bhumipurush Temple, Gadder, Tarvale, Gadder, Tarvale, Near Khutadevi Temple, Near Khutadevi Temple, Sukane, Sukanem, Near Sakhav, Maingal, Near Sakhav, Maingal, Pandashi, Pandashi
22 Government Primary School, Dongar KarmanemKarmanem-Dongar : Panashi, Panashi, Near Playground, Maingal, Shiroda, Near G.P.S. Karmane, Shiroda, Afframeth, Shiroda, Near Chapel, Maingal, Shiroda, Saila, Shiroda, Shiroda, Near G.P.S. Karmane, Dongor, Pankunge, Shiroda, Shiroda, Cantale, Shiroda, Shiroda, Near Water Tank, Karmane, Shiroda, 1Karmane, Shiroda, Shiroda, 1 Dongar, Shiroda, Shiroda, 1 Pokale, Shiroda, Shiroda, 1 Chunnat, Shiroda, 1 Bhatale, Shiroda, Shiroda, 1 Tarvale, Siroda
23 Government Primary School, Vazem ShirodaShiroda, Vazem : Near Vazem Bus Stop, Shiroda, Near Bhumi Purush Temple, Shiroda, Near G.P.S. Vazem, Shiroda, Galvat, Vazem, Shiroda, Dhanya Bhat, Vazem, Shiroda, Mudhushav, Vazem, Shiroda, Barkele Bhat, Shiroda, Sawkar Bhat, Shiroda, Vaidya Wada, Shiroda, Duptale, Shiroda, 1Sawargal,, Shiroda
24 Government Primary School, Haldai ShirodaSiroda, Haldai : Madda Wada, Vazem, Thalya Bhat, Shiroda, Near Madleshwar Temple, Shiroda, Dhuptale,Vazem, Shiroda, Karai, Karai Moll, Bhale Waddo, Shiroda, Near Dattatray Math, Shiroda, Near Sonavlem, Chapel, Shiroda
25 Government Primary School, Karai ShirodaShiroda, Karai : Ganga Nagar, Karai, Shiroda, Karai, Karai Bag, Near Chapel, Karai, Shiroda, Near Karai Church, Shiroda, Heera Bhat, Karai, -
26 Government Primary School, Karai ShirodaShiroda, Karai : Sawkar Bhat, Karai, Shiroda, Near Jalminath Temple, Shiroda, Near G.P.S. Karai, Shiroda, Sahe Bhat, Karai, Shiroda, Kamti Bhat, Shiroda, Maddar, Karai, Shiroda, Dessai Bhat, Karai, Shiroda, Gaonkar Bhat, Karai, Shiroda, Kuelkare Bhat, Karai, Shiroda, Zariwaddo, Karai, Shiroda
27 Government Primary School, Chun Bazar ShirodaShiroda, Chun : Pothya Bhat, Shiroda, Bazar Shiroda, Shiroda, Nr. Fish Market, Shiroda, Near Ravalnath Temple, Shiroda, Nr. Shri Ravalnath Temple, Shiroda, Near Mahamaya Temple, Shiroda, Near Vithal Temple, Shiroda, Bhatwada, Siroda, Siroda, Mahalewada, Shiroda, Near G. P. S. Chan, Shiroda, 1Near Kamaxi Avle Bhojan, Shiroda, 1 Near Kamakshi High School, Shiroda, 1 Hanuman Apts. Thal Siroda, Siroda, 1 Near Kamakshi Temple, Shiroda
28 Government Primary School, Chun Bazar ShirodaShiroda, Chun : Wagaped Siroda, Shiroda, Near G.P.S. Chan, Nr. G.P.S. Chan, Indira Nagar, Shiroda, Near Chapel Kapedshem, Shiroda, Gadiamol Siroda, Thall, Kapedshem, Shiroda, Nr. Mahadev Temple, Shiroda, Anandwadi, Shiroda, Dhavan, Shiroda
29 Government Primary School, Paz ShirodaShiroda, Paz : Paz Moll, Shiroda, Siroda, Near Bhamadurga Temple, Siroda, Paz Wada, Siroda, Paz Vascone, Siroda, Paz Parvariem
30 Government Primary School, Makadsai, ShirodaSiroda, Makadsai : Baynem, Torl, Shiroda, Makadsai Kanottem, Shiroda, Sakharwal, Shiroda, Bhatungal, Shiroda, Devaddem, Shiroda, Torl Dulpem, Shiroda
31 Government Primary School, Torla ShirodaShiroda, Torl : Torla Chicangal, Shiroda, Chicangal Talay, Shiroda, Dhunsado, Shiroda, Uddainwada Torla, Shiroda, Nr. G.P.S. School, Uddain, Shiroda, Torl Tallya, Shiroda, Torl Chowkune, Shiroda, Torl Pauscoamoll, Shiroda, Torl Banamolle, Shiroda, Torlwada,, Shiroda, 1Rankhol Torl, Shiroda, 1 Gavaliwada, Shiroda
32 Government Primary School, Bazar Shiroda(East Wing)Bazar, Siroda : Wadem-Satordem, Shiroda, Near Mahadev Temple, Shiroda, Sakhale Satorem, Shiroda, Viramorad, Shiroda, Near Ravalnath Temple, Vaila Bhat, Near Chapel Siroda, Shiroda, Near Masjid, Shiroda, Near Masjid Bazar, Shiroda, Near Chapel & Bazar, Siroda, Shiroda, Near Betal Temple, Shiroda, 1Near Valpeshwar Temple, Shiroda, 1 Near Betal Tali, Shiroda, 1 Near Virbhadra Temple (Gudewada), Shiroda, 1 Near V. P. Office, Shiroda, 1 Partal Shivnath, Shiroda, 1 Shivnathi Temple, Shiroda
33 Government Primary School Pedem ShirodaPedem Siroda : Waghdongar, Shiroda, Near Shri Krishna Temple, Shiroda, Near Chaple Daidar, Shiroda, Padem, Shiroda, Near Mand, Shiroda, Dr. Gude Premises Shenaiwada, Shiroda
34 Government Primary School, Bazar Shiroda(West Wing)Shiroda Bazar : Nr. Police Station, Shiroda, Bhati Shiroda, Shiroda, Vira Morod Siroda, Shiroda, Nr. Kamalabai Hede High School, Shiroda, Aframet Bhati, Shiroda, Aframet Bhati, Nr. Valpeshwar Temple, Shiroda, Pandegal, Shiroda, Pandgal New Colony, Shiroda, Bramha Vishnu Mahesh Temple, Shiroda
35 Government Primary School, Tariwada ShirodaSiroda, Tariwada : Sakle Askan, Shiroda, Askan Wada, Shiroda, Near Chari Garage, Shiroda, Shirwada, Shiroda, G.P.S., Tariwada, Near Bhumi Purush, Tariwada, Near Zar, Tariwada, Devtebhat, Tariwada
36 Government Primary School, Socrem ShirodaSocrem, Siroda : Talpone, Shiroda
37 Government Primary School, Socrem ShirodaSocrem, Siroda : Socrem Bag, Shiroda, Near Chapel, Socrem Bag, Shiroda, Socrem, Shiroda
38 Government Primary School, Dabolim ShirodaSiroda, Dabolim : Near Krishna Mandir, Barbhat, Shiroda, Nr. Barbhat Bus Stop, Barbhat, Shiroda, Near Apaikar Mandir, Barbhat, Shiroda, Nr. Dabolim Bus Stop, Dabolim, Shiroda, Near Sai Mandir, Dabolim, Near Saraswati Mandir, Dabolim, Near G.P.S.,Dabolim, Dabolim
39 Government Primary School, Vazangal ShirodaVazangal Siroda, : Near Public Well, Gaval, Near New Chapel, Gaval, Bagmorod, Dabolim, Near Mankem Bus Stop, Mankem, Near Chapel, At Mankem, Siroda, Mankem, Near G.P.S., Vazangal, Near Dr. Gopal Gude H.S., Vazangal, Varchawada, Varchawada,Vazangal, Near Chapel, Vazangal, 1Kulagar, Vazangal, 1 Maddar, Maddar,Vazangal
40 Government Primary School, Mudai PanchawadiMudai, Panchwadi : Simerwada, Panchavadi, Igarjiwada, Panchavadi, Barazan, Panchavadi, Ambegan, Panchavadi, Mirashiwada, Panchavadi, Mudai, Panchavadi
41 Government Primary School, Amlai PanchawadiAmlai Panchwadi, : Jittonematt, Panchavadi, Amblai,, Panchavadi, Bhimtoli,, Panchavadi, Posreabhat, Panchavadi, Mallem, Panchavadi
42 Government Primary School Vizar PanchawadiVizar Panchwadi : Malliantoli, Panchavadi, Mestawada Panchawadi, Panchavadi, Matt-Vizar Panchawadi, Panchavadi
43 Government Primary School Vizar PanchawadiVizar, Panchwadi : Muxer, Panchavadi, Novembhat, Panchavadi, Vizar, Panchavadi, Panaiwada,, Panchavadi, Near Bhagwati Temple, Panchavadi, Near Panchayat Office, Panchavadi
44 Government Primary School, Mapa PanchawadiMapa, Panchawadi : Tarir, Panchavadi, Badegal, Panchavadi, Gavaliwada, Panchavadi, Raichemoll, Panchavadi, Dhoder, Panchavadi, Nr. G.P.S. Mapa, Panchavadi
45 Government Primary School, Digas PanchawadiDigas, Panchawadi : Mapa, Panchavadi, Dongarwadi, Mapa, Panchavadi, Madajuvem,, Panchavadi, Soddeawado,Digas, Panchavadi, Digas, Panchavadi, Capxem, Panchavadi

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