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Polling Booth in Calangute Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Calangute

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Calangute Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Calangute Assembly Constituency falls under the Calangute Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Goa.

Polling Booth NoAddressPolling Booth Name & Area
1 Village Panchayat, ParraParra : Britto Vaddo Nr. Alvamar, Parra, Jackney Vaddo(I) Nr Ganesh Temple, Parra, Jackney Waddo Ii,Near Parra Tower, Parra
2 Govt. Primary School, Parra Lobo Vaddo, Parra : Salis Vaddo, Nr. Alvares Residence, Parra, Carras Vaddo Nr Alvamar, Parra, Salisswado, Nr. Prakash Parrikar House, Parra, Mudda Vaddo, Nr. Ursala House, Parra, Silva Vaddo Near Erric Residence, Parra
3 Govt. Primary School, Parra Lobo Vaddo, Parra : Lobo Waddo,Near G.P.S, Parra, Bhattivaddo Nr. Ganesh Temple, Parra
4 Health Center, ParraB-Arradi, Parra : Aradi,Near Church, Parra, Foudac Vaddo,Near Lotlikar Bar, Parra
5 Communadidade , ParraArradi, Parra : Gama Vaddo, Near Marcus Bar, Parra, Almeida Vaddo, Nr. Nehru House, Parra, Boquchem Aradi,Near Dr.Cleta House, Parra
6 Govt. Primary School Arpora, Viegas Vaddo, Arpora : Simwado,Near Chourangnath Temple, Arpora, Mainath Bhati,Near Royal Hotel, Arpora
7 Govt. Primary School Arpora, Viegas Vaddo, Arpora : Viegas Wado,Near St. Joseph High School, Arpora, Divan Bhati, Near V.P.Arpora, Arpora, Trinadade Wado, Near Laxminarayan Temple, Arpora, Ghor Bhat, Near St. Sebastian Chapel, Arpora
8 St. Joseph High school, Viegas Vaddo, ArporaViegas Vaddo, Arpora : Tambodki Wada, Near Mariano Dorado, Arpora, Baga, Near Royal Hotel, Arpora, Sankwadi, Near Sun Village Hotel, Arpora
9 Govt.Primary School Arraisvaddo, Nagoa, Arraisvaddo, Nagoa : Fuldem Wado, Near Dattatraya Temple, Nagoa, Mendes Wado, Near Chapel, Nagoa
10 Govt.Primary School Arraisvaddo, Nagoa, Arraisvaddo, Nagoa : Raut Vado, Near Francis D'Souza House, Nagoa, Arais Wado, Near G.P.S., Nagoa, Dias Wado, Near Trindade Church, Nagoa
11 Govt. Primary School Sautawaddo, Sautawaddo, Calangute : Khobrawado, Near Maruti Temple, Calangute, Near Vernekar Anet, Calangute, Fondvem, Near Vernekar Anet, Calangute
12 Govt. Primary School Sautowaddo, Sautawaddo, Calangute : Saunta Waddo, Near Casa Portuguese I, Calangute, Sauntawado, Near Candia Chapel, Calangute, Sauntawado, Near Cavala Hotel, Calangute
13 Govt. Primary School Sautawaddo, (Central Wing)Sautawaddo, Calangute : Saunta Waddo, Near Casa Portuguese Ii, Calangute, Sauntawado, Near Tito Club, Calangute, Khobrawado, Near Hotel Milkyway, Calangute, Khobrawado, Near Anette Beach Resort, Calangute
14 Calangute Association BuildingTiwai Vaddo, Calangute : Porbowado, Near Silent Resort, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Bank Of Baroda, Calangute, Porbowado, Hotel Casa Domani, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Silverina Hotel, Calangute, Porbawado, Near Vernekar House, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Shantadurga Temple, Calangute
15 Calangute Association Building ( Block 2)Tiwai Vaddo, Calangute : Dessai Waddo, Near Bhusan Salkar House, Calangute, Fondvem, Porbo Waddo, Calangute, Agar Waddo, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Super Services Station, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Vengurlekar House, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Pajir, Calangute
16 Don Bosco High School , CalanguteCalangute : Gaurawado, Near Golden Eye Apartments, Calangute, Gaurawado, Near Sequira House, Calangute, Tiwai Wada, Near Francis Mascarenhas House, Calangute
17 Don Bosco High School, Calangute Calangute : Gaurawado, Near Mark Memorial High School, Calangute, Gaurawado, Near Ice Factory, Calangute, Gaurawado, Cimer, Calangute, Gaurawado, Near Kamat Bld, Calangute
18 Govt. Primary School, Naikawaddo NaikaWaddo, Calangute : Naika Wado, Near Post Office, Calangute, Naika Wado, Near Little Flowers Jesus High School, Calangute, Naika Wado, Near Midas Touch, Calangute
19 Govt. Primary School Naikawaddo NaikaWaddo, Calangute : Near Alor Resort, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Near Braganza Colony, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Near Shantadurga Temple, Naika Waddo, Calangute
20 St. Joseph High School,Tiwai Vaddo, Calangute : Near Police Station, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Near Post Office, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Naikawado, Donger Pur, Calangute, St. Alex Convent, Calangute, Near Lina Apartments, Naikawado, Calangute
21 Don Bosco High School , CalanguteCalangute : Khobrawado, Near Charlton Hotel, Calangute, Khobrawado, Near Old Age Home, Calangute, Umtawado, Near St.Joseph Chapel, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Tito Project, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Football Ground, Calangute
22 Calangute Association BuildingUmta Vaddo, Calangute : Umtawado, Near Coco Banana Tower, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Jerry Bar & Restaurant, Coco Band, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Thoteshwar Mandap, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Falcon Hotel, Calangute, Umtawado, Near Diyana Hotel, Calangute, Umtawado, Behind Cold Drink House, Calangute
23 St. Joseph High School , Tiwai VaddoTiwai Vaddo,. Calangute : Near Paradise Resort, Tiwaiwado, Calangute, Mhaddo Waddo, Calangute, Near Alepas Guest House, Mhaddo Waddo, Calangute, Tiwaiwado, Behind St. Joseph High School, Calangute
24 Govt. Primary School , Naika Waddo,CalanguteNaikaWaddo,Calangute : Near Bomparte Chepal, Calangute, Near Hotel Mira, Calangute, Porbowado, Near Roman Chamber, Calangute
25 Institute of ProvedoriaPintos Vaddo, Candolim : Opp. To Malini Garage, Escrivav Waddo, Candolim
26 Govt. Primary School Abe De Faria Pintos Vaddo, Pintos Vaddo, Candolim : Wadi, Near Primary Health Centre, Candolim, Marquis Waddo, Candolim, Morod Waddo, Candolim
27 Govt. Primary School Abe De Faria Pintos Vaddo, Pintos Vaddo, Candolim : Kamotim Wado, Candolim, T.Bhat Kamotim , Candolim, Wadi - Morod, Near Newton Super Market, Candolim
28 Institute of ProvedoriaPintos Vaddo, Candolim : Pintoswado, Near Village Panchayat, Candolim, Pintoswado, Near Provedorio Office, Candolim, Annawaddo, Near Malini Garage, Candolim
29 St. Teresa High School, Confraria, CandolimConfraria, Candolim : Old Arady, Candolim, Confraria, Near Our Lady Of Hope Church, Candolim, Muddowado, Near Sandra House, Candolim
30 Govt. Primary School OrdaOrda, Candolim : Orda, Near St. Sebastian Chapel, Candolim, Orda, Voilowaddo, Candolim
31 St. Teresa High School, Confraria, CandolimConfraria, Candolim : New Arady, Near Garbage Plant, Candolim, Orda, Near St.Cruz Chapel, Candolim
32 Govt. Primary School SaipemSaipem, Candolim : Saipem, Near Govt Primary School, Candolim, Opposite Saipem Volleyball Ground, Candolim, Near Saipem Sports Club, Candolim, Near Saipem Goldeshwar Temple, Candolim
33 Govt. Primary School Dando Dando, Candolim : Near Fort Agwad, Candolim, Sequirim, Khaile Bhat, Candolim, Sequirim, Voile Bhat, Candolim, Dando, Near Govt Primary School, Candolim
34 Govt. Primary School Dando Dando, Candolim : Souza Waddo, Candolim, Bamanwado, Near Green Peace Apartments, Candolim, Bamanwado, Near Shantadurga Temple, Candolim

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