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Goa Assembly Elections 2022 Results

Goa Elections Results 2022 - Seat Share (40/40)

BJP   02013
INC   01117
AAP   020
Other 0710

Goa Assembly Election Results 2022 - Constituency Wise

Const. No.Constituency NameWinner CandidatesPartyRunner-up CandidatesPartyMargin Votes
1MandremJIT VINAYAK AROLKARMaharashtrawadi Gomantak DAYANAND RAGHUNATH SOPTEBharatiya Janata Party 715
2PernemPRAVIN PRABHAKAR ARLEKARBharatiya Janata Party RAJAN BABUSO KORGAONKARMaharashtrawadi Gomantak 3418
3BicholimDR. CHANDRAKANT SHETYEIndependent NARESH RAJARAM SAWALMaharashtrawadi Gomantak 318
4TivimNILKANTH RAMNATH HALARNKARBharatiya Janata Party KAVITA KANDOLKARAll India Trinamool Congress 2051
5MapusaJOSHUA PETER DE SOUZABharatiya Janata Party SUDHIR RAMA KANDOLKARIndian National Congress 1647
6SiolimDELILAH MICHAEL LOBOIndian National Congress DAYANAND RAYU MANDREKARBharatiya Janata Party 1727
7SaligaoKedar Jayprakash NaikIndian National Congress Jayesh SalgaonkarBharatiya Janata Party 1899
8CalanguteMichael Vincent LoboIndian National Congress Joseph Robert SequeiraBharatiya Janata Party 4979
9PorvorimRohan KhaunteBharatiya Janata Party Sandeep VazarkarAll India Trinamool Congress 7950
10AldonaCARLOS ALVARES FERREIRAIndian National Congress GLENN JOHN VIJAY AMBROSE E SOUZA TICLOBharatiya Janata Party 1823
11PanajiATANASIO MONSERRATEBharatiya Janata Party UTPAL MANOHAR PARRIKARIndependent 716
12TaleigaoJENNIFER MONSERRATEBharatiya Janata Party TONY ALFREDO RODRIGUESIndian National Congress 2041
13St.CruzRodolfo Louis FernandesIndian National Congress Antonio Caetano FernandesBharatiya Janata Party 2464
14St. AndreViresh Mukesh BorkarRevolutionary Goans Party Francisco SilveiraBharatiya Janata Party 76
15CumbarjuaRajesh FaldessaiIndian National Congress Janita Pandurang MadkaikarBharatiya Janata Party 2827
16MaemPREMENDRA VISHNU SHETBharatiya Janata Party SANTOSH KUMAR SAWANTGoa Forward Party 3136
17SanquelimDr. Pramod SawantBharatiya Janata Party Dharmesh SaglaniIndian National Congress 666
18PoriemDEVIYA VISHWAJIT RANEBharatiya Janata Party VISHWAJIT RANEAam Aadmi Party 13943
19ValpoiVISHWAJIT PRATAPSINGH RANEBharatiya Janata Party TUKARAM BHARAT PARABRevolutionary Goans Party 8085
20PriolGovind Shepu GaudeBharatiya Janata Party Pandurang Alias Deepak DhavalikarMaharashtrawadi Gomantak 213
21PondaRAVI NAIKBharatiya Janata Party KETAN PRABHU BHATIKARMaharashtrawadi Gomantak 77
22SirodaSubhash ShirodkarBharatiya Janata Party Mahadev NaikAam Aadmi Party 2174
23MarcaimRamkrishna Alias Sudin DhavalikarMaharashtrawadi Gomantak Sudesh BhingiBharatiya Janata Party 9963
24MormugaoSankalp AmonkarIndian National Congress Milind Sagun NaikBharatiya Janata Party 1941
25Vasco-Da-GamaKrishna V. SalkarBharatiya Janata Party Jose Luis Carlos AlmeidaIndian National Congress 3657
26DabolimMAUVIN HELIODORO GODINHOBharatiya Janata Party Captain Viriato Hipolito Mendonca FernandesIndian National Congress 1570
27CortalimAntonio VasIndependent Olencio SimoesIndian National Congress 1178
28NuvemALEIXO SEQUEIRAIndian National Congress ARVIND D'COSTARevolutionary Goans Party 4397
29CurtorimALEIXO REGINALDO LOURENCOIndependent MORENO REBELOIndian National Congress 5055
30FatordaVIJAI SARDESAIGoa Forward Party DAMU G. NAIKBharatiya Janata Party 1527
31MargaoDIGAMBAR KAMATIndian National Congress AJGAONKAR MANOHAR (BABU)Bharatiya Janata Party 7794
32BenaulimVenzy ViegasAam Aadmi Party Churchill AlemaoAll India Trinamool Congress 1271
33NavelimUlhas TuenkarBharatiya Janata Party Valanka Natasha AlemaoAll India Trinamool Congress 430
34CuncolimAlemao YuriIndian National Congress CLAFASIO DIASBharatiya Janata Party 3234
35VelimCRUZ SILVAAam Aadmi Party D'SILVA SAVIOIndian National Congress 169
36QuepemALTONE D'COSTAIndian National Congress CHANDRAKANT KAVLEKARBharatiya Janata Party 3601
37CurchoremNILESH CABRALBharatiya Janata Party AMIT PATKARIndian National Congress 672
38SanvordemGanesh GaonkarBharatiya Janata Party Deepak Prabhu PauskarIndependent 5190
39SanguemSubhash Uttam Phal DessaiBharatiya Janata Party Savitri Chandrakant KavlekarIndependent 1429
40CanaconaRamesh TawadkarBharatiya Janata Party Isidore Aleixinho FernandesIndependent 3051

List of Goa Assembly Constituencies in Goa

Goa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Election Results 2015

Pie chart showing party wise 2015 election results for Bihar. Also shown along are 2010 pie chart showing the number of seats won by BJP, JD(U), RJD and Others.
Goa Assembly 2015 Party Wise Results
Goa Assembly 2010 Party Wise Results

Goa Election Results Constituency wise

Table showing results for all the Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituencies of Goa with the names of winner and runner-up candidates. Also shown along are their party names.

Mandrem Dayanand Raghunath Sopte (INC )WinnerLaxmikant Parsekar (BJP )Runner-up
Pernem Ajgaonkar Manohar Trimbak (MAG )WinnerRajendra Arlekar (BJP )Runner-up
Bicholim Rajesh Patnekar (BJP )WinnerNaresh Sawal (MAG )Runner-up
Tivim Nilkanth Ramnath Halarnkar (INC )WinnerKiran Mohan Kandolkar (BJP )Runner-up
Mapusa Francisco C. J. A. De Pinto E Souza (BJP )WinnerVinod Fadke (MAG )Runner-up
Siolim Vinoda Datarama Paliencar (GFP )WinnerDayanand Rayu Mandrekar (BJP )Runner-up
Saligao Jayesh Vidyadhar Salgaonkar (GFP )WinnerDilip Parulekar (BJP )Runner-up
Calangute Michael Vincent Lobo (BJP )WinnerJoseph Robert Sequeira (INC )Runner-up
Porvorim Rohan Khaunte (IND )WinnerGuruprasad R. Pawaskar (BJP )Runner-up
Aldona Glenn Souza Ticlo (BJP )WinnerAmarnath Panjikar (INC )Runner-up
Panaji Sidharth Sripad Kuncalienker (BJP )WinnerAtanasio J. Monserrate (UGP )Runner-up
Taleigao Jennifer Monserrate (INC )WinnerDattaprasad Naik (BJP )Runner-up
St. Cruz Antonio Caetano Fernandes (INC )WinnerHemant Dinanath Golatkar (BJP )Runner-up
St. Andre Francisco Silveira (INC )WinnerRamrao Surya Naik Wagh (BJP )Runner-up
Cumbarjua Pandurang Madkaikar (BJP )WinnerXavier Fialho (INC )Runner-up
Maem Pravin Zantye (BJP )WinnerSantosh Kumar Sawant (INC )Runner-up
Sanquelim Dr. Pramod Pandurang Sawant (BJP )WinnerDharmesh Saglani (INC )Runner-up
Poriem Pratapsingh R Rane (INC )WinnerVishwajit Krishnarao Rane (BJP )Runner-up
Valpoi Vishwajit Pratapsingh Rane (INC )WinnerSatyavijay Subrai Naik (BJP )Runner-up
Priol Govind Gaude (IND )WinnerPandurang Alias Deepak Madhav Dhavalikar (MAG )Runner-up
Ponda Ravi Sitaram Naik (INC )WinnerSunil Desai (BJP )Runner-up
Siroda Subhash Ankush Shirodkar (INC )WinnerMahadev Narayan Naik (BJP )Runner-up
Marcaim Ramkrishna Alias Sudin Dhavalikar (MAG )WinnerPradeep Pundalik Shet (BJP )Runner-up
Mormugao Milind Sagun Naik (BJP )WinnerSankalp Amonkar (INC )Runner-up
Vasco-da-gama Jose Luis Carlos Almeida (BJP )WinnerKrishna (Daji) V Salkar (IND )Runner-up
Dabolim Mauvin Heliodoro Godinho (BJP )WinnerPremanand Nanoskar (MAG )Runner-up
Cortalim Alina Saldanha (BJP )WinnerAntonio Vas (IND )Runner-up
Nuvem Wilfred D'Sa (INC )WinnerFrancisco Xavier Pacheco (GSRP )Runner-up
Curtorim Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco (INC )WinnerArthur D�Silva (BJP )Runner-up
Fatorda Vijai Sardesai (GFP )WinnerDamu G. Naik (BJP )Runner-up
Margao Digambar Vasant Kamat (INC )WinnerSharmad Raiturkar (BJP )Runner-up
Benaulim Churchill Alemao (NCP )WinnerRoyla Clarina Fernandes (AAP )Runner-up
Navelim Luizinho Faleiro (INC )WinnerAvertano Furtado (IND )Runner-up
Cuncolim Clafasio Dias (INC )WinnerJoaquim Alemao (IND )Runner-up
Velim Filipe Nery Rodrigues (INC )WinnerBenjamin Silva (IND)Runner-up
Quepem Chandrakant (Babu) Kavlekar (INC )WinnerPrakash Shankar Velip (BJP )Runner-up
Curchorem Nilesh Cabral (BJP )WinnerShyam Gopinath Satardekar (GSM )Runner-up
Sanvordem Deepak Prabhu Pauskar (MAG )WinnerGanesh Chandru Gaonkar (BJP )Runner-up
Sanguem Prasad S. Gaonkar (IND )WinnerSubhash Phal Dessai (BJP )Runner-up
Canacona Isidore Aleixinho Fernandes (INC )WinnerVijay Pai Khot (BJP )Runner-up

Goa Legislative Assembly election, 2017

The Goa Legislative Assembly elections 2017 were held in a single phase on February 4, 2017 to elect the 40 members of the Goa Legislative Assembly. A total of 251 candidates contested the elections. Heavy polling was witnessed in Goa in this elections as 83 percent voters exercised their franchise. This time elections in Goa were a triangular contest as apart from the BJP and Congress the new entrant Aam Aadmi Party also took part in the elections.

In the last election BJP had won 21-seats and formed the government with Manohar Parrikaras the chief Minister but as he joined union cabinet as defense Minister Laxmikant Parsekar became the chief minister of Goa. The term of the this assembly ends on 18 March 2017.

About Goa Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha)

The western state of Goa has a unicameral legislature. It has a Legislative Assembly consisting of 40 members. The Assembly first convened on 9 January, 1964 in the Secretariat building at Adil Shah's Palace. Hence, 9 January is marked as "Legislator's Day" every year in Goa.

At the time of India's independence, Goa was a Portuguese territory. After the end of Portuguese rule in 1961, this state was placed under military administration. On 8 June 1962, military rule was replaced by civilian government comprising a Consultative Council which first met on 24 September 1962. It had 29 nominated members who assisted in the administration of the territory.

When Goa became a state of India in 1987, the number of seats in the Assembly was increased to 40. Today, the Assembly meets in its own State Legislative Assembly Complex in Porvorim, Bardez. The Assembly building was inaugurated by former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on 5 March 2000.

Vidhan Sabha Constituency in Goa

40 Constituencies
Scheduled Caste
Scheduled Tribes

Goa Assembly Election Results

The tables below represent the assembly election results for the state of Goa untill now starting from the most recent year 2012.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)21
Goa Vikas Party (GVP)2
Independent (IND)5
Indian National Congress (INC)9
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)3
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)14
Indian National Congress (INC)16
Independent (IND)2
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)2
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)3
Save Goa Front (SGF)2
United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP)1
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)17
Indian National Congress (INC)16
Independent (IND)1
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)2
Nationalist Congress Party (NCP)1
United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP)3
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)10
Goa Su-Raj Party (GRCP)2
Indian National Congress (INC)22
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)4
United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP)2
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)4
Indian National Congress (INC)18
Independent (IND)3
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)12
United Goans Democratic Party (UGDP)3
Indian National Congress (INC)20
Independent (IND)2
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)18
Indian National Congress (U) (INC)(U)20
Independent (IND)3
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)7
Indian National Congress (INC)10
Independent (IND)2
Janta Party (JNP)3
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)15
Indian National Congress (INC)1
Independent (IND)1
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)18
United Goans (Sequeira Group) (UGS)10
Independent (IND)2
Maharashtrawadi Gomantak (MAG)16
United Goans (Sequeira Group) (UGS)12

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