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Who is more divisive? Congress or BJP?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

Battle was fought in Gujarat. Results are being declared in Gujarat and accusations are flying in all directions on all TV channels. Now with almost certain BJP government in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh done and dusted, debate has shifted over to who has been more mean and demeaning, Congress or BJP? Who was more evil, Congress or BJP? Who was more opportunist, Congress or BJP? And finally, who was more divisive, Congress or BJP?

Interesting is everyone agrees that both parties have been demeaning, evil, opportunist and divisive, it is only the degree of bankruptcy of development agenda which is being debated. Really? Maybe it is level of skill in manipulation which is being debated? Unfortunately, nobody is debating what is good for India and to what level can we allow election debates to go down to. We are only bothered now about winning and don’t care for means.

Oh My God! Congress was the original divisive party, BJP macro level divisive and micro level unifying and now look at them, they both are divisive in true sense of the word and competing on who wins the first prize.

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