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Is AAP the unseen hand in BJP’s victory?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

What happened to AAP? They couldn’t have got BJP votes? Did they actually eat into Congress votes in crucial seats?  Are they the unseen hand in BJP’s victory? Did BJP win because AAP took few thousand votes away from Congress in closely contest seats? Yes, one can’t rule out this possibility but chances are fairly limited of this having happened.

To reach to a conclusion on this matter one has to deep dive in each of those 20 odd constituencies from where AAP fought and look at victory margin.

We are sure 3-4 seats may have been impacted but AAP being the chasm between Congress’ defeat and Congress’ victory is unlikely hypothesis of BJP’s victory.

Oh My God! This came too close and now reasons need to be invented to justify the outcome. May God Bless newsrooms in India, they have a challenge on hand.

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