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In Gujarat, Narendra Modi Won and BJP Lost, Right?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

For Gujaratis, it was a tough call, but they did decide, they did vote for Son of Gujarat and decided to give BJP a wake-up call. And what a wake up call it has been. BJP may not be able to hold to 108 and may go beyond 110, or BJP may go below 100 and if it does, BJP will need some more towels for tears and sweat.

Congress has more than a few lessons to learn, they can’t outsource their campaign and they can’t play a second fiddle to any regional leader. In Gujarat for Congress, thank God Rahul Gandhi did come out of the woods, he has some seats under his name.

Oh My God! For BJP it is winner’s luck this time, but is this good for them?.

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