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Congress Leaders Have Their Job Cut For Karnataka

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

Congress won one region of Gujarat – Saurashtra. Now it has its job cut, what all it needs to do to win all of Karnataka. What all did they right in Saurashtra and can they replicate it? What is the demographic profile? What is SC/ST profiles? Region & Religion mashups need to be modelled out and formula for defeating BJP needs to be decoded.

Congress is not going to give Karnataka on a platter. BJP is celebrating but not the way they wanted to. But things always don’t go the Bollywood way, to everyone their own.

Oh My God! BJP is singing “Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander” and Congress is singing “Haar Ke Jitne wale ko Baazigar Kehta Hain”. Bollywood is India, Congress and BJP may fight but look at Bollywood for dialogues.


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