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Vasundhara Raje likely to lose, really?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 9, 2018 | Comment

Is Vasundhara Raje likely to lose her own seat? It looks like she has already lost it. While son Dushyant Singh is still very much around and represents Jhalwar-Baran as an MP,  it looks like it is sunset for Vasundhara Raje.

If BJP acted smart in grounding Sachin Pilot to his seat, Congress reciprocated by doing advance math. Current calculation on religion, cast and economic criteria clearly point towards Vasundhara Raje’s defeat. She is a 3 consecutive term MLA from Jhalarapatan but, with her reputation for arrogance  preceding her every constituency visit, her supporters and voters have both given up on her.

Manvendra Singh can be seen by some as a lightweight candidate against Vasundhara, but only if you see it in isolation. Manvendra is son of much respected Late Jaswant Singh, the former External Affairs Minister of India and one of the tallest leaders from Rajasthan. Manvendra is articulate, a sitting MLA and a former MP.

Nobody labels Manvendra corrupt and nobody stops accusing Vasundhara of corruption and inaccessibility. Rajputs are angry with Vasundhara and so are Muslims and Dalits. With  these there dumping her for good, there is a little chance for her to cross 50,000 vote mark in a constituency of over 200,000 voters and and almost 80% polling record.

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