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The film isn’t over yet, my friend -Gujarat Results

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

Lot of Gujaratis fund Bollywood and are producers and they are familiar with the phrase “picture abhi baki hai, mere dost” (The film isn’t over yet, my friend)”. We can imagine even Modi Ji asking Amit Shah, abhi kitni picture baki hai? (How much of the film is still left?). This is promising to be the nail-biting finish few elections have seen before, not that BJP can lose at this stage but issue is how much has BJP’s citadel crumbled in Gujarat and how much of it would’ve crumbled in other states.

What if BJP had not fielded their all? What if the ground reports of BJP and the intelligence that “hum Gujarat haar rahe hain” was not attended to? What if Manishankar Aiyer had not made that “Neech” statement. Certainly, BJP would’ve lost. It is writing on the wall for BJP that they were thinking Congress as Ireland’s cricket team and Congress turned out to be a Bangladesh cricket team, fully capable of an upset. And what an upset this is.

Oh My God! Lot of people in BJP are not going to sleep well tonight and someone by the name Hardik Patel finds a larger audience to take out. From 150+ to Jo Jita Wohi Sikander day unfolded magically and converted a 20:20 to an ODI.

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