Yogi Adityanath and Elections

Q: Who is Yogi Adityanath? A1.: BJP’s Number 3 Campaigner? A2: Number 1  in line of succession for PMs job? A3: Indian’s Number 1 Cow vigilante? A4: India’s Number 1 Sanaysi Politician? A5: India’s Number 1 renaming man? Our answer is an emphatic yes to all of the above. And, of course he is the Chief Minister  of Uttar Pradesh on top of all of that and Mahant of the Gorakhnath Math. There are lot of people who disagree with BJP’s Hindutva and as a surprise to many Yogi Adityanath also disagrees with BJP’s approach, albeit he […]Read more

Original Hindutva Vs. Clone

Dear Jaitley Sahib, Your “Original Hindutva Vs. Clone” assertion sounds more like Asli Gunda Vs. Tu Kaun? Seriously? You are making these declarations and not rubber stamping them? Sir, your party has run Gujarat for a generation, 22 years, and still you are not optimistic about success of your development policies, or can rely on them Talking about cloning why don’t we talk about “Good Cloning”, why has BJP failed to clone Kerala model when it comes to Human Development Index or literacy, or life span or health care, or old age care. Aren’t 22 years enough […]Read more

“Not at all. I do not run political races” – Kiran Bedi

OMG! These excerpts from Kiran Bedi’s interview with The Mail are interestingly uninteresting  😉 Quote: “Not at all. I do not run political races… Had I run one, I would have been Delhi’s Police Commissioner,’’ Bedi said, responding to a question on her chances of becoming the chief minister of Delhi. Unquote: What is this Kiran Ji, if this not a political race, is it Chor-Sipahi?   Kiran Bedi and the Art of Turning 180 degree.

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