The Colourful Life Of An Exit Poll

Exit Polls are a unique species, loved by all and hated by some. That ‘some’ includes Bollywood which looks upon the exit polls the way a ‘Saas’ would on seeing her newly arrived cheeky ‘Bahu,’ in one of the typically tempestuous family serials on Indian television. The life and times of an exit poll in India is colourful, entertaining, analytical, intriguing, enraging, outrageous, fun and entertaining, all at the same time. No other event dies as quickly as it arrives, and during the time in between, attracts one and all like flies to food. On D-day, expect […]Read more

Modi and Shah Should Quit if BJP Fails – Congress

OMG! INC doesn’t want to talk about bloodbath they are heading for, they want Modi Ji & Amit Shah Ji to quit and go back to Gujarat. Isn’t it interesting, especially coming from Indian National Congress a party known for its bosses never owning up. Modi and Shah Should Quit, Really?

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