Thank You For Working For Me, But…

OMG! Dr. Mrs. Kiran Bedi real knows importance of thanking people who have been on her side through these roller-coaster 15-20 days. She was so thrilled with their participation that she decided to give a very personalized gift to everyone.  Wow! That’s what everyone would say, maybe just about everyone, of course all except those who got the gift. In her own style Kiran Bedi Ji conveyed to the team that their knowledge about her was not good, she wants them to brush it instead. She has gone ahead and given a comic about herself, yes, yes […]Read more

Someone in BJP Should Write A Book – Why We Lost Delhi

OMG! BJP is losing Delhi, most exit-polls agree that next Government is AAP’s but disagree on sizing up AAP’s success and BJP’s defeat. Now, this would surely get us to one special someone, and that someone can surely write a new book “Why Lost Delhi”- Kiran Bedii Ji would have enough time to reflect and compile such a book.    

He is Manipulative – Kiran Bedi on Kejriwal

OMG! Now it is Kiran Bedi’s turn to “get personal” with Arvind Kejriwal and to think of herself as holy-cow. If Arvind Kejriwal is  manipulative, what are you Mam? You have got yourself pushed in a cadre based party as a parachute candidate, is it only due to your own hard-work?  Kiran Bedi on Arvind Kejriwal

Searching for real Kiran Bedi

OMG! Kiran Bedi – Version 1.0 – Bibi Jagir Kaur is a convicted criminal serving term, she shouldn’t get privileges from Punjab Police. Kiran Bedi Version 2.0 Seeks blessings from Bibi Jagir Kaur for elections. Is it a different version or is it a different person? Kiran against Jagir Kaur

Kumar Vishwas and Some Bakwas

OMG! Kumar Viswas did some “bakwas” and Kiran Bedi was not amused. She and her party say that remark was sexiest and they have lodged an FIR. Kumar Vishwas is not a candidate but Arvind Kejriwal was there when offending remark was made. AAP just can’t stop quoting controversies. Is it all “Bakwas” Check out.    

Can you be a CM aspirant and still not be a Politician?

OMG! Politicians are not good people, I am a CM aspirant but I am not a full politician, hmm… I can always go back and do my teaching assignments at Harvard & Oxford, hmm… hmm…  We have always known politics teaches lot of things, but rookie politicians keeping teaching as an option is interesting indeed. Kiran Bedi remains critical about politicians,  claims she is not a full politician

20 Point Program is Back – Now a BJP Agenda

OMG! Much maligned by BJP “Bees Sutri Program” is back, BJP prefers to call it as Bees Sutri Plan though. 20 Point Program was Indira Gandhi & Congress Party’s core development strategy in 1980s. With P for program replaced with P for plan, almost everything reads the same. Kiran Bedi’s 20 Point Plan

Mystery of 31 years resolved

OMG! These elections are great, they are resolving issues which are over 3 decades old. Finally Kiran Bedi has gone on record saying that after all she was not  “the Crane Bedi” but she was “a Bedi whose officer ordered  the crane”. So much for myths and so much for daredevilry.  Crane Myth Bedi

“Not at all. I do not run political races” – Kiran Bedi

OMG! These excerpts from Kiran Bedi’s interview with The Mail are interestingly uninteresting  😉 Quote: “Not at all. I do not run political races… Had I run one, I would have been Delhi’s Police Commissioner,’’ Bedi said, responding to a question on her chances of becoming the chief minister of Delhi. Unquote: What is this Kiran Ji, if this not a political race, is it Chor-Sipahi?   Kiran Bedi and the Art of Turning 180 degree.

I can feel pain of women… As I am a women – Kiran Bedi

OMG! This is really a loaded statement by Kiran Bedi Ji – “As a woman, I feel the pain each time an atrocity is committed on a woman” – So, does this mean if atrocities are committed against men she would not feel the pain? Never thought “feeling pain of others” is based on gender. Pain is gender dependent, is it so?

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