Is Gujarat semifinal of Karnataka?

Sikander/Alexander, an invader, a foreigner, defeated Raja Poru, an ethic Indian and, our BJP politicians are happily anointing themselves as Sikander, so much of Bollywood with so little of history. Definitely, if Congress was as agile as BJP it would’ve by now taken the wind out of the sails of BJP’s armada. But then Congress is not BJP, at least, as yet. Karnataka is going to be a very different battle, each seat would be contested and margins are going to come down. Congress feels that they couldn’t mobilize their voters well and BJP feels that they […]Read more

Original Hindutva Vs. Clone

Dear Jaitley Sahib, Your “Original Hindutva Vs. Clone” assertion sounds more like Asli Gunda Vs. Tu Kaun? Seriously? You are making these declarations and not rubber stamping them? Sir, your party has run Gujarat for a generation, 22 years, and still you are not optimistic about success of your development policies, or can rely on them Talking about cloning why don’t we talk about “Good Cloning”, why has BJP failed to clone Kerala model when it comes to Human Development Index or literacy, or life span or health care, or old age care. Aren’t 22 years enough […]Read more

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