All work and no play makes politics a dull ploy

The reason why we politicians love elections so much is that it’s a time when holiday and carnival festivities come together. You see, people celebrate various festivals though out the year but has anybody ever asked how we politicians like to celebrate our festivals and holidays? You may want to ask since when have politicians started to have festivals? For politicians, election time is festival and holiday time. It is for these holidays that we politicians save up our meagre savings throughout the year, and sometimes for five years. I am sure you will understand. Don’t you […]Read more

Is Gujarat semifinal of Karnataka?

Sikander/Alexander, an invader, a foreigner, defeated Raja Poru, an ethic Indian and, our BJP politicians are happily anointing themselves as Sikander, so much of Bollywood with so little of history. Definitely, if Congress was as agile as BJP it would’ve by now taken the wind out of the sails of BJP’s armada. But then Congress is not BJP, at least, as yet. Karnataka is going to be a very different battle, each seat would be contested and margins are going to come down. Congress feels that they couldn’t mobilize their voters well and BJP feels that they […]Read more

Winner of Gujarat Assembly Elections 2017 is …

The big day is finally here, and I am so glad to see you all gather today, sitting together for once. It’s a lovely sight. Attention! Please be quiet! I will now be announcing the winner of the Gujarat Assembly elections 2017. Quiet, please. Hello, Hello, is the mike working? Yes, its fine now. Can you all hear me? Ok, please sit down. I am pleased to announce the winner of the polls in Gujarat now, and the winner is …. Mr. Gandhi, no please don’t get up, I have not yet announced your name. Mr. Modi, […]Read more

The film isn’t over yet, my friend -Gujarat Results

Lot of Gujaratis fund Bollywood and are producers and they are familiar with the phrase “picture abhi baki hai, mere dost” (The film isn’t over yet, my friend)”. We can imagine even Modi Ji asking Amit Shah, abhi kitni picture baki hai? (How much of the film is still left?). This is promising to be the nail-biting finish few elections have seen before, not that BJP can lose at this stage but issue is how much has BJP’s citadel crumbled in Gujarat and how much of it would’ve crumbled in other states. What if BJP had not […]Read more

Who is more divisive? Congress or BJP?

Battle was fought in Gujarat. Results are being declared in Gujarat and accusations are flying in all directions on all TV channels. Now with almost certain BJP government in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh done and dusted, debate has shifted over to who has been more mean and demeaning, Congress or BJP? Who was more evil, Congress or BJP? Who was more opportunist, Congress or BJP? And finally, who was more divisive, Congress or BJP? Interesting is everyone agrees that both parties have been demeaning, evil, opportunist and divisive, it is only the degree of bankruptcy of development […]Read more

Is AAP the unseen hand in BJP’s victory?

What happened to AAP? They couldn’t have got BJP votes? Did they actually eat into Congress votes in crucial seats?  Are they the unseen hand in BJP’s victory? Did BJP win because AAP took few thousand votes away from Congress in closely contest seats? Yes, one can’t rule out this possibility but chances are fairly limited of this having happened. To reach to a conclusion on this matter one has to deep dive in each of those 20 odd constituencies from where AAP fought and look at victory margin. We are sure 3-4 seats may have been […]Read more

Is Seaplane Ride BJP’s Plan C?

BJP is a strategy-driven party with highly motivated cadre, robust infrastructure and more than adequate funding. On the face of it, it looks all good for BJP but, half an hour on Twitter and 10 minutes with a newspaper, it is clear BJP is panicking. They know everything has gone wrong but they don’t know how. Rahul Gandhi is not being called Pappu anymore, not that BJP has given up on that but because numerous Pappu accounts of BJP, its fans and supporters are not gaining any traction. Let us understand what BJP is going through.  BJP’s […]Read more

Listen Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Dear Mr. Gandhi, You accuse PM of India for faking promises to women of Gujarat, may I ask, in what capacity? Moral conduct? Precedence? Integrity? Do you know where Amethi is? Do you know what is happening to women in your pocket borough of Amethi? Do you know what happened to women in Delhi under your party’s rule for 15 years? Let me help: Here is your Amethi’s snapshot “Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Amethi has an average literacy rate of 39%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 46%, […]Read more

Original Hindutva Vs. Clone

Dear Jaitley Sahib, Your “Original Hindutva Vs. Clone” assertion sounds more like Asli Gunda Vs. Tu Kaun? Seriously? You are making these declarations and not rubber stamping them? Sir, your party has run Gujarat for a generation, 22 years, and still you are not optimistic about success of your development policies, or can rely on them Talking about cloning why don’t we talk about “Good Cloning”, why has BJP failed to clone Kerala model when it comes to Human Development Index or literacy, or life span or health care, or old age care. Aren’t 22 years enough […]Read more

Congratulations Congress

Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congratulations. You’ve defeated BJP in candidate selection. Your family business, Congress has 36% candidates with the criminal background against BJP’s 24.7%. Of course, BJP reserves its rights to catch-up with you and defeat you, but as of now, you are winning with a wide margin. Crime and Congress both begin with C and Congress is skilled at compromising with crime and manipulating elections, even if it is internal elections. Of late you are not being smart and savvy enough to win by manipulation but your party just doesn’t know any other way to […]Read more

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