In Gujarat, Narendra Modi Won and BJP Lost, Right?

For Gujaratis, it was a tough call, but they did decide, they did vote for Son of Gujarat and decided to give BJP a wake-up call. And what a wake up call it has been. BJP may not be able to hold to 108 and may go beyond 110, or BJP may go below 100 and if it does, BJP will need some more towels for tears and sweat. Congress has more than a few lessons to learn, they can’t outsource their campaign and they can’t play a second fiddle to any regional leader. In Gujarat for […]Read more

Who has won Gujarat?

BJP gets to keep the state, BJP wins. Congress gets almost 50% more seats, Congress wins. BJP accepts that Congress did give them a fight and sweats, so Congress wins. Congress fails to defeat sitting CM Vijay Rupani, so BJP wins Congress hasn’t improved in Central Gujarat and North Gujarat, BJP wins In Saurashtra Congress sweeps ground from under BJP’s feet. Congress wins. Narendera Modi swings Phase II for BJP, BJP wins. Congress & BJP make it a bipolar election, they both win and all others lose. Election results have kind of walked Exit Polls. Oh My […]Read more

Gujarat Dialogs

Congress Questions: Where is development? BJP Answers: Prove Rahul Gandhi is a Hindu. Congress Questions: Why is BJP putting all machinery to fight Gujarat if they know they have done development? BJP Answers: Sonia Gandhi called Gujarat – Godse Ka Gujarat in 2002. Now reverse BJP Questions: What is Rai Bareli Model of Development? Congress Answers: Where is Vikas? BJP Questions: Name one local Gujarat Congress leader which is touring state? Congress Answers: Vikas Gando Thyo Che (development is not happening). Congress is only talking development, when it is questioning and when it is answering. They just […]Read more

Congress and the art of politics of opportunism

Congress had an ideology of sorts, not that many in Congress believed in that, but yes they did have one. “One India, Inclusive India” was their show-window ideology during the glorious days of Gandhi-Jinnah-Nehru and also during the horrid reign of Mrs Indira Gandhi. To Indira Gandhi’s credit, she was equally evil and cruel to every religion and all the people including her palace coterie. Rajiv Gandhi on the other hand never discovered himself or his mojo. He was perpetually at sea when it came to thought and thinking, both were completely alien to him. He relied […]Read more

Listen Mr. Rahul Gandhi

Dear Mr. Gandhi, You accuse PM of India for faking promises to women of Gujarat, may I ask, in what capacity? Moral conduct? Precedence? Integrity? Do you know where Amethi is? Do you know what is happening to women in your pocket borough of Amethi? Do you know what happened to women in Delhi under your party’s rule for 15 years? Let me help: Here is your Amethi’s snapshot “Males constitute 53% of the population and females 47%. Amethi has an average literacy rate of 39%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 46%, […]Read more

Congratulations Congress

Dear Mr Rahul Gandhi, Congratulations. You’ve defeated BJP in candidate selection. Your family business, Congress has 36% candidates with the criminal background against BJP’s 24.7%. Of course, BJP reserves its rights to catch-up with you and defeat you, but as of now, you are winning with a wide margin. Crime and Congress both begin with C and Congress is skilled at compromising with crime and manipulating elections, even if it is internal elections. Of late you are not being smart and savvy enough to win by manipulation but your party just doesn’t know any other way to […]Read more

Empathy? What Empathy?

Looks like the Honorable CM of Gujarat needs to learn a new English word – Empathy. Mr Rupani, no it is not a line of medicine like Homeopathy, Allopathy and no it has nothing to do with telepathy, at least not for you. Is this your real inside? You can keep on talking about service to the nation while your force mishandles a soldier’s daughter, really? Mr Rupani, if for no other reason, for this reason, you must lose. How can someone be so cruel and meaningless in speech? Only someone who has lost his soul can […]Read more

7 Reasons Why BJP Should Win Gujarat & Himachal

BJP’s Social Media machinery is miles ahead. Tech+ Team BJP too knows how to get away with red, blue, green, black and all kinds of murder. Juggad+ BJP wants to win irrespective of what happens to their existing CM or past CM. Focus+ BJP believes in bankrolling. Carrot+ BJP believes in tight control and tighter command. Stick+ Media believes BJP will win. Media+ Congress believes BJP will win. Competitor+ Oh My God! it looks like it is BJP all the way.

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