Congress Leaders Have Their Job Cut For Karnataka

Congress won one region of Gujarat – Saurashtra. Now it has its job cut, what all it needs to do to win all of Karnataka. What all did they right in Saurashtra and can they replicate it? What is the demographic profile? What is SC/ST profiles? Region & Religion mashups need to be modelled out and formula for defeating BJP needs to be decoded. Congress is not going to give Karnataka on a platter. BJP is celebrating but not the way they wanted to. But things always don’t go the Bollywood way, to everyone their own. Oh […]Read more

Mani Shankar Aiyar you are a BJP Spokesperson, right?

Mr. Aiyar, certainly you passed out, entered a state of dementia, switched rolls and discovered yourself making statements on behalf of the BJP instead. Congratulations, with one statement you did more damage to the Congress than BJP could manage with countless. You are a genius and you redefine self-goal. From now on he/she did a self-goal would be referred as  – he/she did an Aiyer. Sir, if you don’t know Hindi why talk in Hindi. I know you didn’t mean it, it was more like you wanted to say “Is it your father’s wedding” and landed up […]Read more

Wheeler Dealer Vs. Reluctant Prince

Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi make for a strange set of competitors. They are not like chalk and cheese; they are more like chair and chullah (Stove). They can never be at the same level or talk at that. If it was not for politics, Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi would’ve never met each other. While Rahul Gandhi is suave and stupid at the same time, Amit Shah is smart and shrewd seamlessly. If Rahul is the reluctant prince of Congress, Amit Shah is a prodigy of the sovereign. They have their differences but they also have […]Read more

Congress and the art of politics of opportunism

Congress had an ideology of sorts, not that many in Congress believed in that, but yes they did have one. “One India, Inclusive India” was their show-window ideology during the glorious days of Gandhi-Jinnah-Nehru and also during the horrid reign of Mrs Indira Gandhi. To Indira Gandhi’s credit, she was equally evil and cruel to every religion and all the people including her palace coterie. Rajiv Gandhi on the other hand never discovered himself or his mojo. He was perpetually at sea when it came to thought and thinking, both were completely alien to him. He relied […]Read more

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