Don’t Wait for Rs 15 Lakhs In Your Bank

OMG! None other than, one and only, dashing and determined, master strategist and BJP’s Man of the Series Amit shah has gone on record to let people know that they need not wait for Rs 15,00,000/- to show up in their banks. He has said that it was just an “idiomatic expression / jumla”. Nothing was intended and hence nothing would be given, so let us all stoip waiting and await more such Jumla’s to be accepted and acknowledged. Don’t wait for money

Something Fishy or is it fish out of water?

OMG! It gets fishy as it gets closer, but here it is the party which is in trouble saying there is something fishy about our sources of funds. BJP is trying its best to paint AAP black because of these  Rs 2 Crore transactions, but it looks like it is also backfiring, people wonder just 2 Crores, BJP and Congress would have 20,000 Crore unaccounted. Would this allegation save BJP’s sinking ship in Delhi?Jury is still out on this one. Something Fishy

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