Is AAP the unseen hand in BJP’s victory?

What happened to AAP? They couldn’t have got BJP votes? Did they actually eat into Congress votes in crucial seats?  Are they the unseen hand in BJP’s victory? Did BJP win because AAP took few thousand votes away from Congress in closely contest seats? Yes, one can’t rule out this possibility but chances are fairly limited of this having happened. To reach to a conclusion on this matter one has to deep dive in each of those 20 odd constituencies from where AAP fought and look at victory margin. We are sure 3-4 seats may have been […]Read more

Who has won Gujarat?

BJP gets to keep the state, BJP wins. Congress gets almost 50% more seats, Congress wins. BJP accepts that Congress did give them a fight and sweats, so Congress wins. Congress fails to defeat sitting CM Vijay Rupani, so BJP wins Congress hasn’t improved in Central Gujarat and North Gujarat, BJP wins In Saurashtra Congress sweeps ground from under BJP’s feet. Congress wins. Narendera Modi swings Phase II for BJP, BJP wins. Congress & BJP make it a bipolar election, they both win and all others lose. Election results have kind of walked Exit Polls. Oh My […]Read more

Empathy? What Empathy?

Looks like the Honorable CM of Gujarat needs to learn a new English word – Empathy. Mr Rupani, no it is not a line of medicine like Homeopathy, Allopathy and no it has nothing to do with telepathy, at least not for you. Is this your real inside? You can keep on talking about service to the nation while your force mishandles a soldier’s daughter, really? Mr Rupani, if for no other reason, for this reason, you must lose. How can someone be so cruel and meaningless in speech? Only someone who has lost his soul can […]Read more

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