Takeaways From Delhi Elections 2015

OMG! Some call it wave, others call it tsunami. Some say the broom swept it all, others say it was a vacuum cleaner with ten nozzles working simultaneously, it sucked in everything of every size and shape. In an election like this there are takeaways which everyone can take with them and keep on referring back, forever. Do not keep calling your opponent names, your negativity alone would stick and nothing else. Try to work best with resources you have, last minute resource inclusion could wipe you off. Your past statements and their review would be subjected to […]Read more

Shatrughan Sinha Praises Arvind Kejriwal

OMG! If strangers say Arvind Kejriwal is good, BJP leadership gets hurt, if one of their own goes on record praising Arvind Kejriwal, BJP gets into a huddle. Looks like guns would be aimed at Shotgun shortly. Shatrughan Sinha on Arvind Kejriwal being a nice man

He is Manipulative – Kiran Bedi on Kejriwal

OMG! Now it is Kiran Bedi’s turn to “get personal” with Arvind Kejriwal and to think of herself as holy-cow. If Arvind Kejriwal is  manipulative, what are you Mam? You have got yourself pushed in a cadre based party as a parachute candidate, is it only due to your own hard-work?  Kiran Bedi on Arvind Kejriwal

Hawala at Midnight, Arvind Kejriwal Challenged

OMG! Delhi Elections 2015 were any way a “Halwa” and now we finally have another dimension to them, even challenging that Delhi Elections are not about Halwa but about Hawala. BJP is jumping around telling all who would care to hear that Arvind Kejriwal is himself a reference case of  the pot calling the kettle black. They would not like to talk about their sources of funds but would like to highlight that AAP is also like them, corrupt with illegal funds. Read on… Hawala at Midnight and other stories

BJP Garlands Anna’s photograph

OMG! Is Anna Ji dead? No he is not, and may he live many more years. Self goal? Yes! BJP garlands Anna’s photograph and Kejriwal starts encashing it, good or bad Anna remains a currency for both BJP & AAP.     Anna is not irrelevant  

Take Money And Do A Sting Operation – Arvind Kejriwal

OMG! This man is too much three much and even “magarmach”. When told that “opposition parties” were trying to buy their volunteers, he responded by doing an “aelaan – public announcement” – Take money and do a sting operation against them and share here. He is smart, he knows now he need not use BJP or Congress names and just do a no-name accusation and keep going. Johny Walker has a challenge, for sure. Arvind Kejriwal won’t change his stand, take money do sting operation

It is a stroke, nevertheless – Kiran Bedi in BJP

OMG! Arvind Kejriwal is being asked,  “Which Stroke is it?” BJP’s masterstroke or a desperate stroke. Firstly people who are asking this question don’t have good knowledge of prose and lastly Arvind Kejriwal has no answer, he is just acting as a messenger. Too bad and too sad we need to wait to see Arvind’s expressions on Feb 10 and make out which stroke it was 😉  

Wife would not be provided for – Left unsaid

OMG! Are they guaranteeing a wife? Let me read it again, Oo… It is not Wife, it is Wifi… too bad for many who would have thought Arvind Ji would act as a matchmaker too… Why does it read as if this slogan was originally written as Degree, Income aur Wife,  Aam Aadmi Party laayi. Aam Aadmi Party Slogan  – Now would BJP consider providing for “wife” instead.

I Have Not Been Invited For Republic Day Function – Kejriwal

OMG! The muffler man has not been invited for the Republic Day Parade, unfortunately nobody informed him that his credentials are poorer than say Gadkari’s sis-in-law or Adani’s nephew. Phew! Arvind Kejriwal Ji needs to get real 😉  Not invited for Republic Day function

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