For India to live, Congress must die

Calling Congress party as a political entity is only as true as referring to Vijay Mallya as a social worker. Congress is not a party. Congress is not an option. Congress is a dynasty impersonating as a political party. Yes, it was a political party when it got going but, with the elevation of Jawaharlal Nehru to party president-ship in 1929, its character as an intrinsically democratic setup started diluting. With the unceremonious and dreadful exit of Subhash Chandra Bose in 1939, Congress, as it was formed, died and India’s first political dynasty came into being. Mr. […]Read more

Wheeler Dealer Vs. Reluctant Prince

Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi make for a strange set of competitors. They are not like chalk and cheese; they are more like chair and chullah (Stove). They can never be at the same level or talk at that. If it was not for politics, Amit Shah and Rahul Gandhi would’ve never met each other. While Rahul Gandhi is suave and stupid at the same time, Amit Shah is smart and shrewd seamlessly. If Rahul is the reluctant prince of Congress, Amit Shah is a prodigy of the sovereign. They have their differences but they also have […]Read more

Modi and Shah Should Quit if BJP Fails – Congress

OMG! INC doesn’t want to talk about bloodbath they are heading for, they want Modi Ji & Amit Shah Ji to quit and go back to Gujarat. Isn’t it interesting, especially coming from Indian National Congress a party known for its bosses never owning up. Modi and Shah Should Quit, Really?

Don’t Wait for Rs 15 Lakhs In Your Bank

OMG! None other than, one and only, dashing and determined, master strategist and BJP’s Man of the Series Amit shah has gone on record to let people know that they need not wait for Rs 15,00,000/- to show up in their banks. He has said that it was just an “idiomatic expression / jumla”. Nothing was intended and hence nothing would be given, so let us all stoip waiting and await more such Jumla’s to be accepted and acknowledged. Don’t wait for money

Amit Shah Defends His Latest Import To BJP

OMG! Hello? Why do what you need to defend meeting after meeting? Of course winning is important and of course it is also important to know what you are worth and what you are not, so why be defensive, say clearly – We couldn’t have won Delhi on our own and we didn’t want to take a chance of “Bhogra” coming back and “bhago-fying” again. Say that, it would surely work better. More people would vote for you if you are honest and less if you game. – #Hindi  “Ye Dilli Sab Janti Hai” – Amit Shah […]Read more

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