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Sachin Pilot is a Pilot who is trying hard to fly…

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 4, 2018 | Comment

Sachin Pilot is a Pilot who is trying hard to fly, but is he flying? Looks like he is. He is criss-crossing the State of Rajasthan. His Adrenalin rush has abated a bit, but he is still taking elections too seriously.

One look at Sachin Pilot’s bio-data and you know the man has been made differently and acts differently.  With St. Stephens and Wharton as his Alma-Mater, BBC and General Motors as past his employer, and late Rajesh Pilot as father and Farooq Abdullah as father-in-law, this man is sorted. Of course he is a CM material. If he becomes one, it will usher in a new era of management in the state of Rajasthan.  Rajasthan, which remains one of the most backward states as per Human Development Index in India needs out of the box thinking and sharp execution to break ranks.  Rajasthan is all the way down at number 29 (of 36) in HDI.

If Sachin Pilot is taking elections too seriously there is a role BJP has to play in it. BJP has grounded him against the man who is much respected in Muslim community and also within BJP, Yunus Khan. Yunus Khan is the only Muslim candidate in BJP’s list of 200 candidates. Yunus is presiding Minister for Public Works and Transport in Rajasthan and in this high stake battle of contrasts, the one with more charisma.

Tonk holds the key, whether the roads Yunus Khan has supervised take him back to Vidhan Sabha or not is literally a billion dollar question.

Can Pilot win from Tonk assembly seat after losing by more than 1,7o,000 votes from Ajmer in 2014 Parliamentary elections? Mathematics is complex and Pilot may be staring at a defeat in his sleep, at least.

Sachin Pilot has a tough contest on hand. He is suave but Yunus Khan is savvy. In a battle between suave and savvy let us see who wins.

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