15 Seats Where Results Are Likely To Change

OMG! Is it true, that 55 seats may be held by the party which currently holds it? We would know in a few hours. Here are  the 15 seats where results are very likely to flip. 1. Timarpur. 2 Adarsh Nagar 3. Mundka 4 Nangloi Jat 5. Mangolpuri 6. Rohini 7. Tri Nagar 8. Chandni Chowk 9. Matia Mahal 10. Karol Bagh 11. Janakpuri 12. Uttam Nagar 13. Matiala  14. Gandhi Nagar 15. Mustafabad

Modi and Shah Should Quit if BJP Fails – Congress

OMG! INC doesn’t want to talk about bloodbath they are heading for, they want Modi Ji & Amit Shah Ji to quit and go back to Gujarat. Isn’t it interesting, especially coming from Indian National Congress a party known for its bosses never owning up. Modi and Shah Should Quit, Really?

Thank You For Working For Me, But…

OMG! Dr. Mrs. Kiran Bedi real knows importance of thanking people who have been on her side through these roller-coaster 15-20 days. She was so thrilled with their participation that she decided to give a very personalized gift to everyone.  Wow! That’s what everyone would say, maybe just about everyone, of course all except those who got the gift. In her own style Kiran Bedi Ji conveyed to the team that their knowledge about her was not good, she wants them to brush it instead. She has gone ahead and given a comic about herself, yes, yes […]Read more

Twenty Tight Contests – Too Close to Predict

OMG! The following 20 seats are likely to define 2015 Delhi Assembly Election results: AC 3. Timarpur –Currently this seat is with AAP. BJP is hoping on sympathy votes and also on polarisation (Timarpur is the only constituency in Delhi to have seen riots on communal lines in the city’s recent history in 2014). AAP has changed its candidate and the seat may swing either way. Locals during the field survey said that polarisation may not have been to an extent BJP would have wanted it to be. AC 4. Adarsh Nagar – This constituency has seen consolidation by […]Read more

Of “Thank Yous”, Congratulations and Taking Responsibilities

OMG! Results are not out as yet and everyone is busy, some are busy conveying thank you, thank you. Some are busy hugging and congratulating and those who have lost out on this are busy taking or shirking responsibility for presumptive defeat.  Whyare our politicians always in so much hurry, can’t they wait for results to come?

Someone in BJP Should Write A Book – Why We Lost Delhi

OMG! BJP is losing Delhi, most exit-polls agree that next Government is AAP’s but disagree on sizing up AAP’s success and BJP’s defeat. Now, this would surely get us to one special someone, and that someone can surely write a new book “Why Lost Delhi”- Kiran Bedii Ji would have enough time to reflect and compile such a book.    

Delhi needs to choose between “Governance” and “Anarchy” – Jaitley

OMG! Hasn’t BJP stretched this Anarchy and Bhagoda thing too far for their own comfort, we would know by Tuesday evening. If BJP wins that means BJP’s strategy of calling names worked, if AAP wins it would mean that Delhi is beyond “calling names” – Arun Jaitley on AAP and Anarchy

Bukhari Issues Fatwa in Favor of AAP – AAP calls him communal

OMG! This had to get to this, after CPI & Mamata, now it was Shahi Imam of Jamma Masjid’s turn to support AAP, he issued a religious direction to vote for AAP. BJP hit the ground running, turning heat on AAP and calling it communal, only for AAP to charge back saying AAP is against communal politics and Imam Bukhari is communal. Latest is that BJP is still trying to get some mileage out of it and AAP is trying hard to see that they don’t get burned in this new fire. Delhi is still to decide […]Read more

CPI and Trinamool Congress Unite in Their Support to AAP

OMG!One could have never imagined arch-rivals Trinamool Congress and the Communists would stand behind a third party, together. After CPI’s declaration of support to AAP, it is Trinamool Congress’ turn now. Mamata Banerjee went on record telling people to vote for AAP. Now most important issue is whether it is a good news or bad news for AAP. AAP could’ve easily done better without Didi’s benevolence, right? While AAP is still clueless for BJP this indeed is a great news and BJP has started celebrating by branding both as “scamsters “.  Mamata to Support AAP

Don’t Wait for Rs 15 Lakhs In Your Bank

OMG! None other than, one and only, dashing and determined, master strategist and BJP’s Man of the Series Amit shah has gone on record to let people know that they need not wait for Rs 15,00,000/- to show up in their banks. He has said that it was just an “idiomatic expression / jumla”. Nothing was intended and hence nothing would be given, so let us all stoip waiting and await more such Jumla’s to be accepted and acknowledged. Don’t wait for money

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