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Is KCR losing the war?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 5, 2018 | Comment

There is a war out there and KCR is staring at a likely defeat. If you look at it, KCR has slept with both TDP and Congress, the two parties now acting in concert to defeat him. KCR is microcosm of Indian politics and Indian politicians. For KCR ideology comes with an expiry date. He started with congress shifted to TDP, started his own party TRS and became a Union Minister of a Congress led coalition. In most of his political career spanning over four decades, KCR has always played his cards close to his chest. 2018 Assembly elections are unique from that standpoint, and that is what is adding a surprise element. This time Congress and TDP had their cards close to their chest and have almost trumped him without even picking up the trumpet.

KCR laid down his cards, whether it was wisdom or valor would be known on December 11. He rushed to dissolve state assembly with more than 6 months to go. It is widely speculated that, he was looking at a cakewalk while the Modi-Shah combine and their main adversary Congress were busy slugging it out for four states. But that looks very unlikely now. Mathematics has changed. Congress+TDP is a bigger force. The fact that KCR is seen by many as BJP’s B-Team doesn’t help either. In most constituencies in 2014 elections TRS’ votes share was less than combined vote share of Congress+TDP.

Naysayers are celebrating, they believe KCR himself didn’t do his math. Like in most other constituencies his party won, in his constituency Gajwel in Medak district Congress + TDP had scored more votes than him.

Congress vote is transferable in Telangana but, the game is about TDP’s vote bank, is this vote transferable. If this happens a UPA 3 gets into an overdrive. KCR’s grand game flops and even his chances of becoming King Maker at center diminish.

If KCR and his TRS indeed lose, lot of people would recall Pramod Mahajan and his pushing for an early dissolution  of the Vajpayee Government.

Are we looking at history repeating itself? Are we looking at a Congress + TDP Government in Telangana?

Oh My God! This is too close.

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