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Is Gujarat semifinal of Karnataka?

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 18, 2017 | Comment

Sikander/Alexander, an invader, a foreigner, defeated Raja Poru, an ethic Indian and, our BJP politicians are happily anointing themselves as Sikander, so much of Bollywood with so little of history. Definitely, if Congress was as agile as BJP it would’ve by now taken the wind out of the sails of BJP’s armada. But then Congress is not BJP, at least, as yet. Karnataka is going to be a very different battle, each seat would be contested and margins are going to come down. Congress feels that they couldn’t mobilize their voters well and BJP feels that they had it so close despite mobilizing well so we’ll see BJP taking development plank very seriously and Congress looking at mobilizing voters.

With results staring at BJP and Congress, both are looking at reasons to pass on their losses to manipulations by the other party. However, electorate has passed its verdict and it is not a fractured verdict, BJP has kept Gujarat to itself and to be fair to them both Congress and BJP did resort to “saam, daam, dand, bhed” and it may not be incorrect to say that the party which was more rooted to ground swung results to their favor.

Oh My God! What was purported to be 2019’s semifinal is now being termed as Karnataka elections semifinal and this is despite BJP wresting Himachal Pradesh from Congress and retaining Gujarat for the 6th term.

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