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All work and no play makes politics a dull ploy

Posted by gujelections_omg on December 19, 2017 | Comment

The reason why we politicians love elections so much is that it’s a time when holiday and carnival festivities come together. You see, people celebrate various festivals though out the year but has anybody ever asked how we politicians like to celebrate our festivals and holidays? You may want to ask since when have politicians started to have festivals?

For politicians, election time is festival and holiday time. It is for these holidays that we politicians save up our meagre savings throughout the year, and sometimes for five years. I am sure you will understand. Don’t you save up for an entire year for that well-earned holiday family? Ditto with politicians. Our party is our family and elections are our holiday destination. We work hard for five years, yes we do work hard (so what, if it’s not hard as you guys, but it’s still hard work) and then, we open our pockets and let the funds come rolling out.

When you go for a vacation with your family, do you act miserly? No, you don’t. Likewise, we politicians, too, open our wallets, and lockers, and bank deposits, and gold, and cash, and well, you get the picture!

So, you want to know where we politicians went for a holiday in 2017 and where do we plan to go in 2018? Good question. You see, 2017 was a lovely year for us politicians as we had many holidays lined up since elections were held in various states and so, those became our destinations. It is similar to how you plan your holiday itinerary.

The year saw some politicians head off to exotic locations like Goa – they have great beaches and of course lovely seafood and feni, you know! Others headed off to Punjab the same time. Oh Boy! In Punjab, the Makki-di-Roti te Sarson da Saag is out-of-this-world, sorry Punjab, or is it the world? Whatever.

However, both were fun places to go, as assembly elections were held at the same time in February in both states. The weather was lovely, and it was a time to go out and meet people, be on the roads, sip lots of tea and biscuits, but the best were the nights. We got to try lots of colorful stuff served in glasses you know, and then all that non-veg! That’s what we love best about elections. All expenses paid.

Now don’t ask me by whom. Even I never ask, but we all have a good time. Isn’t that why people go for holidays each year? So, after Punjab and Goa, we rushed to U.P. We loved walking down Hazratganj in Lucknow while meeting lots of people.  It was very hectic. During the days we lost a lot of weight, but we always made up at nights.

I want to tell you more about it, and also our trip to Manipur, but you see, we have just finished our festivities in Gujarat, and we have to start getting ready for 2018. I am so excited.

In February, we head off to the North-East – Nagaland, Meghalaya, and Tripura. I believe it’s very green and lovely out there. In April, we will be spending our holidays in Karnataka and then head off to Mizoram in November 2018. Festivities this year will be so hectic that we shall try and catch some rest in between, at either the lower house or upper house in Delhi, depending which house we live in. Its aways good to catch some rest.

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