Vasundhara Raje likely to lose, really?

Is Vasundhara Raje likely to lose her own seat? It looks like she has already lost it. While son Dushyant Singh is still very much around and represents Jhalwar-Baran as an MP,  it looks like it is sunset for Vasundhara Raje. If BJP acted smart in grounding Sachin Pilot to his seat, Congress reciprocated by doing advance math. Current calculation on religion, cast and economic criteria clearly point towards Vasundhara Raje’s defeat. She is a 3 consecutive term MLA from Jhalarapatan but, with her reputation for arrogance  preceding her every constituency visit, her supporters and voters have […]Read more

Exit Polls – A Good Time Pass

Exit polls were for real till about a decade back. Old world technology approach was used to decode results before they were announced and they were reasonably accurate, bell weather so to say. Flip to 2018, exit polls are done by anyone and everyone. Arm chair assessment has taken over from feet on street methodologies. Making a killing on stock exchange and recovery of investment done by betting on results is the big objective of Exit Polls. No one gives a damn to credibility and accuracy, denial is the new king and range the new savior. Almost […]Read more

Yogi Adityanath and Elections

Q: Who is Yogi Adityanath? A1.: BJP’s Number 3 Campaigner? A2: Number 1  in line of succession for PMs job? A3: Indian’s Number 1 Cow vigilante? A4: India’s Number 1 Sanaysi Politician? A5: India’s Number 1 renaming man? Our answer is an emphatic yes to all of the above. And, of course he is the Chief Minister  of Uttar Pradesh on top of all of that and Mahant of the Gorakhnath Math. There are lot of people who disagree with BJP’s Hindutva and as a surprise to many Yogi Adityanath also disagrees with BJP’s approach, albeit he […]Read more

Is KCR losing the war?

There is a war out there and KCR is staring at a likely defeat. If you look at it, KCR has slept with both TDP and Congress, the two parties now acting in concert to defeat him. KCR is microcosm of Indian politics and Indian politicians. For KCR ideology comes with an expiry date. He started with congress shifted to TDP, started his own party TRS and became a Union Minister of a Congress led coalition. In most of his political career spanning over four decades, KCR has always played his cards close to his chest. 2018 […]Read more

Sachin Pilot is a Pilot who is trying hard to fly…

Sachin Pilot is a Pilot who is trying hard to fly, but is he flying? Looks like he is. He is criss-crossing the State of Rajasthan. His Adrenalin rush has abated a bit, but he is still taking elections too seriously. One look at Sachin Pilot’s bio-data and you know the man has been made differently and acts differently.  With St. Stephens and Wharton as his Alma-Mater, BBC and General Motors as past his employer, and late Rajesh Pilot as father and Farooq Abdullah as father-in-law, this man is sorted. Of course he is a CM material. […]Read more

India is a country of Elections…

India is a country of elections and election results. Either we are preparing or we are glaring or we are celebrating results. Now we are occupied with  five states: 1. Rajasthan 2. Madhya Pradesh 3. Chhattisgarh 4. Telangana 5. Mizoram Have you ever realized that their is Ram in Mizoram and Mizoram never been a BJP State? It is time for us to realize and understand why BJP is keen to get this state this time around. Oh My God!    

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